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My voice came out hoarse and raspy.

Lina’s eyelids fluttered when she heard me call out for her.

She squeezed her eyes together before opening them and turned to look at my direction.

Seeing me awake, her eyes grew wide as she jumped out of her seat and asked in a panicked voice, “Iona! Are you really awake”

I gave her a brief nod, “What happened after I passed out”

“Wait! I’ll go get the doctor.” She handed me a glass of water before sprinting out of the room.

I guess she didn’t expect me to wake up so suddenly.

I took small sips, feeling the liquid cooling my parched throat.

I let out a sigh of relief and downed the rest of my drink.

Looking around the room absently, I realized I’m inside an unfamiliar room.

The bedroom where the emperor caused quite a mess was probably being cleaned up, and thinking about it is making me feel some sort of a déjà vu.

I guess the Imperial Palace will take care of the broken furniture.

Just as I was observing my surroundings, the door swung open and a Berman court doctor appeared.

He was holding onto a bag filled with medical supplies and Lina was right on his heels.

“Oh, you’re awake.” He said with a wide smile.

I smiled back, “Doctor Berman, I’ve met you quite often.”

He was her grandfather’s court doctor, who she had met several times because her grandfather was frequently bedridden.

Contrary to the doctor’s stern-looking expression, he was actually kind-hearted and he sported good workmanship, so she knew she was in good hands.

“You shouldn’t be thrilled having to see me again.

So, how are you feeling” He asked while he laid his tools on the small table next to the bed.

He took the stethoscope out and pressed the diaphragm softly on my chest.

“I’m fine.

Just a little bit dizzy.” Berman examined my breathing patterns and flashed me a smile.

He sat down on the chair Lina brought out for him.


It seems like the divine power is doing you good.

Everything seems to be better.”

“Really” I asked.

The doctor nodded, “Yes.

The wounds you’ve suffered on the inside have decreased tremendously.

You just need to rest more so you’re able to recover your lost energy.

Do tell the kitchen to bring her nutritious food.”

“All right.” Lina piped up behind him.

It was surprising that my body, which had been broken for so long, was finally healed.

While I don’t entirely understand the power of God, I couldn’t deny that it really was effective and sufficient.

“Thank you, doctor.”

I bowed my head to give him my respect but he just waved his hand in dismissal, “Don’t thank me.

It was the divine power of High Priest Lavis.”

“Did the high priest go here”

“It was him who healed you three days ago.

By the way, there’s no need for me to check up on you for the time being.

Do feel at ease, that way you’re able to recover more quickly.”

“Okay.” I couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly at his suggestion.

But I am not comfortable being here.

It’s like living on the edge where your neck was resting on the guillotine, not knowing when the blade will fall off and slice your neck into two.

“Now that you’ve woken up, please excuse me as I report it to Your Majesty.” He got up from his seat and beckoned me to lie back down, stopping me from getting out of bed to escort him out.

“Lay down, okay You’ve haven’t eaten for four days, so go eat something and do a little bit of exercise.”

“But you’ve spent so much time and energy treating me.

It’s only right that I show my gratitude.”

With Lina’s support, I got off the bed and gave him a slight bow.

Without him, I would have been in great danger when I rolled down the stairs.

He was the one who brought me back to health since I was not in the position to get healed by a priest.

Fortunately, he was the royal doctor belonging to the imperial family so there’s no need for secrecy.

Lavis knew who I was, which is why I was healed in the first place.

Perhaps Berman knew exactly what I was thinking about since he flashed me a smile once again and left the room with his belongings.

When he was gone, I sat down on the sofa and looked at Lina anticipatingly.

There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask her, “Lina, what happened after I fell”

I tilted my head to the side, wondering if Lina was asked this question before.

Lina handed me a new bottle of water and sat across from me.

“After you were brought to the room, High Priest Lavis came in.

His Majesty had closed the door and stood waiting outside.

But suddenly, His Majesty went to look for the imperial doctor in haste.

It surprised everyone in the vicinity.”

Lina patted her chest softly, “Then the High Priest ran out of the room.

I was so surprised to see you unconscious!”

I do remember seeing someone rushing towards me before I completely lost consciousness.

“That’s Lavis.” I said.

Lina sighed at the lack of formality in my words.

For commoners like us, people like Lavis are way above us; their social ranks are as high as the sky.

Lina wasn’t amused that I called him so casually like I was simply calling for the dog next door.

“You know, sometimes, I think you’ll only get to live for a day.”


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