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I hear her loud and clear.

A doll who doesn’t have a say in anything.


I mean this is the very reason why they have slaves—to have someone do everything without the slave expecting anything in return.

Otherwise, would these sassy nobles bring slaves next to their emperor Who knows, they would have brought their children and tried to squeeze something out of it.

It’s not like I have a choice anyway.

If I were to be caught running away from all this, my life would shorten from three years to a mere three seconds.

I nodded in agreement to everything she had said, but deep down I was rolling my eyes.

“And lastly, no one knows of your existence so going out of the Imperial Palace is strictly prohibited, unless, of course, the Majesty himself was the one who instructed it.

He can bring you anywhere he wants.”

After making sure she understood the conditions, the maid clapped her hands together and ended the conversation to a much lighter note.

“This will go on until the Majesty himself says he does not need it anymore.

After that, we will send you abroad and compensate you monetarily so you can live life as you please.”

So basically, being a ‘doll’ entailed eating and staying inside the Emperor’s bedroom, having my own assigned maid to attend to my needs and after all of this, I would be given compensation for my service.

I repeated the words over and over again, and nothing seemed amiss in this arrangement.

It’s like a job straight from the heavens! I gleefully thought.

My excitement was short-lived, however, since I don’t know a single doll who had survived from all this.

My throat felt constricted.

I swallowed a couple of times to ease my bubbling anxiety.

I’d be able to do this until the female protagonist arrives, right

After our conservation, I was brought to the maids for a second bath, an oil massage all over my body and a sort of a hair treatment.

They put me on an indoor dress that’s made from quality fabric.

Aside from the studying gazes fixed on me while I snacked on a sandwich and a glass of juice, it was pretty much a pleasing day.

Being treated so attentively was a delight.

I stared at my reflection in the full-length mirror just as the maid finished tying the straps of my dress.

This is who I am.

A small smile played on my lips as I remembered the memories from my previous life.

Pale skin, long platinum hair that reached all the way to my waist, bright and full lips, and sky blue eyes that was clear as day peeked through my bangs.

The pigment on my skin was light, and my skinny body and expressionless face exuded a sort of hazy atmosphere.

This appearance is so different from what I had before.

I absentmindedly rubbed my wrist as I continued staring at my reflection.

I blinked upon feeling the prominent bones underneath my skin.

This is bad.

Real bad.

I haven’t been eating quite well recently, especially when I suffered from a high fever my neck injury caused.

I am all skin and bones, so unlike the body I had back in my previous life.

Before, I was always preoccupied with work so I had to replenish my energy by eating a lot of snacks and fast food.

My figure was all plump and heavy back then.

I guess my weight right now was the ideal one, right I forced myself to look at the bright side.

The maid came rushing back and took something out of the box she was holding in her left hand.

“Wear this.”

As soon as I saw the silver bracelet, I immediately realized it was the magic tool I read from the novel.

It was a crudely made bracelet; unrefined and unpolished on the edges and the small yellow green mana stone in the middle was the only gem, tiny just like a small fingernail.

The rough marks on the bracelet appeared dark, which somehow reminded me of bloodstains and I fought to push the thoughts away.

I placed the bracelet on my wrist and instantly, my platinum hair turned into dark blonde and my sky blue eyes turned into a pool of green.

My pale complexion also became a little bit reddish.

It felt like I was dyed or something.

According to the original story, magic tools that were used to change the appearance are extremely difficult to grab hold of, and because such treasured magic tools cannot be entrusted to slaves, they use magic tools that only change the color of the appearance.

The original female protagonist also wore this as a doll, and after a while later, the man who surpassed his traumas smashed the bracelet into pieces, saying that she doesn’t need to wear it anymore.

I won’t lie— that part was really so exciting! I looked down at my feet to hide the excitement in my face, combing my newly-colored hair with my fingers.

I suppose I have to face the emperor looking like this.

The sun is still up in the sky, so there’s still time until the emperor returns.

I know what his traumas were about, and I was worried how he would react once he saw me.

Would he cry, or would he act like it was nothing I have no idea.

Then suddenly the door opened, banging against the opposite wall as a pale-looking attendant came running in as she panted.

“H-head maid!” There’s a message from Sir Esteban!”

The head maid turned back looking unperturbed, but she couldn’t quell the anxiety that bloomed across her face.

My heart raced, nervous for what was about to come.


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