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Chapter 932: The Dangers Of The Singularity

Have you lots figured it out Gustav asked.


it will still take around three to four days to finish up, The scientist that had called out to him, voiced out respectfully.

Pffft you\'ll all be dead before then, Gustav stated with a light burst of laughter.

The atmosphere turned tense and gloomy at the same time as the scientists were reminded of Yung Jo\'s timer.

Is Sir Yung around right now Gustav asked.

No, but he will be here anytime soon to check on our progress, A Scientist replied with a down look.

A thought appeared in Gustav\'s mind as he heard this response.

Alright then.

I finished my task so I asked him for permission to come help you goofs.

With my assistance you can be sure of getting the task done before the time limit is up, Gustav stated as he placed his hands on his waist with a messiah type expression plastered across his face.

The scientists had looks of hope as they heard that and stared at Scientist Merkil with reverence unaware that this was Gustav of course.

So I see we\'re dealing with a singularity here...

can someone bring me up to speed on the aim here Gustav asked while moving towards the area where holographic computers were being operated.

\'As expected of Scientist Merkil, just one look and he could tell that this was a singularity,\' Most of the scientists had this thought in their minds as they stared at Gustav with a look of reverence.

Scientist Merkil had been busy on his task so he had no idea what had been going on here except for a vague idea since Yung Jo only mentioned it once.

One of the scientists began explaining everything to Gustav from how they arrived at this point and what they were aiming for.

It turned out that no alien spacecraft could invade the earth with the kind of security put in place to prevent such.

The earth literally had a kind of unbreakable forcefield surrounding it and has been said to be unbreachable for over a thousand years.

According to the history books of course some alien species had tried and failed.

They couldn\'t get through.

The singularity was not just a singularity but also a black hole, however, this was not the usual type.

Time and space were collapsing in on themselves within the strings of light.

If anyone was to make contact with it at the moment, they would see a million different lifetimes in an instant and then cease to exist.

This was why Gustav was sensing chaotic energy from the singularity and this was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Yung Jo was aiming to use this singularity to bring the Mendologas here.

When the singularity had been tweaked to become just like how Yung Jo wanted it, a dimensional pathway that rips the fabric of time ans space apart will be constructed.

It will work based on time and render the energy field surrounding earth useless to the Mendologas giving them the chance to travel through with their spacecraft.

The singularity will make every earth security protocol inefficient, passing through it would be like returning earth to its old times where the security protocols didn\'t exist.

In a way, it would hamper with time but it would only grant spaceship access to earth without issues.

By the time everything had been explained to Gustav he stood in place with a contemplative expression for a few seconds.

\'There\'s a possibility that doing this can have really adverse effects right\' Gustav asked internally.

(Yeah, Good case scenario it succeeds and the Mendologas manage to get to earth without a hitch but then the entirety of Plankton City might get sucked into the singularity after it shuts down or it sends out a weird time displacement energy which I promise you...

you don\'t wanna know what will happen if that ends up happening...) The system voiced in his head lengthily.

\'That\'s the good case scenario\' Gustav\'s face nearly changed expression to convey his current astonishment but he managed to keep his cool so he could maintain his act as Scientist Merkil.

Gustav calmed himself up and asked next, \'...Then what is the worst-case scenario\' Gustav asked.

(The singularity refuses to close up and sends ripples of time displacement through the earth or it swallows the entire earth up and keeps growing in size and eating more planets, galaxies until the entirety of existence is wiped out,) The system explained.

Gustav\'s jaw almost dropped as he heard the system mention this.

\'Yung Jo is not thinking about the consequences of this at all,\' He said Internally as he looked up to stare at the strings of lines clustered together in mid-air.

As the system had mentioned there would definitely be consequences if the scientists were left to continue developing this singularity.

At this point, Gustav was unsure whether the state of the singularity could cause any of the disastrous effects the system had mentioned but he really hoped not.

\'I need to close the singularity...\' Gustav said internally.

Everyone get out! Gustav suddenly yelled out.


-Is he joking or what

Mutters were heard from the background after Gustav yelled out the command.

I\'m sure you lots are not deaf...

I said get out! Gustav gave the order once more.

But sir, we have to keep working on this, A Scientist voiced from the side with a confused tone.

Sir Yung will... Before he could complete his sentence this time, Gustav interrupted.

I told you to get out for this exact reason.

I can see you lots wish death upon yourselves and don\'t want my help, Gustav said with a tone of disappointment.

They all had pleading looks as they heard that and one of them even began begging.

Now all of you get out of here this instant! Gustav yelled out once more.

Just as everyone began leaving their standing points to head for the entrance a voice was heard from the entrance area.

Where do you all think you\'re going

Everyone\'s eyes widened slightly as they heard this familiar voice.

Gustav\'s eyes squinted as he slowly turned around to stare in the direction of the entrance.

\'So you\'ve finally arrived,\'

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