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Chapter 921: The MBO Ranks

Author\'s Note: Unedited Chapters


Gustav could not wait for all the formalities within the second base to be done with so he could get on with destroying Yung Jo.


Hours later they had arrived at the second base.

Although so much time had passed, the base hadn\'t changed.

It still looked like a mini city built upon high mountains from above.

After landing, Gustav was escorted towards the grand General office.

Although he wasn\'t around currently, the second in command in charge of the base during his absence welcomed Gustav.

He apologised about the Gustav getting held up by the mishap in the research center and they spoke about the occurrence at the research center as well.

The second in command wanted to hear Gustav view on the whole situation since he was there personally.

Although Gustav said some things, he refrained from revealing anything about Yung Jo.

Gustav already decided he was going to handle this whole thing by himself from start to finish especially because he didn\'t know who to trust.

He couldn\'t have Yunh Jo figuring out that he was onto him.

A ceremony was going to be held the next day to decorate some officers who had successfully completed important missions.

Gustav wanted to be excluded but there were still some things he had to do before he left here so there was no point in doing so.

After informing Gustav that the grand General was going to be available the next day, Gustav was dismissed.

As expected his place of residence within the sevond base was the same as the last time.

The mansion where he stayed with Miss Aimee and Red Shadow the last time.

After arriving in this silver colored mansion, Gustav settled down and decided to prepare dinner.

The house well kept despite the fact that it was unoccupied for months.

After some time Gustav was done and set his table for dinner alone.

He sat down at the dinning area and brought out a small device while eating.


The small device shot out an holographic image of an old man with buzz cut white hair.

His pupils were also white and he had a slightly obese body.

Scientist Merkil... Gustav mumbled as he ate his food while staring at this image.

I can\'t be careless with who I pick to help out, Gustav muttered as he stopped eating for a while.

Moments later his face lit up a bit as a thought appeared in his mind.

He proceeded to continue eating and minutes later he was done.

Gustav brought out a triangular shaped device and began to dial a number.


After a few moments of ringing, the device shot out the holographic projection of a person in mask.

Red Shadow, Gustav voiced out.

Hey kid, you\'re out of the prison\' Red Shadow voiced out from the other end.

It\'s a camp, Gustav corrected.

Camp, prison, all the same, Red Shadow stated with a light chuckle.

Gustav laughed a little before donning a serious look again.

It\'s about her isn\'t it Red Shadow said with a sigh.

Yes and no, Gustav answered cryptically before pausing for a bit.

I do need your help though, He added.

Alright kid, I know you\'re already concocting something in that hard head of yours...

spill, Red Shadow voiced with a cool tone.


Some minutes later Red Shadow could be seen nodding in understanding.

So you just need information on this Scientist Merkil and his current whereabouts, Red Shadow voiced out.

Yes, Gustav confirmed.

What else are you planning Red shadow\'s eyes squinted as he asked.

For now...


I will completely set up my plans after I have information on this scientist.

In the meantime I\'ll keep watching Yung Jo, Gustav stated.

Don\'t do anything stupid.

That man is dangerous enough, Red Shadow warned.

I know, Gustav replied.

Good, I\'ll get back to you soon, Red Shadow said before disconnecting.

Sure, Gustav mumbled.

He didn\'t reveal everything Red Shadow but he revealed enough to make him help.

Gustav proceeded to move towards the bedroom and sat.


The sacred Jewel appeared in the next instant and began showing Gustav some footages.


The next day arrived in a flash and as expected Gustav had to move to one of the halls within the second base.

The ceremony was to begin around eight in the morning and some important people had been invited to be in attendance.

Gustav got there on time clad in his black uniform and went in for the ceremony hoping it would not take too long so he could go back to observing some things.

The ceremony was similar to the last time with Gustav and a few other officers standing in front while the Grand General gave a speech.

This ceremony was only held when the officers were being raised in ranks and that was precisely what was going to happen today.

All six of officers standing in front were being raised in ranks due to their accomplishments.

One by one their acts were listed out and they were called forward to receive their rewards with their new rank.

When it was finally Gustav\'s turn a brownish looking uniform with the MBO emblem was handed to him.

This brought surprise to every one faces as this meant Gustav was now a Captain.

He had moved up two ranks in one go.

Looking at his accomplishments they felt it was warranted.

A new recruit who had just completed a seven star mission meanwhile there were many other officers who had not even completed a five star mission.

While it was befitting, his rise was still felt so fast it made everyone felt intimidated.

He never failed a mission and he still had other accomplishments to his name besides official missions.

The ranks for the MBO began from Private > Tistle > Lance > Gant > Lieutenant > MIl > Captain > Major > Gradier > Major Gradier > Commander > General > Grand General > Grand Commander

Every rank had three grades that needed to be surpassed one after the other before one could be promoted to the next rank.

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