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There’s a simple reason as to why those three people screamed.

While Evelyn was agonizing over what to do,

The glasses in those three ladies’ hands fell at the same time.

But they didn’t know why.

Nobody else touched those glasses, but they all flipped over as though the glasses had been knocked over by something.

Red liquid poured out wildly out of the glasses and streaked across their dresses.



“Oh my god!”

As they felt the liquid soaking into their clothes, they screamed at once.

Along with that loud reaction, the glasses fell to the floor.

Clink, crash!

Haphazard shards and red liquid mixed together on the grass.

The situation was completely in shambles.

“Oh my.

What is this.”

Rosetta took a step back with Alicia, letting out an indifferent sigh.

Belatedly coming back to her senses, Evelyn looked up and scanned her surroundings.

Rosetta was looking at the three other girls with cold eyes and furrowed brows.

The three were frantically fussing over their tarnished clothes until then, but they all gasped when they saw Rosetta’s eyes upon them.

“Your Ladysh…”

Melissa hurriedly spoke up, but Rosetta had already looked away.

It was a clear act of disregard.

Then, she looked at Alicia, who was standing next to her, and spoke to her instead.

“Are you okay Did it splash on you anywhere, Alicia”

At the gently spoken questions, Alicia shook her head.

She was a little surprised, but that was all.

Rosetta looked around at her skirt, but fortunately, it didn’t seem like the drink had splattered onto her.

“Yes, I’m fine.

But Sister… Oh goodness, Sister, your clothes are ruined.”

Alicia was surprised to see this, and it was only then that Rosetta examined her own condition.

Indeed, it’s just as Alicia said.

The glasses fell and the drinks had splattered everywhere, and so the edges of her dress had gotten stained with red marks.

“Good grief…”

Rosetta chewed out the words with her brows all knitted.

Her voice was very low, but Melissa, Julie and Pia still heard her.

The three young ladies nervously watched how she would react.

This was an accident and the furthest thing from intentional, but the result was still clear—they committed a grave act of disrespect during their first meeting with the esteemed ducal lady.

“Your Ladyship, I apologize immensely.”

Right, I truly don’t know what just…”

“Are you alright, Your Ladyship”

Melissa cried out with an apology first, then Julie and Pia also bowed in front of her.

Rosetta stared at them without a word, then she shrugged.

Though she did not make eye contact with them, her gaze was exceedingly cold.

Melissa scrambled through her pockets and pulled out a handkerchief.

Julie and Pia each took out their own handkerchiefs as well.

“Here, Your Ladyship, a handkerchief…”

“No, please use my handkerchief.”


I’ll wipe it with my handkerchief!”

A covert quarrel arose between the three.

If the ducal lady were to receive one handkerchief, then whoever she would choose, that person’s act of rudeness would at least be slightly alleviated.

That’s why those three were competing to for the ducal lady receive their handkerchief somehow.

Besides, they were also looking forward to a reward for lending a handkerchief.

At a time like this, they could build a connection with the ducal lady who was at the center of all the bustling rumors.

The three looked sharply amongst themselves.

“The handkerchiefs of the other two have rough embroidery, Your Ladyship.

Please use mine,” said Melissa with a smile.

“No, my handkerchief is the most popular color these days.

Please use mine, Your Ladyship,” said Julie with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Your Ladyship, they’ve already used their handkerchiefs to wipe off their sweat.

Please use mine,” said Pia urgently.

“When did I ever wipe my sweat with this, Pia”


When did Julie and I ever wipe our sweat Put that lousy handkerchief away.”

“Ha, Melissa.

How could you say that my handkerchief’s embroidery is rough Did you use it before”

The furtive war of nerves gradually became a loud squabble.

It was an ugly sight.

To the extent that Alicia flinched back.

Rosetta stared at the three with amusement, and she only spoke up when their dispute went on a little longer.


The succinct statement was not loud at all, but that single word had the power to attract everyone’s attention.

The scathing glares of the three ladies turned towards Rosetta in unison.


At the question spoken out of bewilderment, Rosetta shrugged and chuckled.

“Even if you try to wipe it off, it’s too late for that, isn’t it”

And I have my own handkerchief.

After adding the last part leisurely, Rosetta pulled out her handkerchief from her sleeve.

Then, with elegant gestures, she wiped and pressed down on the hem of her dress.

However, there was no indication that the dried-up stains could be wiped off with the handkerchief.

This was the result of the unnecessarily prolonged argument.


Rosetta clicked her tongue at the dry stain, and at this, the three ladies flinched.

Rosetta smiled at them.

It was a smile veiling her displeasure.

And in the first place, it only seemed like she was looking at the three when in fact she was facing only the air.

With the corners of her lips forced upwards, she soon spoke.

“Well then, let’s all get changed.

After all, we’ve all been soaked now.”

It was nothing short of a dismissal order.

However, it wasn’t possible for those three to leave immediately.

Rosetta hadn’t accepted their apologies, she had only seen their ugly sides, and they even missed the chance to build connections with the esteemed duke’s daughter.

They couldn’t leave easily and were just shifting their weights on one foot and the other.

Still, Rosetta just turned away without any concern for them.

And when she turned away, her gaze next landed on Evelyn.

“Lady Evelyn.”

“Ah, yes”

When their eyes met and when her name was called, Evelyn answered with a start.

Until now, she had been watching the situation unfold with bated breath.

She didn’t want to be involved in the dirty fight between the three, but she also didn’t make any move to leave.

Still smiling, Rosetta continued.

“Why don’t you come with me”


“I’ll lend you a dress of mine.

I brought enough extra clothes just in case.”

“Um, but… Your Ladyship is going to lend your clothes to… me”

Evelyn asked back, dazed by the unexpected favor.

