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Chapter 852 - Lord Tabitha

-What did you say A group cleared the 42nd floor

-What Someone was left on the 42nd floor

The place erupted with commotion as the cadets at the entry points voiced out.

The group that was initially down there with Litch was filling the MBO officers guarding the entrance on what had happened.

Inform, the instructors, I\'ll go down there with Igor; we might still be able to save him, One of the guards said to his colleague before moving into the dungeon.

At the same moment, Avery and Cole arrived on the scene.

They also gave the guard their own narration mentioning what had happened and adding that a group had already cleared the 42nd floor and may have cleared the one after already as well.

Did you say this group already went past level 42 One of the guards asked with a look of astonishment.

Initially, it was confirmed the group got to this level, but it was unknown whether or not they had scaled the level.

However, from Avery and Cole\'s narrations, it was certain that this group had broken the record.

We have to inform Commander Cilia urgently, Another guard voiced out.

They wouldn\'t get to that level, right Another stated with a troubled look.

That\'s why we have to inform her before they get there, The other guard responded as they began to split into groups.

Some headed into the dungeon to check on Litch, who didn\'t return with the others.

Some headed in to go after the group that was said to have scaled the 42nd level, and the others headed towards the main hall to find Commander Cilia.

\'We should still have time...

We should be able to inform Commander Cilia before they get to that level,\' These were the thoughts of some of the guards headed toward Commander Cilia\'s office.

Little did they know that not only were these floors being scaled by a lone individual, but the floors had almost been scaled completely, with this person arriving at the second to the last one.


While all the commotion was ongoing at the surface, Gustav had arrived before the exalted altar.

The temperature in this region had dropped drastically, but he wasn\'t bothered in the slightest.

The ice spike was so long that he was like an ant standing before it.

The massive chains were each the size of a human, and it was so long they extended high up.

The shackles wrapped around the neck of the creature were also massive, yet, they looked a bit small for the creature.

Looking closer at the creature in captivity, it had a massive horn in the middle of its forehead that was at least thrice the length of an adult.

It had a serpent-like body with crocodile-like limbs and greenish scales.

Its horn was glowing brightly like with florescent colored light, and it could be seen that a weird snowy colored haze was spiraling above the massive horn.

Its eyes were closed but its body occasionally bloated and decreased due to its breathing pattern.

This creature was the size of a skyscraper, and Gustav was like an ant before it.

Gustav scanned the features of this creature and determined it was definitely not a level 80 - 89 mixedbreeds like the rest.

It was definitely more powerful than the other Mixedbreeds he had been coming into contact with since he got to the fortieth floor.

Gustav scrutinized this creature and could tell it was immensely powerful, and it was sealed internally while also chained up.

He felt such a creature shouldn\'t be here at all in the first place, but then he looked around and couldn\'t see any opening to the next floor or anything of the sort.

\'What am I supposed to do\' Gustav wondered as he took slow steps forward.

Surely he wasn\'t supposed to kill this creature because he felt this would be too powerful to handle for even full-fledged MBO officers.

This was still a cadet training ground, so obviously, no group would be able to kill this creature.

It wasn\'t as large as the rocky-like creature he came into contact with within the Shardishi planet, but it wasn\'t too far off in size.


While taking steps forward, the tail of the creature suddenly moved.

It coiled and swerved about the place softly.

In the next moment...

Flicker! Flicker!

The two gigantic eyeballs of the creature opened up, and it stared down at Gustav.


A massive pressure suddenly descended upon the place as the creature slowly positioned itself to stand on all fours.

Gustav paused his movement at this point and stared up at the creature.

For some reason, he was unfazed by this pressure and didn\'t try to keep his distance from the creature or anything despite the fact that it was close enough for it to trample upon Gustav without the shackles interfering.

HMM WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE A MIXEDBLOOD AFTER SO MANY YEARS, The voice, surprised by the creature, boomed across the place.

It speaks Gustav voiced out with a surprised tone.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY IT HAVE SOME RESPECT KID! I\'M A HE, CALL ME LORD TABITHA! The creature voiced out with a tone of disdain in response to Gustav\'s remark.

Lord what now Gustav voiced out while raising one eyebrow.

TABITHA! The creature stated.

Okay, Tabitha, Gustav responded.

YOU FORGOT TO ADD THE LORD IN FRONT, The creature said with a solemn tone.

Oh my bad...

Tabitha, Gustav said once more.

LORD TABITHA! LORD! DON\'T FORGET THAT! The creature yelled out once more.

Sure Tabitha, Gustav nodded slightly while still looking upwards.

YOU... The creature had fumes blowing out of his ears at this point, seeing this puny-looking mixedblood in front of him remain unwilling to obey.

What exactly are you and why are you chained here Gustav asked.



So no one was supposed to get here.

Now that someone did manage to get here, what is supposed to happen next What is your purpose of being placed here Gustav asked while squinting his eyes in suspicion.

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