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Chapter 11

Rosetta looked at Katie while she was in that state, enjoying the sight in a small way.

‘Thats pretty nice.

Katie had built Damians trust in her for more than a decade.

Rosetta, on the other hand, had been living life as though there was sand constantly running down her throat for almost a decade and a half.

Besides, Rosetta had been scolded for a similar reason just recently.

It was a great excuse to paint the clarity of their relationships well.

Rosetta looked at Damian as she covered her bleeding hand with the other.

From Rosettas periphery, she could see Katie glaring at her even as the older woman was kneeling so pitifully on the ground.

But his tight lips showed no signs of opening.

‘Now, what are you going to do

She and Katie did their best to plead their cases.

All thats left now was Damians judgement.


Whose words would he believe

Would he choose to believe the situation before him, or the trust fed to him over the years


After a while, those tightly shut lips opened.

Following the single word said by him, his eyes immediately flitted to Rosetta.

Two gazes, so alike in their golden hue, met each other.

“Yes, Older Brother.”

Rosetta met his gaze with a nonchalant expression, then stood up from the ground, holding onto the couch beside her for support.

The hand that she was holding in the other slipped out, leaving a trail of blood.

Thanks to this, the legs that supported her body were also greatly shaken.

Her face betrayed her exhaustion because she had shed a lot of blood.

Damians forehead suddenly crumpled.

It was the same expression when he saw the wound on Rosettas face a few days ago.

With his forehead still wrinkled, his eyes looked to the ground, then went back up.


One step.

The stiff body moved forward.

And then—


As the door opened along with the loud sound from outside, an uninvited guest entered.

It was as if the raindrops had been burnt to ashes.

The dark sky reminded that, no matter how bright the light that flashed through it was, its darkness would never go away.

One person was about to fall on her knees amongst the broken pieces of glass, blood soaking the floor.

One tried to stand, but stumbled.

Another reached out through the air, lips clenched.

And one other ran across the room.

Long golden hair fluttered in the air.

Her thin ankles raced across the room, and the dress that flowed along with her bloomed like flowers.


The name was uttered by someones lips.

Alicia ran straight to Rosetta.

Rosetta was the only one in her sight in the first place.

At that moment, Rosetta, who had the most astounded expression amongst everyone in the room, opened her arms unconsciously.

Alicia jumped into her arms without hesitation, and their bodies fell together onto the sofa.

“Alicia You… How…”

Rosetta murmured unknowingly.

It was definitely Alicia in her arms right now.

But Rosetta knew for sure that Alicia should be in the walk-in closet.

This scene was meant to be a direct hit to Katie.

The more Katie inflicted pain onto Rosetta, the more damned she would be.

But Alicia wouldnt have endured such a scene.

Or perhaps it was Rosetta who wouldnt have stood for it.

Frankly speaking, it would have been helpful to have someone else distract Katie.

And she could have used Alicia to elicit more sympathy from Damian.

”Lady Rosetta seems to have locked up Lady Alicia, but I dont know where she is now… I-I think the Young Master should go see Lady Rosetta as soon as possible.”

At the agreed upon time, Marie went to Damian and said this, luring him over this way.

In many ways, keeping Alicia at the closet was the best choice for Rosetta.

Moderately wide, and the right height.

It was a place where she wouldnt be able to get out by herself.

Marie said she already bought the cooperation of Alicias maid for this, so there was no one else who could have gotten her out.

According to Rosettas plan, she would have released Alicia from the closet after Katie had been thrown into the dungeon…

But here Alicia was now, burying her face in Rosettas embrace without saying a word, just breathing heavily.

It seemed like she ran from her room all the way here.

Rosetta raised her hand to stroke Alicias golden hair, but she soon realized that her hand was covered in blood, so she lowered it again.

Instead of patting her head, Rosetta spoke instead.

“Why are you he—”

“Oh, goodness! Milady, youre alright!”

But Rosetta was cut-off by Katies sudden exclamation.

Katie jumped to her feet and raised her hands with exaggeration—like a person on death row, thanking the heavens for a second chance at life.

Alicia, who was still in Rosettas arms, was stunned.

She flinched at Katies voice, but she slowly raised her body up.

Rosettas chest strangely felt empty.

Then, a blank look was directed at her.

Rosetta felt guilty for some reason.

As if she was a sinner.

Well, it was wrong of her to lock Alicia away…

Feeling this strange conflict within her, Rosetta avoided Alicias gaze.

“Oh, Milady, it must have been frightening.

Everythings fine.

Your nanny is right here beside you now.”

Taking advantage of the fact that Alicia was staring at me wordlessly, Katie quickly opened her mouth again—with tears welling up around her eyes, looking very solemn.

