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Chapter 988 A Mix Of Infected

Author\'s Note: Unedited Chapters


Are you ready to battle Mixedbreed and mixedblood infected too Gustav asked as he deactivated God Eyes.

What The officers exclaimed with looks of disbelief as they heard that.

Why do you think I said the city is doomed, Gustav voiced out rhetorically.

It turned out Gustav had spotted ashy colored creatures that were not humans within the midst of the infected.

So far with the situation of the infected, there had never been a case of infected Mixedbreed reported.

So far it had been humans, Slarkovs and a few mixedbloods that had been reported infected.

Mixedbloods had a bit of resistance within them which was why they couldn\'t easily get infected but Humans and Slarkovs who were more normal could easy get contaminated with the ashy infection.

The few mixedbloods that had been infected were immediately taken care of(killed) because they were more of a threat than Human or Slarkov infected.

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A mixedblood infected would have their bloodline abilities boosted and even evolved at times with the state of their bodies changing.

They were way more stronger.

The one Gustav had just killed earlier too was a mixedblood infected.

Who knew how many mixedbloods died on the day Gildian City was destroyed.

The situation was about to get real worse with even mixedbreed infected entering the fray.

Gustav didn\'t really see anyway out of this situation without the city getting run over.

However if Red Shadow and Gradier Xanatus were able to find the culprits, maybe they would find a way to take care of this situation.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of collision rang out across the vicinity as a heated battle between six people played out.

Two were on the same side while the other four were their opponents.

They each took care of two opponents and it looked like even when they were outnumbered they were still winning.


One of the opponents who had magnetic like armor on his body yelled out as he formed a massive fist with it and sent it hurling down at the masked man who was facing one of his comrades.

Red Shadow spotted this attack and quickly grabbed hold of his opponent as reddish footprints appeared all over the place.

One of the footprints that was behind a large boulder blinked twice and he suddenly appeared in that spot with the person in his grasp.


He slammed the opponent face into the boulder the moment he appeared there while the massive mettalic fist hurling down earlier, slammed onto their initial position.

The armor like blue helmet covering his opponent face broke apart, revealing part of his face after he got smashed into the boulder.

Red Shadow spotted the feminine face bleeding within the space in the helmet as he figured out he had been fighting with a woman all this time.

Don\'t treat me as a woman! Fight me fairly without holding back, She voiced out as she noticed the look of realisation in Red Shadow\'s eyes despite his masked face.


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Red Shadow\'s fist suddenly slammed into her gut sending her hurling across the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

She slammed through several trees due to the impact from his punch.

Never said I\'d hold back, Red Shadow muttered underneath his breath.

Immediately after saying that he made a side dash, dodging another fierce attack.


A blueish streak of energy charged past his side as the other opponent covered in black mettalic armor charger crazily towards him.

On the other side, Gradier Xanatus kept dashing from side to side as he dodged the attacks of the two he was fighting against.

Every single opponent here had an armor like helmet covering their faces and they were also clad in technology suits with different purposes.

Gradier Xanatus had never seen such high class suits that could contend against the power Mixedbloods except in the MBO.

And even within the MBO one would need to be a Mixedblood before they could use such suits but he surprisingly couldn\'t sense any bloodline energy coming from this bunch.

He could have ended this sooner but he kept dragging out the fight to be sure he wasn\'t mistaken.

With these technology suits, they would be able to challenge Echo ranked mixedbloods and there was a high possibility of them winning.

Hyyaahhh! One of them yelled out again as multiple laser blades flew out from his technological suits.

Gradier Xanatus leaped upwards and these blades followed him like they had locked onto him.

At the same moment one of the appeared right behind him like he teleported and joined both hands before sending a conjoined fist hurling down at Gradier Xanatus in the air.

Gradier Xanatus moved to the side even in mid air and reached out to grab something.

A staff appeared in his hand and began gleaming with a dark purplish light.

Gradier Xanatus waved this is the air, clearing the laser blades flying at him in an instant.

As he fell from the air he raised his staff with intensity and slammed it downwards the moment he made contact with the ground.


A massive shockwave spread out, slamming heavily into the one on ground.

He got tossed across the air as even the trees in the vicinity cleared from the destructiveness.


He got knocked out the instant he slammed into a rock hundred feet behind.

The one in the air had a look of anger as he charged downwards to engage Gradier Xanatus.


In a part of Luchan City within a large building, a brown skinned young MBO officer with white curly hair could be seen engaging in a serious banter with some men clad in MBO uniforms.

With the way their uniforms looked, it was obvious that they were high ranking officers.

We cannot do that boy, One of them voiced out.

This city will be overrun by the infected soon, The curly white haired officer stated with a tone of frustration.

Says who The officers on the wall are more than capable of preventing that, The officer on the left with only few strands of hair on his head voiced out in response.

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