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It was certainly strange to me.

Ever since I came into the palace, I’ve always been pushed around, and the maids made sure to do it in a way that was not noticeable by others, since they didn’t want to put their jobs on the line.

And now they’re suddenly coming after my life

The maids working in the Palace did not have the guts to do something that would anger the tyrant emperor.

If the maids were actually caught pushing me down the stairs, killing me on the spot, their families, their clans actually, would be slaughtered in an instant.

The emperor would do it unforgivingly, showing everyone the extent of his ruthlessness just because the maids had touched something that belongs to him.

I felt my mind go blank; I never thought I would be in this position.

Though already reincarnated, my spirit still belonged to an extremely ordinary person.

I couldn’t believe that the person I was talking to a few days ago was dragged, interrogated and killed because of me.

Being the main reason why someone’s life ended was just too heavy to bear.

I knew that the tyrant emperor could kill as many people as he wanted, and I even saw him kill right in front of my eyes multiple times, but this unpleasant feeling was completely new to me.

“Iona, are you okay” Lina asked suddenly, making me jump slightly.

I am well aware how this world treats people depending on their status, and there were times when I would question their values.

Maybe having clear memories from my previous life made me ponder too much.

The death of a nobleman or an assassin who tried to kill me didn’t faze me in the slightest, all because I knew that this world was from the book I’ve read.

I’m sure I’ll be okay…

But I am not okay, at all.

I never thought someone else’s death would be associated with me.

It doesn’t matter if the maid and I are on good terms or not.

The mere fact that she died because of me troubled me greatly.

I bit my lip and forced myself to calm down for a few seconds.

I looked around the room, noting that it was just me and Lina, but how come the room felt cold It felt like only a handful of people went in and out of the room the past few days.

Hearing that the emperor made such a huge fuss over what happened and not seeing him here was making me feel uneasy.

[What about your Majesty] I mouthed the words to Lina.

Her face fell as she spoke, “Your Majesty…”

Following Lina’s words, my eyes widened and I jumped out of the bed.

Not having moved a muscle for three consecutive days along with my injuries made me stumble to the floor.

“Iona!” Lina helped me up urgently.

Cold sweat ran down my back and pain flared all over me.

My body was not thrilled at the sudden movement.

Without Lina’s help, I wouldn’t be able to stand up on my own.

I guess I am more injured than I expected.

But I needed to see the emperor.

I can’t leave him alone.

I worked so hard in helping him sleep and be sane again, and I couldn’t believe that he was beating people up! Killing the maid at that, too.

I was out of breath by the time I stood up, refusing Lina’s instruction to go back to bed.

“Iona, you need to stay still! You’re not supposed to move yet!” Lina reprimanded.

I held her hands as firm as I could and looked directly into her eyes.

The emperor should stop it with his antics.

What if the female who will soon arrive in his life, doesn’t want to be with the emperor because of his brashness The story would stop then, and he’ll be like that for the rest of his life.

And most of all, I felt guilty since this was happening all because of me.

Seeing how unwavering I am in my resolve, Lina sighed.

She gave up convincing me to think otherwise.

“What do you need”

I started gesturing to her about everything I needed.

Lina was surprised at the amount of things I’m having her get for me but nodded just the same.

She turned around and left the room, a look of determination etched in her face.

“I’ll be right back.”

The door closed behind her.

I sat on the bed when I felt my head begin to spin once again.

How do I hide my face He’s in his private library, and he was making a mess out of it.

And I’m sure he’s not the only one in the library.

The existence of the doll, which is the emperor’s lone weakness, must be kept secret.

Several warnings were repeatedly told to the people in the Palace.

But would it be alright if I appear before the emperor

But if I go out of this room, the aristocrats would surely know about the emperor’s only weakness.

I now realize wanting to calm him down did not seem to be a great excuse to go out and look for him.

I remember asking for a bonnet made of cotton, the one the head maid gave me, but I don’t think that would cover my face entirely.

Feeling desperate, I looked around the room to see if there’s anything I could use.

It was the first time I attentively looked at my surroundings since my focus was on the emperor alone.

Then, I saw something from the corner of my eye.

I turned my head to the side and saw something that stood out.


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