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Chapter 984: Its The Kid

That voice... Gradier Xanatus muttered as he stared at Red Shadow.

It\'s the kid, Both of them stated at the same time.

They both had looks of confusion and disbelief mixed on their faces.

They were not hearing the voice from their ears, instead they were hearing it within their minds.

-Gradier Xanatus, Red Shadow can you hear me

\'Gustav, is that you\' Red Shadow asked internally.


\'How are you doing this kid\' Gradier Xanatus questioned within his mind as well.

It turned out a kind of mind link had been created where Red Shadow and Gradier Xanatus could hear each other and converse with Gustav as well.

-\'I\'m currently at the borders of Luchan City, battling the hoardes of infected,\'

\'You came here\' Red Shadow responded with a tone of surprise since he recalled Gustav stating he was busy with something.

-\'Yes I came to help out.

I had to stay because the numbers increased by a whole lot and its getting difficult for the officers deployed here.

Both of them had looks of urgency as they heard that.

It turned out things had gotten worse after they had left just like they assumed it would.

-\'I figured something out...

The infected being sent here are corpses from the cemeteries in Gildian City,\' Gustav voiced internally.

\'We know about that already,\' Gradier Xanatus said in response.

\'We\'re currently trying to retrace their steps so we can find them before they revive every single corpse here,\' Red Shadow explained.

\'It\'s proving difficult because we can\'t navigate the way to the cemetaries ourselves without a GPS, with the bad visuals and toxic energy in the air...\' Gradier Xanatus also added.

-\'So you guys just need a way to pinpoint the locations of every cemetery within Gilidian City right\' Gustav asked.

\'IIt would make things a whole lot easier if there was a way we could do that.

Trying to retrace their steps will take more time and who knows, we might already be too late before we find them,\' Gradier Xanatus replied.

-\'Hmm alright...

wait to get the signals...\'

\'What signals\' Gradier Xanatus questioned internally but this time there was no response.

Red Shadow noticed they couldn\'t communicate with one another in their minds anymore which meant the link had been disconnected.

How did the kid even do that Luchan City is at least Six hundred miles away from our position, Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a confused expression.

Red Shadow couldn\'t answer this since he was also unaware of how Gustav pulled such a feat.

He asked us to hold on so I guess he\'s about to try something again, Red Shadow stated.

Both of them knew very well that Gustav never failed to amaze them so they decided to hold on for a bit to see what he was about to pull off again.


Back in Luchan City, Gustav had just landed from the sky again and sent rumbling waves across thousands of feet, destroying the vicinity.

Hundreds of infected were ripped apart with body parts flying in every direction as he moved forward.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Purification, Gustav voiced out as he streched his hand forward causing milky light to shoot out.

Every body part in the vicinity was disintegrated in a couple of seconds and Gustav peered forward once more while activating God Eyes.

They\'re still more than ten minutes away...

the faster ones will arrive within half the time, Gustav voiced as he retracted his sight.


He leaped into the air as wings sprouted out of his back.

I need to be quick with this, He voiced as he stared in the direction of Gildian City.

Far ahead he could see the purplish fog that enshrouded the city.

(You\'ll need to be very high in order for any computerized to work since its Gildian City,) The system voiced in his mind.

How high Gustav asked.

(Almost if not space level high...) The system replied.

Gustav subconsciously sucked in breath as he heard this.

He looked upwards and suddenly blasted further into the skies.


A sonic boom was created as he headed upwards speedily.

The winds pushed Gustav\'s hairs to the back as they swimmed from across his sides from the intensity.

While Gustav was flying high, he was also moving forward so he would be directly above Gildian City when he reached his desired height.

\'High enough\' Gustav asked internally as he kept flying upwards.

(Still need about a hundred miles or so,) The system responded.

The instant Gustav heard this response he activated an ability.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]

His body turned into a streak of lightning as he ascended further in the sky, cutting across a hundred miles in an instant.

The instant Gustav reappeared high in the sky, he paused his ascent.

Wow, Gustav exclaimed as he felt the laws of gravity began to affect him.

He was at a point in the sky where he knew misbalance could cause him to start floating into outer space uncontrollably.

The wings on his back were not functioning properly at this height so he activated Hover to balance himself.

It was currently nightfall in this part of the world but Gustav could faintly spot the sunlight on the other side of earth at this height.

He could see the curvature of earth as well which was blocking the sunlight at the edge while the moonlight was still further upwards from his direction.

This wasn\'t the time to admire space since he was here for an important reason.

A device similar to a tab appeared in Gustav\'s hand displaying a map and pinpointing several spots.

Gustav stared at it as he noted these places that were pointed out.

He was currently floating far above Gildian City staring at the places on the maps that had been pointed out by the device.

Initially Gustav had spoken to Red Shadow and Gradier Xanatus through Mental Manipulation.

He knew they were somewhere within Gildian City but of course no one would have an idea of where they were precisely within the city.

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