Melissa, Julie and Pia’s eyes shot to Evelyn.

Behind their gazes was a disdainful look full of jealousy and envy.

Meanwhile, Rosetta spoke once more.


We’re about the same height and physique, so I should have at least one dress that’ll match you.”

“If Sister’s clothes won’t fit you, then you can borrow one of mine instead!”

Alicia added to Rosetta’s consideration.

In turn, Rosetta patted Alicia on the head with a pleased expression on her face.

It was the very image of an older sister being proud of her kind younger sister.

Evelyn stared back at the two sisters with a conflicted expression, though she soon nodded cautiously.

‘It feels a bit burdensome, but it’s better than continuing to wear this.’

She’d have a chance to befriend the two ducal ladies, too.


‘Those eyes.’

Inwardly smirking, Evelyn glanced sideways at Melissa, Julie and Pia.

She could almost hear what those three were thinking right now.

They’re surely jealous of her.

Those three all wanted to get close to the ducal ladies to get famous somehow, but it was only Evelyn who the ducal ladies were offering to help out with a change of clothes.

Their stomachs must be up in knots right now.

‘And those guys only want to get attention anyway.’

Ah, how exhilarating.

It was petty and childish, but also gratifying.

Either way, she didn’t care.

The fact that they’re all going to be entirely frustrated for a while was making Evelyn so giddy.

With a hand over her pounding heart, Evelyn slowly spoke in response.

“Thank you very much for your kindness, Your Ladyships.”

“Your Ladyship, may I also borrow a set of your clothes”

Evelyn’s shy thanks was overtaken by Pia’s rushed words.

What she’s saying here was for her to be lent clothes first.

A brazen request such as this was no less than a breach of aristocratic etiquette, but Pia was so filled with jealousy and greed right now.

Melissa and Julie looked at Pia like she’s pathetic, but one second later, their eyes met.

Crackle. For a moment there, it seemed as if sparks had started flying.

The two of them had a silent showdown, then they opened their mouths as well.

“Then I also—”

“If Your Ladyship could also be considerate of me—”

They spoke over each other, but neither of them had the leisure of finishing their sentences.

“Didn’t the rest of you say earlier that you’ve brought a set of clothes Then wear those.”

Rosetta’s firm suggestion interrupted them.

The icy refusal made the three of them flush bright red.

They were reminded of how they said, while humiliating Evelyn, that they brought extra clothes.

And that Evelyn couldn’t bring any extra with her because of her situation.

Which meant that the other three all had another set of clothes they could change into.

They couldn’t take back what they said earlier anymore, and so they had no choice but to grit their teeth in envy and shame.

As they shut themselves up with those simmering emotions, Rosetta walked past the three and smiled.

“Then, we’ll be off.”

With one last greeting that didn’t sound like a proper greeting, Rosetta held out her arm to Alicia.

“Let’s go, Alicia.”

“Yes, Sister! Young Miss, come, you too.”

One arm intertwined with her sister’s and the other arm outstretched, Alicia smiled brightly as she beckoned Evelyn.

Without any hesitation, Evelyn stepped forward, blushing at the radiant smile.

And she walked past those three people who had their very wide eyes focused on her.


Melissa called Evelyn’s name.

Hearing the voice that she had become so accustomed to over the years, Evelyn paused.

It was because of a semi-reflex.

All these years, she was the toy of those three people.

She would come with them if they said so, she would go if they said so.

When Melissa saw that Evelyn halted like that, she laughed inwardly.

‘Of course, it’s only natural.’


Melissa whispered towards Evelyn under her breath.

“If you go right now… I won’t let you join us ever again.”

It was a thinly veiled threat.

Melissa knew what Evelyn was afraid of.

‘Being left out of the group.’

Thus, falling out of their social circle.

If Evelyn were to follow the ducal ladies right now, there’s a chance that she’d be able to build connections with them.

However… Quite literally, it was only a ‘chance’.

On the other hand, if she were to stay rooted with their group, it was ‘definite’.

With her personality, Evelyn would most certainly choose a definite option rather than a risky chance.

The weak and poor, by nature, fear anything ‘precarious’.

Evelyn eyed Melissa without saying anything.

She stared at the mocking smirk on the other woman’s face, the same mocking smirk that she had been facing for such a long time.

And just as Melissa predicted, Evelyn agonized over her decision.

‘Should I just stay here’

I shouldn’t walk down an unstable path, but instead just continue living in this definite reality.

But in that same moment as well.

Evelyn recalled the short burst of exhilaration she felt just now.

It had been so many years since she experienced that sweet feeling.

Thanks to this, she realized just how much she had crumbled away.

Just how much she had been dying little by little.

And also, the fact that there was no such thing as a definite reality.

The world she was living in had never just been a definite reality.

It was a definite hell.


It was hell.

“I’ll do what I want.”


The unexpected answer made Melissa ask like this.

However, Evelyn did not take back what she said.

“I said I’ll do what I want.”

You horrible jerk.

Melissa’s eyes were wide open as she listened to the strong and firm statement.

Smiling brightly, Evelyn watched as Melissa’s lips trembled.

It was funny to see.

Soon, her halted steps started once more.

Towards the two ducal ladies who were walking leisurely away.

Strangely, every step she made towards that direction felt lighter and lighter.

Evelyn could feel the ferocious glares stuck on the back of her head, but she did not stop walking.

Her steps as she left that cruel circle of hell was both refreshing and thrilling.

‘A precarious chance is way better than a definite hell.’

Happily living in hell was nothing but a foolish choice.

Evelyn received this enlightenment belatedly, but at the same time, it was still not too late.



t/n: we’re now exactly halfway through the novel’s main story!  how has it been for you guys~


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