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To think he only held formal events annually ever since he became the emperor.

He who easily gets bored with such events that he would immediately leave after giving his curt salutations, was now preparing a masquerade in such a huge scale for everyone to enjoy.

Anyone could attend the masquerade as long as they registered their names in advance, and even the much lower-class aristocrats were allowed entrance.

Food and accommodation for four days would be provided as well.

There were rumors that all the aristocrats from the wide expanse of lands claimed by the emperor’s onslaughts would also be in attendance.

If their presence couldn’t be found in the masquerade, for sure they would be lingering on the outskirts of the palace.

Since the invitations were sent out with barely a month until the masquerade itself, it was said that the entire country was turned upside down instantly.

Aristocrats began to scramble for dresses, jewelries, and gifts to bring to show their respects.

And with the number of piling purchases, the venues of businesses led to an unexpected boom in the country’s economy.

Everyone couldn’t keep themselves still at the upcoming event, making me grow anxious even more as I contemplated once again whether I should attend or not.

The sound of hands clapping twice snapped me out of my thoughts.

She did not use her sticks this time around.

“Yes! Very good.

Your steps and timing are just perfect.”

“Thank you.” I gave her a glamorous bow the way she taught me, and I’m just so grateful for the time she had spent teaching me with both the dance steps and formal etiquette.

She smiled pleasantly at me, satisfied with my curtsy.

“Your posture is just fabulous.”

“I couldn’t have done it without your help.” The impatient-looking countess was unique in her own way; she didn’t mind whether you’re a man or a woman, she would gladly extend her help to anyone who needed her guidance, which was why I was brought to her in the first place.

After a week of repeating the same dance steps every second of every day, minus the times when I had to eat, I could say I’m finally able to move my body in tune with the beat.

It required my undivided attention, however, since if I let my mind drift even for a second, I would forget the steps or stumble on my feet.

Can I really pull this off In front of all those people

Since I’m the last person who had great mind and body coordination, I practiced until my feet hurt so I could at least prevent humiliating myself in public.

At this point, my feet felt like it was going to fall off and I wouldn’t be surprised if my stockings were stained red once again.

Fortunately, the ointment Dr.

Berman had prescribed me was working wonders and the blisters on my feet would heal overnight.

But recently, I’ve been dancing with my high heels to break them in, making every day unbearable than the last and there’s not a day where my feet looked normal.

Hopefully, I won’t get more blisters on my soles than I already have.

As the days went by, my high heels soon made their way to my mental list of items I wish to burn, just second to the awful corset I wore previously.

Curiosity killed the cat, huh It feels like I’m going to die before I even experienced the masquerade myself.

The week before the gala seemed to stretch endlessly.

I spent four hours each day practicing both dance and etiquette lessons, and the remaining hours were spent studying over books and whatnot.

It reminded me of the times when I took exams and showed up at job interviews back in my previous life.

I’m basically putting blood, sweat and tears into attending this gala. This better be worth it, I furiously thought.

And because of how tiring my days have been recently, I always passed out before the emperor could call for me and as I lay there, knocked out from exhaustion, the emperor would come visit my room and quietly spend the night sleeping beside me.

He came and went so silently that the warmth his body stamped on the sheets was the only indication that he had stayed for the night.

Then another morning rolled in, the head maid would, as usual, scold me to get up and the only way I could avoid her incessant nagging was to drag myself out of bed towards the first lesson of the day.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the door.

Lina, who always tidied up the room once the dance practice was over, pushed the door open.

She was with a person I least expected to see.

“We are in the presence of the glorious high priest of Theres.

May the blessings of life be with you always.”

The Countess, who held the highest authority in the room, greeted the unexpected visitor.

I, along with the awaiting maids, bowed our heads in respect.

“I am the wife of Count Luboa.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Priest Ravis.” The Countess bowed to the priest the same way she taught me.

Ravis replied with a stiff smile,

“Pleasure to meet you, Countess Luboa.

Am I disturbing your class”

The Countess shook her head.

“Not at all.

We just finished actually.”

“That’s good.

Thank you for all your efforts.” Even someone who’s uptight as the Countess couldn’t help but feel at ease at the priest’s approval.

Ravis looked around the room and asked, “If it’s not too much to ask, could everyone please leave the room and give me and Miss Iona some privacy”

What M-me

The Countess’ face dropped at Ravis’ request.

Maybe she felt embarrassed that he had come to visit me instead of her, who bore the highest authority in the room.

But she had no choice but to give in to the priest’s request, saying that she was about to leave since the class was finished anyway.

Lina and Ella turned on their heels and left obediently.

“Call us if you need anything.” The door closed behind them, leaving Ravis and I alone.

I stammered awkwardly, “Uhm… High Priest”

“Please call me by my name, Iona.”

What was he doing here


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