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Why are you asking anyway I am just Your Majesty’s doll.

Why should I tell you You don’t have anything to do with me.

He could just imagine her saying those words out loud with her eyes flaring at him.

The thought made his heart ache.

Besides, he was already worried about what would happen if she pushed him further away.

Just before she fainted, she was so mad at him that she avoided his touch and Ridrian thought maybe she hated him all this time.

He didn’t know how much resentment was piled up inside her tiny and frail-looking body.

It must be difficult to harbor such feelings.

He couldn’t sit still upon recalling how she looked at him, saying she didn’t like him and she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“… Lavis.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Call Raven.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Don’t make me say it twice.” He turned his back to him.

For some reason, Ridrian’s voice bothered him, and he could almost see the tremble in his hands.

Lavis wondered if he was only overanalyzing it.

He examined Ridrian for a while longer before standing up from his chair.

“There must be a lot of work behind it.

Tell Raven to bring all her bills to the parlor.”


He was confused with the sudden shift in conversation, but Lavis didn’t say anything more and walked out of the room obediently.

Ridrian observed Iona’s sleeping face for a few more minutes.

He turned to the attending courtier and said, “Do everything you can to save her.

Bring her back to health and with no scars, whether it is mentally or physically.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

I have received your order.”

After that, Ridrian drowned himself with work and he even asked Raven to bring him more.

He was at a continuous pace that the two days’ worth of delay was easily addressed, and Raven noticed how different Ridrian behaved.

It was as if he was intentionally keeping himself busy.

After he left Iona’s side, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about her as he worked.

Audible sighs were emitted from his lips every now and then and the nobles and priests in waiting trembled in their spots, all of them bearing the same thought: Did I somehow displease the emperor

The emperor and his servants were preoccupied with their own thoughts swimming in their heads while they steadily prepared the things needed for the prayer ceremony.

Ridrian participated in all conversations regarding the ceremonies and attended them himself, but still, both his mind and heart was set on Iona, who was still lying unconscious in the bedroom.

Thump! Ridrian deeply sighed as he stamped his seal onto the paper.

What if she suddenly tells me she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore Ridrian thought.

Not hearing her sweet voice would be really hard.

Disturbed with the situation he’s in, Ridrian struggled internally for days and he felt like he was going to explode any moment now.

The emperor of the great empire was so distracted he failed to notice the silver cup pushed towards him was filled with poison, failing to notice it like he usually does.



I had a terrifying dream, but I couldn’t vividly remember it well.

But it seemed like I dreamt the original story but it was more of a nightmare.

My face was covered in tears.

I remember feeling the same way when I first read the book.

During that time, I cried so much I couldn’t bring myself to work the next day and it left my pillowcase wet and drenched.

I wiped my eyes with my sleeve and pressed my palms on my burning eyelids.

My head hurts.

When I woke up, my vision gradually became clearer.

The first thing I saw was an unfamiliar ceiling that bore an excessive painting that depicted a myth.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times.

I know it was daytime now and the curtains were pulled back, and only then did it dawn on me that I’m still in the Temple of Theres.

Just when I was about to get up, my body protested.

 It felt heavy as cotton soaked in water that I laid back down and shut my eyes.

My head was spinning maddeningly. What happened

I recalled coming to the Temple of Theres for the prayer festival.

But what am I doing here sleeping in broad daylight There seemed to be a lapse in my memories.

The gears in my head turned as I tried to recall what had happened recently.

Oh, I remember the emperor being angry at me.

I cried and shouted… then I remembered the mess right before I passed out, seeing the emperor having a confused and desperate look on his face, and I saw the faint throbbing on one side of his chest.

And after that, I couldn’t breathe well.

I placed my hand on my chest and took a deep breath.

My throat felt dry, but surprisingly, nothing felt wrong or anything.

I wonder who it was that brought me back to health.

Maybe I should ask someone to fill me in with the details.

I lift my head up, seeing a scarlet-haired woman sitting next to the bed and dozing off.

Seeing her unharmed even though the emperor threatened her with his sword made me feel relieved.

I reached out towards her and held her with my trembling hands, “Lina.”


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