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In that moment, a fine, melodious voice filtered through the main hall.

All the workers paused and looked up at the podium in curiosity.

Twenty beautiful ladies were up there, praising God with their voices.

A maid who was wearing a decorative fabric told Lina, “Wow, I heard this year’s choir gathered only those who are really good at singing, and they really are!”

Lina nodded in approval, “I know.”

“I heard that the viscount’s daughter is going to sing solo this time.

And I heard she is a great singer.”

Lina continued working as the notes lingered around them.

It was beautiful indeed, but she had listened to the same song everyday that it did not stir her up anymore the way it did others.

The peak of the song was fast approaching, signaling its near end to give way for the solo performance.

The timbre slowed as the choir ended the song beautifully, and they readied themselves for the next number.

The next song started and after a few seconds, Lina paused, wondering if she’s hearing it right; there were two voices, and the other one was oddly familiar.

No way.

Chills erupted in Lina’s spine.

She turned around and she gasped at what she saw. What is Iona doing in the choir

The voices gradually dropped until only one, distinct voice was singing.

Everyone else stopped, and they were looking at Iona with a surprised look on their faces.

Iona was so immersed in the song that she did not notice that she’s the only one left singing.

Lina remained silent for a while, drawn to the song just like everybody else, “What a beautiful voice.”

It was like the voice of an angel, the perfect representative of God.

It appeared like it was emitted by the skies above to envelop their surroundings, the sweet melody filling the otherwise lifeless space.

The workers were usually unfazed every time the choir practiced, but today, they were completely entranced.

Iona’s voice was unlike any other, and it’s probably the only one of its kind.

“… Merciful Theres will always be with you, so one day you will be a tree full of fragrant flowers…”

The song that was full of sweet and lovely messages resonated in the main hall where hundreds of spectators were gathered around.

Iona’s voice was clear and sharp, yet it was still sweet as honey.

It felt like a warm, comforting embrace.

“What is this” The maestro stopped to look at Iona carefully.

It was the first time he ever saw the woman, who was completely immersed as she sang.

“My precious…” He mumbled to himself.

When the song reached its highest peak, the sacred power around him soared tenfold like a wave.

It felt like it was resonating through her voice.

The priest and a handful of others looked around in wonder, but the people who bore no sacred power did not notice that something was happening.

Who is that girl

Lina, who had been wholly distracted as she listened to Iona’s singing, was pulled back to reality when she saw the maestro acting strange all of a sudden.

He was looking around frantically, like something was troubling him and he was not focusing on the song.

Lina closed her eyes softly, losing herself in the song with a contented look on her face.

“Why are you there, Iona”

Then as if she was doused in cold water, she threw the decorative fabric she was holding onto and ran towards the podium.

She was so fast in her tracks that she bumped into a noble woman who was attentively watching the choir.


“Oh my…!” Lina immediately bowed, muttering her apologies over and over again, “Sorry, I’m so sorry! I was in a hurry that—“

“It’s fine.

Are you hurt” The woman waved her off.

Lina righted herself, her head still bent low.

“I’m not hurt at all.”

“That’s great.

You can go now.”

“Thank you.

And I’m really sorry.” LIna bowed and left.

The only thing on her mind right now was to get to Iona, rushing to the back of the stage as fast as she could.

The noble woman, who had been watching the choir for a while, covered her mouth and smiled.

She brushed her scarlet red hair back, her eyes sparkling under her eyelashes, “I finally found her,” She said with a smile.

She turned and left the main hall.



Bless you.”

When the song was finally over, I took a couple of breaths, still feeling my senses in overdrive.

I felt my cheeks burning, perhaps I am still feeling exhilarated.

It was fun, and it’s been a while since I sang in such a good mood.

When I opened my eyes, however, I saw several eyes fixedly looking at me.

There were probably hundreds of people staring at me.

I felt like I’m about to faint any second now.

Then, Rubia, who sported the same shock on her face, tried to say something when a familiar voice shouted, “Lady!”

I turned to where the voice came from and saw Lina urgently calling for me.

It was so nice to finally see her, but then a dreadful feeling washed over me.

I’m doomed!


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