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Chapter 807 - Glade\'s Intriguing Situation

Gustav was glad to hear this.

Everyone seemed to have completed their missions just fine, without accidents.

Gustav spent almost the entire night chatting with E.E and Aildris as they spoke on a variety of things, their mission included.

It would seem their time outside MBO camp had been nothing short of interesting, filled with many events like his.

E.E and Aildris also claimed that their time in the MBO camp had been shortened, so they would only be here for a year more.

Gustav was glad to hear this as well, knowing they would be able to join him for missions in the future earlier than intended.

Gustav planned to reach a height in the MBO where he\'d be able to pick the teammates he went on missions with.

This would also make it easier to go on system-related missions and complete the five years quest since he would have people around him that he trusted.

He hoped the others performed well in their missions so they\'d have their time in the MBO shortened.

Oh yeah, Vera is returning with Glade...

I don\'t know what all that is about but they seemed close the last time we had a group call.

Glade was in the frame with her the whole time, E.E voiced out with a suspicious expression.

She mentioned you knew about it, which was why we couldn\'t really question her, Aildris stated.

Yes, all that is to my knowledge...

Glade is going to remain a part of our circle, Gustav responded with a slight grin.

What Aildris and E.E voiced out at the same time with looks of confusion.

I\'ll let you guys in on something when they return.

There\'s nothing to worry about, Gustav assured them.

E.E and Aildris noticed Gustav\'s expression and felt he was up to something.

Knowing how smart Gustav was, they decided not to be worried even though they were intrigued.

After having snacks and chatting for a few more minutes, Aildris and E.E finally decided to head to their rooms.

While at the door, Gustav recalled something and voiced out.

I\'m having a duel tomorrow,

At the passageway, Aildris and E.E paused in their tracks and turned around to look back.

Well, who\'s the unlucky soul E.E asked.

It\'s a final year cadet, Gustav responded.

A final year cadet Aildris stated with a surprised tone.

You\'re fighting final year cadets now E.E also wasn\'t expecting this answer.

He was thinking it was going to be one of the second-year cadets.

They issued challenges, maybe I\'ll finally be able to use a higher portion of my strength now, Gustav said with a slightly excited look.

Well I\'ll be damned.

You really gotta bring us to speed on everything that has happened while we were away, E.E stated with an intrigued expression.

Well, tomorrow is certainly going to be interesting.

It would be nice watching you fight again, so we know how much catching up we have to do, Aildris voiced out before turning to keep heading towards his room.

See you tomorrow, Gus, E.E also waved from up ahead the corridor as he headed towards his room.

Gustav smiled and nodded before turning around to head back into his room.

Just afterward, a figure arrived at the beginning of the corridor from the elevator.

He was clad in a hairy brown sweater as he walked down the corridor.

He paused for an instant in front of Gustav\'s door and turned to stare at it with an inexplicable expression before resuming his walk towards the end of the corridor.


The next day arrived, and Gustav moved out to start his usual routines.

Aildris and E.E were back, so they had joined in the new morning routine for the second-year cadets.

Unlike the last year\'s routine, where their bloodlines had to be sealed, this time, everyone would be strapped with weight vests based on the amount of strength their bloodlines gave them and asked to scale through several obstacles in a tweaked gravitational environment.

Aildris and E.E\'s return had already sparked discussions all across the second-year cadets.

Aildris was still known as the third most powerful, while E.E was known as the fifth.

Their return had the cadets speculating about the return of the other top-ranking second-year cadets like Elevora.

However, both of them didn\'t seem to be the only ones that had returned.

Another special class cadet who had not been around performed spectacularly in the new daily routine, finishing around the same time with E.E and Aildris.

-Endric is back as well

-Damn, he looks like he has gotten really stronger,

-Two monstrous brothers, I guess it makes sense,

The cadets were astonished when they saw Endric at the finish area chatting with one of the training officers.

Endric had grown a little taller, and his curly black hair seemed to have reduced in size, but his face was looking more mature than before.

Gustav was a bit surprised to see that Endric had returned as well.

Aildris and E.E watched his reaction, but it would seem Gustav didn\'t really hold a grudge against Endric anymore.

Endric came over to their side to greet E.E and Aildris, who seemed to also be okay with his presence after everything that had gone down with Angy in the past.

Gustav was a bit surprised to see Aildris and E.E chatting casually with Endric like the wall between them had thinned a little.

He wouldn\'t be concerned, but this was something that was missing in the past, so he figured something must have happened during his absence.

Gustav was still unaware of the whole situation with Angy and how Endric had proven himself to have truly changed.

Go, go speak with him, E.E whispered while tapping Endric\'s back.

But I...


What if... Endric was indecisive as he stuttered.

Don\'t worry, just do it.

A simple greeting would suffice, Aildris whispered as well, like he was rooting for Endric.

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