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Blue light was emitted from Ravis’ hands.

Slowly, I felt the pain on my heels gradually subside as the seconds went by.

For a brief moment, I was worried that being at the receiving end of the divine power would cause an unintentional effect just like the last time, but thankfully, nothing strange came out of it.

“I think it’s done.” I took it as a sign as I adjusted my position comfortably, and it was only then when Ravis stood up.

I smoothened my clothes and got back on my feet as well, noticing right away that both my feet and body felt lighter.

“Thank you, Ravis.

I should be fine from here on.

The heels have already been broken in, too.”

Pleased with my words, a small grin made its way to his face.

Come to think of it, it’s almost time until the teacher who teaches me genealogy arrives.

I was about to leave when Ravis spoke, a certain weight lacing his voice,


“Yes” I turned to look at him.

“The gala….

Are you really going to attend”

A small part of me knew he was going to ask me this, “I’m planning on it.”

At that, Ravis’ expression suddenly turned serious.

“What is Ridrian thinking Getting you involved… Perhaps… Did he order you to” He said, stumbling on his words.


He actually gave me a choice.

I accepted since I was curious to see what an imperial gala would look like.” And I had also fallen for his charm, I thought, but still, the one who made the final decision was me.

“This is the imperial palace.

You never know what kind of danger awaits you.” Ravis worriedly said.

“I guess I’ll make sure to be more careful then.”

Ravis was surprised at how determined I was.

He looked straight into my eyes and sensing he wouldn’t be able to convince me otherwise, he sighed defeatedly.

While my strolls outside had given me a much needed breather, there were still days where I felt suffocated when I’m stuck inside the confines of the palace, especially when there wasn’t anything much I could preoccupy myself with.


The preparations for the gala kept me busy recently.

Having spent my entire existence working to feed my family back in my previous life and in this current one because of my identity, being preoccupied was not something I minded at all.

“Perhaps….” Ravis started.


I urged him to proceed but he shook his head,


No, it’s nothing.”

Seeing him behave strangely, I tilted my head and asked, “Is something wrong”

He put on his signature smile and brushed my hair back.

“I guess I just have to be more vigilant.

You don’t have to worry, Iona.

Just enjoy the gala since it’s a special occasion.

It must be quite a while since the last time you’re in front of a crowd.”

I knew he was only looking out for me, but hearing him speak so concernedly had me start worrying, too.

Then, Ravis’ smile dropped like something just came to his mind,

“Oh, you’re in the middle of practice, correct If you’re going to practice some more, perhaps I could act as your dance partner”

Hearing him utter those words, I flashed him a smile and said I needed to go to my next class right this instant.

I didn’t respond to his invitation, which was as terrifying as being my personal healer.


Two days after Ravis visited me, Raven paid me a visit while I was in the middle of my dancing class.

It was the second time he showed up without the emperor so I welcomed him quite casually.

As he sat down the sofa, he asked,

“Do you know how to drink alcohol”



It doesn’t matter which kind, but have you had alcohol before”

“Uhm….” I almost scoffed at his sudden question when I stopped myself, of course I had alcohol before.

Back in my past life, that is.

I worked in an office back in my past life and whenever I’m about to explode from stress, I would go home and drink myself to the point where I would pass out and fall into deep slumber.

But I have yet to consume alcohol here in my current life since not only was I underage, but also because alcohol, even the cheap ones, are just too precious to waste on a slave like me.

“I have not.” I answered belatedly.

“I knew it.” Raven paused as if in deep thought, “The emperor said he’d take you to the ballroom, didn’t he”

“Yes, he asked me to be his partner.”

His eyebrows furrowed.

He took his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose, “That’s dangerous.”

“I agree.” I said with a nod.

“But I don’t have the power to change the emperor’s mind.”

“I could say the same thing.”

As if my response spurred him on, he stared at me blankly before exhaling, “I guess it is what it is.” He said, lost for words like he was accepting defeat.

“Most of the drinks at the banquet are alcoholic.

There’s also juice, but you won’t know until you’ve tried them.

On top of that, everything will be done as discreetly as possible, so personal valets aren’t permitted inside.

Only the valets of the palace are allowed entrance.”

My forehead creased at what he had said.

It was something I didn’t even bother thinking about.

“That seems problematic.”

“So do you understand what I’m talking about”

“In an event where only a handful of valets are around, will I be inclined to drink more alcohol than I could handle You’re afraid that I will get drunk and cause a scene.”

Raven blinked in surprise.

“You’re quite quick, huh”

“Well, it was how I survived.” I shrugged.

I went on with the conversation and found it rather enjoyable, “It’s not like I could carry a kettle with me, so what am I supposed to do”


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