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Even though his voice made him sound like he was still on his deathbed, he was desperately looking for Iona.

If someone saw him, they might think he was calling for the comfort of his lover, but the truth was he was obsessed with her to the point of insanity.

Count Russen did not know what to do.

His son, the heir to a noble family, ruined because of a troublesome, girl slave.

Iona did have a beautiful voice, but it wasn’t so enchanting that he would lose his sanity over it. When did everything start to go wrong he thought.

Because of the slave, the Marquis Shamalon family’s act of treason from ten years ago was about to be dug back up.

That was the bigger problem.

If it is found out that the Russen family had been part of the weapon trade at the time, then their household is finished.

The emperor already despised them.

This would be the final nail in their coffin.

Count Russen needed his son to go back to his room.

He looked out into the hall.

“Is there anyone out there Take Hedin back to his room now!”

A couple of servants came into the room, at their master’s call, and grabbed the young lord.

“No, father! Iona! She’s mine!” Hedin broke down in a fit of coughing.

At this rate, he would lose his voice entirely.

Russen could hear Hedin shouting all the way down the hall as the servants dragged him away.

Then, everything went quiet.

Count Russen only hoped that his son had gone unconscious again.

Count Russen closed the drawing room door, rubbing his temples with the onset of a headache.

He sat back down in his chair, swallowing the rest of his tea in one gulp.

He wiped the sweat away from his face, dripping from both the heat and the frustration.

Piett, who had sat silently enjoying his cigar and watching the show, spoke up.

“You should look for another hand.”

Count Russen clenched his teeth.

At this rate, his family was going to disappear.

He needed to do something before the Marquis Shamalon’s treason was dug up again.

The Count sighed and looked to PIett.

“What can I do for you, in exchange for your help” he asked

Marquis Piett smiled for the first time.


It was late in the afternoon when I woke up.

After fainting in the ballroom, I woke up refreshed.

Most likely Ravis’ divine healing while I was sleeping helped with the rest.

I was quite ashamed at what had happened.

Even when I had been worked, as a slave, to the point of exhaustion, I had never collapsed.

It seemed that the stress of living in this palace just kept on increasing.

After helping me get dressed, Ella went to the emperor to let him know I was awake and Lina ran to the kitchen to bring me something to eat.

I stared at the empty room for a moment, then went to the window and opened it.

Since it was the middle of summer, the breeze was quite hot.

I could smell the grass on the wind.

It helped soothe my chaotic mind.

I looked up and stared at the two moons that were just rising over the horizon as evening approached.

The golden-yellow small moon, that reminded me of the lamps in the ballroom, chased the larger, ivory-coloured moon.

I stared at the moon and sighed.

All I could think of was the events that had transpired at the masked ball.

I had only attended out of curiosity and to be with the emperor, and being there had caused so much commotion.

I compared what had occurred to the original story.

Eris, who showed up at a different time than the original story.

She even knew me and said she’ll come again.

Piett, who had a completely different feel from the original.

Thinking about him made me feel uncomfortable.

He must have done something to the emperor and the other dolls.

And then there was Hedin Russen.

I made a fist.

The moment I had seen him, the past overcame me.

I clenched my teeth, trying to resist remembering the events, but they came all the same.

The emperor swinging his sword with such anger in his face and the young Count holding his arm with his hand cut off, blood pouring from the wound.

As the ballroom had become red with blood, my fear overtook me.

For some reason, it was only the blood that bothered me.

The emperor had not scared me at all, even with the rage in him.

I had never thought about taking revenge on Hedin for what he did to me.

It wasn’t because I had forgiven him, but the moment I decide to take revenge, I knew that whatever I did would point right back at me.

Before now, I didn’t have a way to protect myself.

I was just a small, insignificant slave.

That was what I had dealt with these past ten years.

So, the moment the emperor avenged the cause of my anger and despair, my heart skipped a beat.

I had someone protecting me, rather than taking advantage of me, as Lord Russen had.

“Ridrian.” I spoke his name gratefully into the winds of the day.


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