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Good Friend

Wendu and Su Yu looked at Tong Pei with a mysterious look in their eyes.

Their old friend, a hot-blooded man in his twenties, had actually brought an underaged girl to their dinner. This was shocking.

Was Tong Peis taste really that abnormal

“Keep your eyes off her.” Tong Pei looked at the two of them, his tone cold.

The two of them stopped observing Guo Miao and became even more confused.

Today, Tong Pei had specially instructed Su Yu not to bring anyone over and had even specifically instructed him to order some non-alcoholic drinks.

So, it was all for this little sister!

“Little girl, Im Su Yu.” Su Yu extended his hand toward Guo Miao.

Tong Pei slapped his good friends hand away.

“This is Su Yu, and that is my friend, Wendu,” Tong Pei introduced them to Guo Miao.

Wendu politely smiled at Guo Miao and curiously asked, “Miss Guo, how did you get to know our Brother Pei”

“We met in Chengyue yesterday,” Guo Miao said.

Su Yu, who was at the side, almost spat out the wine he had just drunk. “Chengyue Did you two meet at the hotel Thats not legal, right, boss”

“What are you thinking about” Tong Pei slapped Su Yus head. “There was an accident last night, and Ms. Guo helped me a lot.”

The two of them shut their mouths. They also knew what the accident Tong Pei was talking about was. Recently, there had been some forces in the capital that werent very content with their place.

“Ms. Guo, youre from Haicheng. Are you here for a holiday”

“Yes.” Guo Miao didnt intend to tell them that she was participating in the competition. There was no need to.

“Ms. Guo also helped Tong Tong before, so you should be more polite to her,” Tong Pei instructed his two good friends.

The two of them no longer asked any strange questions and simply chatted about the scenery of the capital.

“Speaking of which, since its Guangs celebration party, where is he” Tong Pei asked.

“Him Hell be here soon.” Su Yu replied, “But hes also been behaving strangely. Hes really changed recently. He didnt even come out to eat with us in the past. Why is he having a celebration party today”

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Wendu crossed the walnuts in his hands and frowned. “Hes been acting quite strange recently. I heard from Uncle that hes been going out for walks more often than before. Hes no longer working alone in the studio.”

There was a sudden knock on the door, and a thin man stood at the door. He was wearing a black knitted shirt and loose-fitting wide-legged pants, holding a cane in his hand.

Was that Sheng Guang

“Guang, youre here!” Wendu and Su Yu went up and escorted Sheng Guang to his seat.

“Yes.” He nodded his head.

Tong Pei observed his good friend. Ever since his good friend lost his sight in an accident, he had never seen such a bright smile on his face. What was happening

Sheng Guang was originally under the tutelage of the internationally famous artist, Si Han, and had created many artistic works. If it wasnt for that accident, he would have created even more paintings and designs instead of sitting in the composition studio all day, playing a sad melody.

“Let me introduce you to my friend, Guo Miao. Shes also here today.”

Hearing this name, Sheng Guang was shocked. “Is that Dr. Guo ”

“Thats me,” Guo Miao answered.

The people present were all surprised. Dr. Guo This young girl who hadnt even graduated from high school was actually a doctor

“Dr. Guo said she has a way to cure my eye disease,” Sheng Guang said.

Wendu looked at Guo Miao with suspicion in his eyes, “Is this true”

“Ive studied some Chinese medicine before. Theres about a 50% chance of it happening.”

“Fifty percent” Tong Pei was also surprised. He had originally contacted Country As famous medical expert, but the other party had said that even if he tried his best, the success rate might not even be 10%. Now, this girl was actually saying that there was a 50% chance

“Really” Su Yu was also excited.

“Yes.” Guo Miao nodded. “Its just that itll take a long time, and it might be more painful. Itll also require more medicinal herbs.”

“No problem. As long as you can cure my brother, I can even secure a Chinese medicine factory for him,” Su Yu said. He was so excited that he almost shed tears.

“Ive already found some medicinal herbs,” Wang Yao said. “Ill go to Haicheng with you after your vacation.”

Tong Pei nodded, his eyes filled with curiosity and gratitude as he looked at Guo Miao. His voice was sincere. “Youve helped me too much. Ill definitely repay your kindness one day.”



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