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“Marie, it’s time to wake up.


It’s been a while since I was able to sleep comfortably, but someone kept shaking me.

‘Ah, who is it It’s been a long time since I slept like this.’

I suffered from overtime and insomnia every day, so sleeping deeply like this hasn’t happened in quite a long time.

The soft and fluffy texture felt really warm and cozy, I was incredibly reluctant to get up.


I was a little annoyed and was about to tell them to leave me alone when I noticed something.

‘Hmmm No voice is coming out.’

It took me a bit of time to recollect myself, but I remembered the situation and opened my eyes.

“Oh, you’re already awake.

You must have been really tired.”

Next to me was a freckled, scarlet-haired maid looking at me with a bright smile.

When I saw those strange maid clothes, I soon realized where this was.

‘That’s right I reincarnated into a novel!’

My first night was even unbearably spent with the male protagonist after I went to bed yesterday.

Even through all that, I still managed to sleep so peacefully.

I really have to admire how thick my nerves are.

As I sat up, the maid said, “His Majesty went out at dawn.

He told us—”

The head maid briskly opened the door and entered, swiftly cutting off what the other maid was about to say.

Her voice echoed within the bedroom.

“Are you up yet!”

The maid got frightened by her sudden appearance and loud voice that she took a step back.

I had gotten up after I had just recently awoke so I ended up staggering.

‘Ow, my back hurts.’

The issue was that, my body was used to sleeping on cold hard floors that suddenly sleeping in a soft bed felt odd.

What’s more, I was stiff all night long while lying next to that unpredictable tyrant.

Due to that, there was no place in my body that didn’t hurt.

However, the head maid continued yelling, as if unaware of my circumstances.

“Do you know what you have done!”

‘Me Did I do something wrong’

I looked at the maid’s face with a bewildered expression then quickly lowered my head as the tail of her eyes went up.

If a slave, the lowest of the low, were to go against a noble maid, it would be considered as huge disrespect and is worthy of punishment.

The ten-year experience of slavery of this body caused me to instinctively lower my posture.

Satisfied with the appearance, the maid screamed loudly, the strength of her voice belying her old age.

“How can you sleep with such a grotesque posture while sleeping with His Majesty!”

It was only then that I realized the reason why she was furious.

‘My sleeping habit is a little nasty.

But when I woke up, wasn’t I fine’

In fact, I wasn’t just tossing around while sleeping because of my insomnia, I sometimes bare my stomach and even drool.

Even though my body was different now, my old habits didn’t seem to change.

When I was sleeping yesterday, it appears that my poor sleeping habits were discovered.

‘Did I sleep with such a poor attitude I wouldn’t have to worry about talking in my sleep because I can’t even talk at the moment, but did I do something like grinding my teeth’

If I did, the tyrant emperor saw all that and let it go My imagination immediately became chaotic and thought that he would say something like, ‘My Liliana is not like this!’ And then…


Imagining that, I shuddered and grabbed my neck inadvertently.

Luckily, it was still properly attached.

“If His Majesty didn’t generously say that Lily was originally like this and didn’t cover the blanket himself, I would have certainly punished you!” It was clear that the head maid was incredibly vexed by this matter.

‘I thought he was just a crazy guy, but I guess he can be considerate.

Thankfully, the original Lily’s sleeping habits were also nasty.’

Unlike her beautiful appearance, Liliana, the person that I became a doll for, was a young girl that acted like a tomboy and was an actual brat.

Except for liking to read, she was very hard to manage.

Thus, it was understandable that the emperor was convinced and just left.

‘If the original hadn’t been like that, I wouldn’t even know how I died.’

I bowed my head deeply in acknowledgment of understanding the situation to show my reflecting to the head maid.

When she saw my submissive side, the maid seemed satisfied.

Actually, I was only pretending to be embarrassed.

But even if the emperor was convinced, my sleeping posture was truly appalling, even more so as I was a worker and a doll.

Therefore, she definitely had grounds to be displeased.

In this case, it was best to crawl and beg early to avoid incurring further dislike.

Sure enough, she put her blame elsewhere soon after.


It’s my fault that I put you in without even teaching basic etiquette due to the urgency of the situation.

Soon, it will be time for the new maids to learn them, so clean up your bedroom and go out.”

At the order of the maid, I nodded and signaled that I understood.

Once the storm passed, I was relieved and collapsed back into the bed with my butt steadily planted onto the mattress.

I glanced at the finely lavished bed and rubbed the blanket with my hand.

‘It still feels so good.’

It was unexpected that I was struck by the fire of a maid in the morning, but this kind of treatment was still bearable.

At least the food and bedding were excellent.

When I started fixing the bed, the maid stopped me.

“Ah! I’ll make the bed, this requires quite a few tricks.

Marie, you should just go and wash your face.”

She was pushing my back at the same time she was speaking.

Seeing that, she must have been my personal maid.

She looked like someone in her early twenties, so it seemed like she was around my age.

She would give me a kind smile every time she looked at me, and I then understood why she was chosen to be a slave’s personal maid.

‘But why are they calling me Marie’


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