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Chapter 933: Assassination Attempt

Gustav\'s eyes squinted as he slowly turned around to stare in the direction of the entrance.

\'So you\'ve finally arrived,\' He said Internally as he stared at a figure approaching from the entrance area.

A figure in a blue suit and black hair with a few green specks could be seen walking in the midst of two guards.

His eyes were cold and uncaring, his expression extremely nonchalant and overbearing.

His persona was so similar to Gustav\'s with the exception of Gustav lacking the same amount of cruelty.

While Yung Jo had that hidden gaze of unreasonable cruelty in his eyes, Gustav didn\'t have that.

Why are you telling them to leave Merkil Yung Jo asked as he closed in on the area of the singularity.

There\'s something I need to do, their presence is not required here or it will disrupt my focus, Gustav voiced out.

Yung Jo squinted his eyes in suspicion as he arrived in front of Gustav.

What is that thing you need to do Yung Jo asked.

Sir Yung, you also need to be away from here.

It is important that I be left alone, Gustav ignored the question and advised Yung Jo to leave as well.

What is it that you need to do Yung Jo asked again.

Sir Yung, as much as I would be willing to explain to you...

I\'m the scientist here and you\'re not so I doubt you would get it, Gustav responded.

Tell me, I\'m not as stupid as I look.

I can assure you that, Yung Jo stated.

I didn\'t... Gustav voiced with a slight stutter.

Yung Jo kept staring at him without changing expressions or blinking his eyes.

Okay let me show you something sir Yung, Gustav said while gesturing for Yung Jo to follow him to the side.

Scientist Merkil\'s face showed fear and reverence as Yung Jo followed behind him deeper into the dark encasement.

At least that was how it looked to everyone but Gustav\'s eyes right now were squinted with hidden intent within.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]


As this thought appeared in Gustav\'s mind he suddenly turned around and reached out with speed.

Yung Jo\'s eyes widened as Scientist Merkil\'s right hand reached out and grabbed his neck.


The scientists spectating from behind all had widened eyes and mouths as they watched Scientist Merkil suddenly grab Yung Jo with unimaginable speed and lift him off the floor.

The guards in the vicinity who were behind activated their bloodlines instantly and were about to lung forward when a loud cracking sound rang out.


The entire place descended into silence the moment this happened.

They stared forward with dumbstruck and disbelieving looks.

Yung Jo\'s head was tilted to the side while Scientist Merkil still had him suspended in the air.

Gustav had squeezed tightly the instant he grabbed onto his neck and broke it.

The guards and everyone in there didn\'t even get the chance to react.

He killed Yung Jo instantly.

-Sir Yung!

-Sir Yung!

The guards yelled out as they dashed forward after a brief moment of realisation.

Gustav confirmed that the bastard was no longer breathing and threw his body forward towards them.

(Wait!) The system suddenly yelled in his mind but it was too late.


Yung Jo\'s body slammed into the guards and they managed to catch it.

However, in the next instant, Yung Jo\'s eyes opened.

Gustav\'s eyes widened as he spotted this, How

He was taken aback for a moment but he didn\'t forget his goal.

Without thinking or waiting to process the current unexpected situation...


Gustav dashed forward he reached out to grab Yung Jo again but the two guards suddenly stomped on the ground.

Fwwhiiiiiii! Fwwhiiiirrjhh!

Two walls of fire and ice were suddenly conjured in front of Gustav.

Gustav arched his arm back with intensity as the environment turned dangerous.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]

Throwing a fist forward, shattered the wall of ice and cleared the wall of Flames in the next moment.

However, that slight delay gave Yung Jo the chance to activate what he needed to.

The moment Gustav cleared the obstacles in front of him, Yung Jo started to fade out of existence like a hologram.

Gustav still tried to grab him but at this point, he had turned completely intangible so Gustav phased through him.

Assassin, I will find you... These were the last words Yung Jo uttered before disappearing completely.

Shit! Gustav couldn\'t stop himself from cursing out loud after Yung Jo got away.

(I told you to wait idiot,) The system voiced with a tone of annoyance.

You were too slow...

How the hell is he still alive\' Gustav wondered.

(I will tell you about that but don\'t you have more important things to worry about at the moment) The system responded.

Gustav looked forward and activated God Eyes.

His sight was still unable to phase past the walls so he spread his perception out instead.

All the guards in the underground secret base were heading towards this location.

Get out! Gustav yelled once more as he stared at the scientists.

They all had looks of fear so they quickly ran out of the place as he yelled out.

This caused the guards at the entrance to be stalled for a bit giving Gustav the chance to use Iro Silk.

His body turned greenish and bloated a little as he stomped on the floor.

Iro silks grew out of the ground and erected a wall in front, blocking the entrance as the scientists scurried out.

How do we close this Gustav asked the system as he stared at the singularity.

(We don\'t have the resources...

and you\'re not powerful enough to do it without building an actual machine that could fix this,) The system stated.

Come on there must be a way, Gustav said as he racked his brain.

I could use Atomic disintegration...

It works on anything so long as atoms are included, Gustav said as his eyes began to glow a milky colour.


a singularity this size creates billions of atoms by the second...

unless you can erase that plenty within a second with your atomic disintegration, it would be impossible,) The system debunked immediately.

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