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Everyone was obviously well off and lived expensive lives.

The mere fact that at least a few hundred people were able to dress up so luxuriously only meant that there’s prosperity and peace in the empire.

All the hard work was worth it. From the hall down to its attendees, I was surrounded by everything dazzling that I gulped nervously.

“Shall we go in” The emperor led me past the doors with a small smile on his face.

I held his hand and entered into an unfamiliar, glamorous world of the rich.

The masquerade, adhering to its name, concealed the identity of those who attended so everyone could stay anonymous.

Surely that’s the case, but why do I feel like everyone’s staring at me I desperately hoped it was only my imagination.

As we set foot inside the hall, people stopped whatever it was they’re doing and turned their gazes on me, us rather, one by one.


Look at that dress.

It’s like a feather, so beautiful.”

“Which family are you from Your hair is stunning, like beautifully woven silk threads.”

“I wonder who her partner is I’ve never seen anyone so charming.

I wonder which aristocratic family he represents.”

“Just look at the masks.

Don’t those feathers from the ultra-rare Effelan kind”

Whispers assaulted my ears instantly.

The emperor, however, looked unfazed at the whispers.

He didn’t mind the people chattering so openly.

His gaze was on me the whole time so he probably didn’t hear what was being said around us.

Thankfully, the people only chitchatted amongst themselves and kept their distance.

They’re most likely looking at the emperor anyway.

He’s one to draw attention no matter where he is.

 I willed myself to calm down as we ventured deep into the hall, my hand still clutching the emperor’s hand.

The stares disappeared when we moved past the area crowded with people.

Music was already playing since it’s been some time when the gala started.

Many couples were dancing in the open space next to the band near the empty stage.

Sensing I was feeling nervous, the emperor spoke to me with a much gentler tone,

“I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you so nervous.”

“I never thought it would be this grand.” I whispered.

“And I don’t think you were this nervous the first day you met me.”

“Actually, I was nervous then, too.”

“Really” He asked with a light chuckle.

He didn’t seem to believe me in the slightest.

As we neared the stage, he suddenly wrapped his arm around my waist and asked, “Iona, would you give me this dance”

He didn’t kneel nor did he mimic the overly polite offering of the hand like the ones seen in movies.

But the grasp he had on my waist coupled with the gentle whisper in my ear was enough to make my face turn red.

His golden eyes were filled with apparent kindness; it’s only been four months yet the emperor’s eyes had turned a full three-sixty.

I noticed such changes, even how mundane it was, because I’m always by his side watching and observing him quietly.

Why are you looking at me like that

I tried to calm my wildly beating heart.

Now was not the time to think about such things! I am finally here at the gala with endless training and practices to back me up and I should be focusing on that instead.

Taking a deep breath, I gracefully placed my hand on his the way my teacher taught me.


He smiled satisfyingly and pulled me towards the middle of the stage.

Was it just me or did the people’s voices fall into a hush The onlookers casted brief glances at us and at the same time, the conductor raised his baton in the air and a new song started to play.

The first, melodic tune rang through the venue’s halls as we situated ourselves in a vacant spot where several couples were dancing in precise steps.

One two three, one two three.

Although I have been practicing for a couple of weeks, I still don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to waltzing.

The tempo of the music was also a notch faster that I could barely keep up.

Concentrating on my movements while counting the beat, I heard the emperor say,

“There’s no need to do it perfectly.

Just trust and follow my movements.”

“I’ve practiced quite a few times, I got this.”

“Don’t worry if you get it wrong.

I can easily handle your weight should you trip and fall.” He said with a smile.

Actually, accidentally stepping on his toes was what I’m worried about.

I can’t have you walking with a limp tomorrow, could I And if both of us fell, it would surely catch everyone’s attention and that’s the last thing I want.

Dancing and trying to keep up with the beat, the tempo rang faster and I desperately tried to follow suit, right foot, right foot, left foot….

Oh my god it’s too fast!

Then suddenly, my right foot tripped, making me lose my balance as I hastily grabbed the emperor’s arm at the last minute. Oh no!

I knew it was a ridiculous idea to dance at a gala with so many people watching! I reprimanded myself internally, muttering how disappointed I am of myself and that I ruined a perfectly planned event.

Just when I was thinking about the humiliation that was about to ensue brought about by my fall, my body was whisked up and I blinked in surprise,


“Look up, Iona.” My eyes flew open at the sound of his voice, seeing we’re nose to nose, barely a space between us with our backs slightly bent.

Unbeknownst to me, our positions had shifted so my body was flushed against his. What’s happening!

Feeling my face reddened in embarrassment, the emperor grinned and he adjusted his grip on my waist as he pulled me up in an upright position, “Make sure to lean against me, okay”


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