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30 Kneel and Apologize

Hearing Sharons words, John frowned. It seems like my mistress had been troubled.

He turned around and made a call. “Get out here now! If I dont see you in five minutes, Ill get someone to destroy your shop right now. Your subordinates really dont know how to do things. Is this how they treat their guests”

Winnie was no longer as arrogant and proud as before. Instead, her eyes were filled with fear and terror. Is this woman really that powerful My boss is a big shot in New York; both the government and the underworld have to give him some face. Who wouldve thought that someone would yell at him like that and ask him to get down here immediately

In less than two minutes, a dark-skinned fatty scrambled down. When he saw John, he quickly bowed and even took the initiative to extend his hand. “Brother John! Hey, look at Brother John. Why didnt you tell me you were coming at this time If I had known you were coming, I wouldnt have opened today and wouldve waited here for you. Its really my honor that youre willing to give face to a small shop like ours.”

Unexpectedly, John didnt bother to waste his breath on him at all. With a glance, he scared the fatty so much that the latter instantly kneeled down. “Brother John... we-we can talk things out!”

“Its only been a few years, and youre already putting on such airs Whats wrong Is your shop assistant from the royal family, or is she a Parisian socialite How dare you slight our mistress. Are you tired of living” John knew that Sharon had been living a tough life all these years. Now that his master had finally acknowledged her, how could he let her suffer such grievances

The fatty looked at Johns expression. He originally felt helpless, but now, he was afraid. Johns mistress What kind of existence is she! Isnt someone who can be served by John like the mother of God

His pupils shrank as he turned to look around John. When he saw Sharon, the fatty was shocked. This person... is too ordinary! Even I wouldnt be able to tell the girls true identity if I personally received her, let alone my subordinates. But now that I have provoked her, I have no choice...

“Miss, Miss...” The fatty was extremely nervous; he was already stuttering and unable to say a single word. “Miss, Im really sorry! I didnt expect this to happen either. I apologize to you here.”

The fatty looked at Sharon, bowed heavily, and kowtowed to her without hesitation. Thereafter, he stood up and glanced at the staff behind him. “Which blind idiot offended Miss Hurry up and confess! Do you want me to fire all of you”

All the staff present instantly looked at Winnie and the antique shopkeeper.

The two of them looked at each other in silence-especially Winnie, who kept her head down, afraid that the things she did would be exposed.

However, the fatty caught their gazes and instantly rushed over. He raised his hand and slapped their faces twice. “You b*tch! Who are you to offend this madam Take a good look at who she is! If you hurt the madam today, get out of the shop in the future. Ill see who still dares to employ you.”

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Winnie covered her face that had been slapped and cried while trembling. “Im sorry, Boss-Im really sorry. I was blind; I looked down on people! Can you let me off this time Please.”

Let you go The fatty was holding back his anger. If I let them go now, we might have to meet tomorrow in the stomach of a shark in the Pacific Ocean.

“Boss, it has nothing to do with the manager. This woman pretended to be poor to trick us...”


Another loud slap was heard.

The fatty grabbed the shopkeepers collar and slapped him again, knocking him unconscious. Immediately after, he continued to slap the latter until his face became a bloody mess. Only then did he stop. “F*ck! Who told you to spout nonsense again Do you think you can spout nonsense about the madams disposition Are you trying to kill me Tell me! Ill kill you first, and well die together!”

The shopkeeper had completely lost consciousness, but the fatty had no intention of stopping.

“And you!” The fatty grabbed Winnies hair and pushed her onto the ground. “Apologize to the madam immediately! Hurry!”

In an instant, Winnies freshly healed nose bridge turned into a pigs nose. At this moment, her face was covered in blood. “I apologize! Miss, please forgive me. I shouldnt have looked down on you and used my status to bully you.”



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