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Chapter 977: Creating A Cure

The situation had not completely gone out of control but Gustav felt it wouldn\'t have gotten to this point if they had just listened to Red Shadow and investigated earlier on.

After gathering some more information, Gustav stood to his feet and moved toward a part of his room.

[Spatial Construct Bloodline Has Been Activated]

His fingers glowed up again as he drew a portal in mid-air and it grew to become large enough for him to move in.

Gustav went into this portal and arrived in a place similar to where he kept Tantrum hidden earlier.

There were all sorts of pieces of laboratory equipment arranged within this place.

It looked like an isolated laboratory with chemicals and bots all over the place.

Gustav moved towards a massive test tube placed on the south side of the room and grabbed it before moving it to a place.

This testube was as large as three adults placed upon each other\'s shoulders.

Gustav poured it into a flaming area with a weird-looking container on it.

A loud sizzling sound rang out next and he set a timer.


A few hours later, Gustav moved toward the container area and put out the flames.

After putting them out, he switched on a tap by the side and some content flowed out of the massive container into a small transparent flask in his grasp.

Gustav moved this flask towards a laboratory table by the side and proceeded to place it on the table.


A small container appeared in Gustav\'s grasp from his storage device which was the size of an adult toe thumb.

Gustav opened it and poured the contents into the flask.

The flash which initially had an orange colour made a sizzling sound as the ash-coloured thick liquid dropped into it.

It looked like it was going to change colour but in a bit, the orange began to consume the ash liquid.

After a few more seconds, it looked like the ash murky liquid was not even added to it in the first place.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes and stared at the content after minutes of the mixture.

His eyes zoomed in on a microscopic level seeing everything within from atom to atom.

After inspecting this for some time, Gustav nodded his head with a slight look of gratification.

It worked, He muttered.

(Of course it did...

If it didn\'t that would mean you\'re dumb and I don\'t appreciate having a dumb host,) The system replied.

But you say I\'m dumb all the time, Gustav raised his left eyebrow as he stated.

(Because your intelligence isn\'t as great as mine...

So you\'re still dumb compared to me,) The system added.

Gustav; ... \'I really don\'t have your time right now wench,\'

This will work for normal infected but I guess we\'re dealing with a variant that is a little different from the normal one, Gustav voiced out as he began to package the contents in the flask.

(You can leave it to the scientists...

This will help them create a cure faster for the current predicament.

Who knows how long it will take without your help) The system responded.

Yeah so long as they\'re able to figure it out using this, they might be able to find a way to cure Miss Aimee too and she can finally come back to earth, Gustav thought about how this new invention of his could kill two beds with one stone.

Gustav had finally managed to find a cure to the ashy infection by using an uncontaminated sample of his blood.

However even though he managed to come up with a cure, the infection had been messed with several times so it was certain that this wasn\'t the usual ashy infection and was probably a tweaked variation.

Since this was the case the cure would not work on them completely but from this, the MBO scientists could create a different cure that could work on these infected.

It would shorten the time frame they would spend in creating one and might even prevent Luchan City from being run over by infected.

If that city was infiltrated, the number of infected would increase by a whole lot which would potentially spell danger for the entire world.

Gustav got took the sample of this cure that could only completely cure the normal infected and moved out of his room.

Gustav had gone Awol in the last five days so he had no idea that the higher-ups had been looking for him so they could send him on a mission.

The instant he arrived at one of the mission halls within the tower, all eyes were locked on him.

\'Hmm\' Gustav noticed the eyes of the officers on him and wondered what was happening.

Officer Crimson where have you been One of them asked with a slightly worried look.

Was a little busy what\'s going on Gustav asked.

Grand General Sourkrart had asked everyone to report to him the moment they saw you, The officer behind the counter voiced out.

Why Gustav asked.

I believe the higher-ups have an important mission for you, She replied.

It turned out that while Gustav had been gone in these five days they had tried reaching across to him to no avail.

No one saw him leave the MBO tower but since they were unable to find him in his room, they figure he could have left without anyone noticing.

Now that they were seeing Gustav in the tower again, they realized he might never have left.

Anyways Gustav wasn\'t about to start explaining things to them, he had something else in mind.

The mission can wait...

Give me stats on Luchan City, Gustav requested.

The officer nodded and began browsing through a folder on the holographic computer in front of her.

Officer Crimson! A loud voice suddenly rang out from behind.

Gustav turned around and spotted the man in a high-ranking uniform headed toward him.

Grand general Sourkrart, Gustav muttered with a low tone.


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