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‘He’s crushing me.

Isn’t he going to wake up soon’ I thought, as I lay beneath him.

It was at least ten minutes before the emperor slowly awoke.

He was calm, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

His face turned to me, and I froze.

It was red, with marks around the eyes, and his hair was a mess.

‘He’s so handsome, even when he first wakes.

What does he do to stay so sexy’

The emperor laughed as he felt my breath catch beneath him.

“Why do you look so surprised, Lily”

A knock sounded on the chamber door, and it opened.

“Iona, I brought your dinner and … Y-Your Majesty!”

Looking up at the sudden entrance, I saw Lina frozen in the doorway with my dinner.

Her face was as pale as ghost.

 “I-I greet the great emperor of the Ivant Empire! Please forgive the rudeness of your humble servant for opening the door!” Lina was blushing as she groveled apologetically.

I became aware that the emperor was still lying on top of me.

‘Get off of me!’ I panicked, realizing from Lina’s eyes that she thought she had caught us in a compromising position.

“Is it dinner time already” The emperor mumbled as he rose slowly, as if nothing had happened.

Then, casually, he helped me up and went to sit on the sofa.

“Bring it here,” he demanded.

Lina stuttered, looking at the plate and then at the emperor, confused by his orders.

“Umm…” she blurted.

“I know it’s Lily’s meal, just bring it.

Go get me something to eat as well.”

“A-As you wish, Your Majesty!” Lina was so sickly green that I felt pity for her as she trembled and put my lunch on the table in front of the sofa.

There was milk and a sandwich neatly displayed on a white plate. 

Looking at my simple meal, the emperor’s eyebrows rose.

“Lily, are you sure this is enough”

He was looking at me.

I thought about whether or not to answer, then hesitantly nodded.

I didn’t eat as much as he thought I should.

The emperor’s eyes narrowed as if he did not like my answer.

 “You’re still too skinny and this isn’t enough.

You, go bring more food.

Oh, and bring the Borestan,” the emperor ordered.

“Yes, yes my lord!” Lina, still embarrassed, bowed her head and left the bedroom in a hurry.

For a moment I wondered what a Borestan was.

Then I remembered that it was a form of alcohol.

From what I could recall, Borestan, which they enjoyed drinking in the north, was a poisonous, highly-potent alcohol.

It was mainly used for medicinal purposes

‘Are you really going to drink that in broad daylight Isn’t it almost eighty percent pure It sounds like something we should use to start a fire.’ I carefully hid my thoughts of his drinking.

Lina returned, nervously, and set down a cup and a luxurious, glass bottle of the alcohol in front of us, along with a selection of more food.

The chef must have whipped all this together urgently, hearing it was for the emperor.

The emperor, who had not yet eaten anything, picked up the bottle of heavy liquor. 

“You can leave now.” At the emperor’s order, Lina bowed her head and left the room.

The emperor poured Borestan into his cup, licking his lips.

The stench of the alcohol permeated the chamber.

I couldn’t believe his diet.

Alcohol instead of rice! Candy instead of rice! The man gave the perfect appearance of an emperor, yet he never took care of himself.

He didn’t sleep, he didn’t eat, and he didn’t allow anyone else to take care of him either.

Despite all that, he seemed a man in perfect health.

I wondered what this emperor was made of.

As I watched him drink one cup after another, I soon realized he was on his fifth, and I hurriedly put my hand on his hand.

 “Lily” He was staring at me with slightly inebriated eyes. 

‘What had I done’  I screamed at myself.

‘The doll dares to have an opinion and stops the emperor! I only wanted to look out for him.

His face looks so sad.

I hope he doesn’t execute me for this.’

He continued to gaze into my eyes and lowered his hand.

“Sorry,” was all he said.

‘Who’s he apologizing to’ I was shocked at his reaction.

Lowering his face, he put down the glass.

“Were you surprised” he asked.

I couldn’t answer.

 “I can’t forget the nightmares,” he explained.

“Even with you by my side right now”

Then he wrapped his arms around my neck and held me.

Despite the stubborn ruler he appeared to be, he was very fond of simply holding me.

It was a comfort to him.

When he embraced me, a strong smell of the alcohol overpowered my nose.

I realized that it was the Borestan that was the cause of all his drunkenness.

He buried his face against the back of my neck and sighed.

“I’m sorry, Liliana.” He continued to apologize repeatedly, holding me tight.

My heart hurt.

I couldn’t say or do anything, and I waited quietly for him to finish, hoping that my presence alone would be enough to comfort him.


The heat of the day was increasing.

Even though the breeze in the palace was cool, I could feel the temperature of my body increasing.

I laid down, prepared for a nap, when the door to my chamber opened without warning.

 “Get up.” It was the demand of the head maid, Elmeria.

My eyes opened, instantaneously.

I laid there, hugging the matted-up blanket.

“You still can’t even sleep with the correct posture,” she said, clicking her tongue.


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