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“You’ve been through a lot, young Lady Lesprey.” Baron Soboa exclaimed.

“Thank you.”

During the trial, and even while the entire empire was in chaos due to the aftermath, I was still getting educated.

My teachers didn’t react to the news that I was a noble already.

My class on family trees and upper-class etiquette, taught by Baron Saboa, was over for today.

He closed the thick textbook he was teaching from and smiled brightly.

“This should be enough for you to survive as a noble for a while,” he said.

“You have a strong will to learn and are quick with memorizing information, so educating you was simple.”

“It’s all thanks to you,” I praised him, using the manners we had just studied.

I had a slight advantage, having known the original story.

“So modest, as well.” Baron Saboa smiled.

“You’ll be a fine leader for your family.

Congratulations on being restored to your proper title.”

As he gathered up his books in preparation to leave, he stopped, as if he suddenly remembered something.

“Thinking about it, I heard His Majesty was hiring another personal attendant.

It might be something you are interested in.

You should let him know.

I’m sure you would be more than capable.”

My eyes narrowed at his offer.

There were almost no women working as public servants.

They usually stayed home to run their mansions or they worked on developing their social status.

Most often they had to take care of babies or families.

However, if they had strength, intelligence, or skill, they could be hired into specialty positions.

To suggest that I take a position as one of the emperor’s attendees definitely meant he was planning something.

He already knew how close I was to the emperor so he was making a move.

If a student he taught, and the only woman out of all of them, became the emperor’s attendee, then he could promote his skills and get an influx of new students.

Also, if things worked out well and I became the emperor’s concubine or moved into a high position, then it would be easier for him to send requests directly to the emperor.

There was one problem with this thought process, though.

I had zero intention on helping him out in this capacity.

Not all of the nobles were this devious, but Baron Saboa happened to be that kind of person.

From what I heard through Ela, the only reason he agreed to be my teacher was because he had known that I would be restored as a noble.

If it wasn’t for that, he would have never accepted the request.

I rolled my eyes but decided to be diplomatic.

I had no reason to get angry.

I just knew that it would be hard enough to adjust to my restored status.

“I’ll think about it, Baron,” I informed him.

I politely said goodbye as I escorted him from the palace.

Returning to my room, I decided to take in some time to relax.

I soon realized that a moment like that never seemed to be possible, as Lina suddenly came running in.

She was out of breath.

“Iona! You’re in trouble!” she exclaimed.


“Lina What’s wrong” I replied.

“Miss Foid, you’re being rude to the Lady Viscount,” Ela scolded her.

Lina immediately dropped to a bow.

“I, ah, I’m sorry.

I just usually… I mean I forgot…”

I waved my hand at the awkwardness.

“It’s ok, Lina.”

“Iona.” Ela was a stickler for formality, but Lina was close to me and I didn’t want her groveling at my feet.

I smiled to Ela.

“Ela, thank you for being mindful.

But Lina is a friend that has always been by my side during the toughest times.

Please understand.

Of course, we’ll keep our courtesy on official occasions.”

“If you say so, then that is the way it will be.” Ela stepped back, bowing.

“I’m sorry.

I was so flustered,” Lina continued to apologize.

“No, it’s fine.


What’s wrong”

“You need to go to the study! His Majesty is all riled up!”

“What Why”

“I don’t know what happened, but the Great Priest said to bring you.

Aide Esteban and the emperor have been shouting at each other.”

I flinched at her words.

Something didn’t feel right.

I sighed and quickly left the chamber to head to the study.

I couldn’t understand what the issue was, as the emperor had been able to hold his temper lately and he rarely ever argued with Raven.

However, even though he was becoming much more peaceful, his history of terror and violence was still known amongst the nobles.

Even though the common people thought of him as great, those among the aristocracy continued to think of him as a tyrant.

The only reason why the nobles did not rise up against the emperor, even though they were afraid of his power, was the fact that he also ruled fairly.

He was not greedy.

To him, it was simply a job and he always made sure to do it the way Lilianna had taught him.

As Lina had stated, there were the sounds of fighting coming from behind the closed door of the study.

The servants, who had gathered in the hallway outside, looked white as sheets.

There was a sign of relief amongst their faces when I arrived.

“Lady Lesprey! I will tell His Majesty you are here.” The servant nervously knocked on the door.

The sounds of shouting immediately stopped.

The maid put her head in and announced my arrival with a shaky voice.


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