“Milady, please come over here.”

Alicias body trembled at Katies croon.

Her trembling eyes, which were akin to the pendulum of a quivering clock, alternated looking between Rosetta and Katie.

Soon after, her closed lips opened little by little.


Yes, you.

It was a quick moment later that her anxiously trembling gaze finally settled.


As she murmured, Alicias eyes turned toward one particular spot on Rosettas face, and Rosetta touched.

Oh, come to think of it, she rubbed her face with her bloody hands to paint a more gruesome scene.

Rosetta wasnt sure which was more amazing, that Alicia focused on this first…

…or that Rosetta herself had forgotten about it.

“Sister, theres blood…”

Alicia said this as if she was out of breath, and she quickly stepped forward to inspect Rosettas face.

“Its because of me…”

The broken teacup, blood soaked on the floor, their older brother and Katie being here.

And Rosetta getting hurt.

“Because of me… again, its because of me…”

“No, thats not true.”

Rosetta immediately dismissed Alicias stuttering words.

More than anyone, she knew how Alicia felt.

But thats not true.


It really wasnt.


The calm voice directed at her shocked Alicia.

At one side, Damian stood like a motionless tower.

“Older Brother.”

Alicia directed her confused gaze towards Damian.

“Katie said she was trying to save you because Rosetta trapped you somewhere.

But she was threatened by Rosetta.”


There was no immediate answer.

It was understandable.

Hadnt Alicia been brainwashed for a long time

Just mentioning Katies name was enough to paralyze her, so it wasnt that easy to expose the truth.

As Rosetta scanned the room and turned to Katie, the nanny had a smile that said she also had the same thoughts.

From behind Alicia, Rosetta looked at her cascading golden locks, then reached out to take her hand.

A startled face greeted Rosetta.

Like Rosetta just a few moments ago, the expression Alicia had was like a sinners.

Rosetta shook her head at her as she met her eyes.

‘You dont have to cover for me.

Dont strain yourself.

After a while, red lips quivered, and her blank face slowly began to crumble.

Tears quickly brimmed the edges of her eyes.

However, instead of shedding those tears, Alicia pursed her lips.

She looked at Rosetta for a long time like that, then she gave a shaky smile.


The smile was quickly erased from Rosettas sight as Alicia turned towards the other two people in the room.

Strangely, Alicias back, which had been so frail just a moment ago, suddenly became as tall as a mountain.

“No, Brother.

Thats not true.”


Katie was startled by Alicias determined words.

“Sister and I have been abused by our nanny for a long time.

The person who wronged us is Nanny.

Sister was… Sister was just trying to save me…”


“Its not Sisters fault! Katie was the one who did all the bad things.

There are still scars from Katies beating.

I can show it to you if you want.

Thats why, Brother.

Brother, its just…”

Starting out strong with firm words, Alicia was overcome with sobs halfway through.

She didnt want to shed any tears, but as the tears kept flowing, Alicia wiped her eyes with her sleeves.

“Milady! Why are you lying! No, Young Master, its not true.

You have to believe me! Please believe me!”

“No! Brother, Im telling the truth.

All this time, Ive been too scared to speak about it.

I-Im so scared of Nanny, but now Sister… because of me, Sister is hu, hurt…”

Alicia, who had been talking in a loud voice just now, suddenly staggered and fell into Rosettas arms.


Damian tried to run forward to catch her, but Alicia had already begun to fall behind her.

It was only Rosetta who could catch Alicia, but she also staggered along with her weight.


Rosetta also fell to the floor while supporting Alicias body, but apparently there was still broken glass there.

She could feel a large piece of glass digging into her calf.

Ah, shes really going for a bloody look today, huh

Fortunately, there werent any shards near Alicia.


Alicia, open your eyes.”

Rosetta called Alicias name, her eyes slightly trembling.

However, the tightly shut eyes did not open again.

Rosetta hurriedly closed her eyes and let out her energy for a little bit as she felt anxious, but as she inspected Alicias condition, it seemed like there was nothing wrong and she simply fainted.

She remembered that Alicia in the original novel would faint easily whenever she was put under heavy stress.

“Thats… thats a relief.”

Rosetta could breathe again.

She had been holding her breath without realizing it.

Looking at the unconscious girls face whose breathing was shallow, a barrage of unknown emotions filled Rosetta.

From her eyes on Alicias face, Rosetta finally lifted her gaze.

She saw Katie gritting her teeth, then the wide-open golden eyes that were looking at her in return.


A small voice called out to the immobile figure.

“Rosetta are you alr—”


Who did you believe”

The pouring rain pounded on the windowsill.

“No—who do you trust now”

Noisily, fiercely.

As if the world was falling apart.


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