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I was able to realize why all the nobles would say that the emperor is addicted to work.

At first glance, I could see at least a few hundred documents.

As far as I know, the aides under the emperor firstly filter out the more irrelevant issues before it is passed onto the emperor like settlement agenda, but even then, it’s still too many.

No matter how much the emperor loves to work and toil arduously day and night without rest, he would tire out sooner or later.

The amount of paperwork was just simply no joke.

‘He’s so competent!’

Fortunately, the two didn’t seem to notice my gaze.

Soon the emperor sat down, Raven stood by him and began to intensively process the documents.

Occasionally, when the emperor asked something, Raven would respond without delay then the emperor would think for a while to either approve or put the documents on hold.

He looked really cool, but…

‘They said these were confidential documents, and they really were! All of its contents… terrifying!’

As I carefully looked through the papers, I trembled lightly.

It was normal to have a family member’s life depend on a single document.

Most of the documents were even able to control the direction that a single country would have no choice but to take.

‘If it was me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a few months trying to sign even one of these documents.’

It was also refreshing to see the emperor with such a careless face, sitting down and writing as if he was solving complex math problems.

But every time he signed, I would swallow some dry saliva unconsciously.

‘These are the scenes you wouldn’t get to see if you just read the book.

I thought the chancellor was doing everything because the emperor was crazy, but he unexpectedly, he works quite well.’

He even managed to get things done without getting up for nearly four hours with great concentration.

I calculated that about three cases were processed in just about five minutes.

I couldn’t move during that time, but seeing two handsome guys working intensively right in front of me was like a picturesque scene.

Such a sight for sore eyes.

Thanks to their good looks, I managed to persevere throughout the whole ordeal.

Suddenly, the boss of my past, who was nice but incompetent, came to mind.


Blood rose to my head, and I unknowingly clenched my fist.

‘If you didn’t know how to do it, you should’ve just left it for me to handle! Isn’t it too much to ask for three months for such an incredibly simple decision’

Just before my death, I remembered a crazy team leader who asked me to give him a three-month grace period when I asked a trivial question that would determine the direction of the project I was working on.

‘If only that team leader resembled at least a tenth of this emperor, I probably wouldn’t have died due to overworking.’

When I recalled the fact that I have been worked to death at the young age of 30, my insides boiled.

Then suddenly, the emperor’s face popped up in front of my nose.

“Lily, what are you thinking of”

I was frightened and almost got up.

My heart was beating like crazy and my breathing became a little rough.

Fortunately, it ended with just a simple flinching of my ring finger.

“Are you angry because I didn’t even say anything and just worked”

Looking around a little bit I noticed it was only the two of us.

Raven had already pulled the paper cart outside.

‘When did he leave’

“Lily, I guess you still can’t pay attention to your surroundings when you focus on something.

You always do that when you read books.” The emperor laughed and laid down on my lap.

Whenever he came during daytime, I was always in this position, so I was familiar with it now.

“Did you have lunch yet”

Then he stared up at me.

This was a question to be answered.

I nodded slowly.

“Then I shall get some sleep for now.

I have been suffering since yesterday, I feel a little tired.”

He yawned and fell asleep almost as soon as he closed his eyes.

He was evidently fatigued.

Soon, his chest began to rise and fall regularly.

I stared at him.

‘It’s really amazing.’

The emperor found it hard to sleep because of nightmares, but he hated the notion of sleeping in general because of the fact he always gets nightmares the moment he slumbered.

Still, he obviously can’t live without it, so he tended to try to get the minimum amount of sleep needed at least.

Surprisingly, however, after I came, he took naps frequently that Lina would often make a fuss on how surprised she was.

When I suddenly noticed his hair that looked so soft, an impulse arose.

I surveyed my surroundings.

‘S-Should I touch it a little’

After confirming once more that no one was around, I carefully placed my hand on his fringes.

Even though I was touching it every night, it wasn’t enough to satisfy me.

I felt like a mouse walking into a trap without even knowing, possessed by the allure of that cheesy fragrance.

If things didn’t go as planned, the trap would close quickly and violently and the unsuspecting mouse, who had already given in to the temptation, would have no way to resist.

‘Somehow, his hair feels like a rabbit’s fur.

Even though his appearance is that of a violent beast.’

It was soft and smooth.

Somehow, my heart felt warm. ‘It brings about a soothing feeling.’

Watching the emperor sleep comfortably while I made such daring gestures, I also became groggy.

I guess sleep is a bit contagious.


I tried to hold onto my mind, saying to myself that the emperor would wake up probably sooner than later.

But regardless of my will, my head began to fall back soon after.

In the end, I couldn’t overcome the temptation and fell asleep.


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