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Chapter 857 - What Are You!

Author\'s Note: Unedited Chapters


Gustav could feel himself slowly succumbing and losing against this being as his figure turned more transparent with time.

\'In the end everything shall be futile! I will devour you!\' The being voiced in his mind as the pull it exuded turned stronger and the weird energy phasing from the slanted multicolored squares increased in intensity.

At this point Gustav was at a loss on what to do and tried reaching out to the system but there was still no response.

He guessed that since his existence was being devoured, the system might also be getting devoured as well.

Just how powerful was this being that he was able to render even the system powerless.

\'Yarki...\' Gustav sent his senses to the deepest parts of himself trying to trigger Yarki as a last resort but it was currently unresponsive.

\'What is this that I see within you...

You have achieved Cosmic Superiority\' The being sounded extremely astonished as it voiced in Gustav\'s mind.

It had followed Gustav\'s senses and felt the Yarki as well as the Cosmic Superior energy hiding within.

\'Hahahaha I will devour the existence of a Cosmic Superior Being! Truly interesting! This is very good! This is very good!\' The being sounded excited as it exerted more strength in devouring Gustav.

All of a sudden the streams of white gushing out of Gustav\'s figure turned bright yellow with a mix of red.

Huh The unknown being voiced out it\'s confusion as it began to feel heated from consuming Gustav.

The stream gushing out of Gustav that had turned bright yellow with a mix of red was now starting to look like the sun.


Gustav\'s entire being turned into the same color, making it look like he was covered by the aura of the sun as a strange and unknown energy phased out of him.

What is this! The voice of the unknown being boomed across the space as it felt it\'s energy cowering in fear to this unknown energy phasing out of Gustav\'s being.

The being felt itself been burnt from the inside out the more it devoured Gustav.

Now it felt like it was being devoured instead of Gustav.

What are you!


What are you!

The being yelled out repeatedly as it felt indescribable heat tearing it\'s energy apart as Gustav\'s sun like aura spread across the space and pushed its own back completely.

This strange energy phasing out of Gustav had completely taken dominance of this entire space and the stream initially gushing out of Gustav was now being pulled back.

\'I feel strange...

What is going on\' Gustav wondered subconsciously.

With the being almost devouring him completely earlier, he had gotten to a state where he was no longer conscious but now he was starting to feel like he was recovering.

Not just recovering but something was awakened inside of him.

As the stream was being retracted back into Gustav, the slanted multicolored glowing squares up ahead were beginning to shrink.

Gustav was devouring this being subconsciously.

Stop! Arrrrghhhh! It kept yelling out but to no avail.

The squares continued to shrink till even the colors they exuded began to fade.

...It\'s you...

You\'re the one aren\'t you The being seemed to have figured out something as it\'s existence was on the brink of getting snuffed out.

...The outworldly...

It\'s you... It\'s voice began fading as it came to this realization.

It stopped struggling in anyway at this point and let Gustav freely devour it.

As the last vestiges of it\'s existence was devoured it uttered one last word,


The squares dissapeared completely after that and the entire space began to fall apart.

Cracks appeared in mid air and the grounds began to split.

The dimensional was ripping itself apart after the power that held it together was gone.

At this point Gustav opened his eyes that were radiating with the glow of the sun.

The destruction of the space instantly came to a stop as the sun like aura oozing from his being spread across the place.

What is this power I feel like I could destroy a city with a casual flick of my wrist, Gustav muttered softly as he raised his hand and stared at it.

His entire body was still glowing with the sun colored energy, his hand included.

A portal opened up in front of him which led to the previous floor.

He slowly walked forward and went through it.


It had been hours since Commander Cilia and the guards arrived at the level 46.

They had been waiting all this time with Tabitha while thinking of different ways to get to the last level.



It\'s Gustav, he might have managed to find a way to stay alive, Commander Cilia didn\'t want to lose hope of Gustav still being alive.


YOU KNOW NO ONE ELSE IS CAPABLE OF SURVIVING UNLESS THEY ARE AS STRONG AS JACK AND THE OTHERS OR THEY HAVE THE TOKEN YOU POSSESS, Tabitha stated, hitting Commander Cilia with a dose of reality as she recalled just how terrifying the presence within the last floor was.

Commander Cilia looked down with a devastated expression.

This is all your fault Tabitha you should... Just as she was speaking, a portal suddenly appeared in front of the altar.

Commander Cilia, Tabitha and the guards all stared in the direction of the portal as they felt an immensely powerful and domineering energy coming from it.

Step! Step! Step!

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

Gustav casually stepped out of the portal arriving with a sun like glowing figure.


The domineering energy spread across the place, causing every single one of them to feel their knees weaken.

Even Tabitha felt pressure from this energy oozing forth from Gustav.



Commander Cilia and Tabitha voiced out at the same time with surprised expressions.

The instant Gustav walked a few steps forward, his body began to dim.

The glow receeded along with the domineering energy and Gustav returned to his normal look.

\'Huh It\'s gone,\' He said internally as he could no longer sense the power from a moment ago.


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