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Chapter 778: Hurriedly Completing The Task

That being said, we did get an alert that Gustav Crimson was in this area, so Young Miss if you\'d permit us, we\'d like to check the hole, Commander Linstrunt stated.

Miss Aimee squinted her eyes at this point, Are you in charge of the investigation, or am I She asked with a threatening gaze.

Of course, it\'s you, young Miss.

We just wish to assist you in finding your student.

We feel it wouldn\'t be very sensible not to at least check after getting the information about his presence in this location, Commander Linstrunt voiced out.

You do want to find him don\'t you young Miss The other red-faced officer asked with a look of concern.

Hmph! How is that even a question, Miss Aimee voiced out before turning around and heading towards the hole.

I will check it out myself.

I don\'t need the help of you lots, She voiced out while walking towards the hole.

Young Miss, we only want to help.

It\'s a big space underneath after all.

It will be easier to cover all the areas with more forces under your command, Commander Linstrunt explained.

No, your help is not required, Miss Aimee voiced out once more as she arrived in front of the hole and looked down.

The high-ranking officers had looks of defeat on their faces as they heard that.

On second thoughts, you lots can follow after me, She voiced out and jumped through the hole.

The two high-ranking officers stared at each other first before turning around to face the officers behind them.

You heard her.

Head for the hole and conduct a search for Gustav Crimson, Commander Linstrunt voiced out.

Yes sir, The MBO officers chanted in unison and moved towards the hole as well.

Multiple officers jumped in at the same time just a few seconds after Miss Aimee did.

Minutes later the hole was filled with multiple MBO officers moving around the place, searching for Gustav.



Occasionally, voices would be heard through the communication devices of officers who had already searched the areas they were assigned to.

In barely a few minutes the entire place had almost been searched completely and the only word that had been heard through the communication devices was \'clear\'.

Commander Linstrunt had a dissatisfied look on his face as he also looked around while activating his bloodline.

\'Even with all these we still can\'t find him\' He thought.

Miss Aimee was also moving around like she was searching for him.

\'There\'s no one here,\' She knew the truth but acted like she didn\'t.

Sir, we found something, A voice was suddenly heard through the communication device.

Commander Linstrunt\'s face suddenly lit up with intrigue as he heard that.

Where and what did you find He voiced out through the device.


The sound of small rumblings could be heard from the other end of the communication like a rock was moving.

A kind of path that leads somewhere else, The officer voiced through the comms.

A path Commander Linstrunt was surprised and proceeded to get the direction to head in from the sound of the rumblings.

In a few, a lot of MBO officers were gathered in front of a tunnel way of sorts that led down with a turning towards the left.

On the ground in front of the wide hole, crumbled pieces of rocks were stacked together.

There was no report of this the last time the underground structure was investigated, Commander Linstrunt voiced out.

Yes, the rocks covering this entrance were made from a Zilopolic compound which meant the machines used to scan the underground space were unable to see through this particular area.

They must have missed it due to that, One of the MBO officers voiced out while placing his hands on the rocks scattered in front.

How then did you take notice of it, Commander Linstrunt asked.

There were cracks all over this part of the ground wall.

I was able to see within the spaces of some of the cracks and found out that there was a hidden space.

If I had to guess, the young Miss presence and attack on the surface could have caused this, The MBO officer explained.

At this point, Miss Aimee was already at the location too and walked forward.

Let\'s see where this leads, She voiced out as they cleared the way for her to move forward. 

The others followed after her as well.

Several minutes earlier, Gustav stood within a small space he had just finished constructing inside the ground wall.

He brought the body he warped out of the bag and threw it across the place.

Multiple spikes that were shooting out from the wall, stabbed into the flesh of this corpse that was well dressed up to look exactly how Ring Lord Vanisher would. 

But then unlike Ring Lord Vanisher, the clothes were tattered and reeked with disgust along with the decaying corpse.

The body hung above due to the spikes from the wall that had protruded into it.

Gustav looked at the small space he had created and still wasn\'t satisfied with the look.

Just as he activated Atomic Manipulation and was about to place his hand on the wall again, the underground structure trembled.

Something is happening on the surface, Gustav was instantly able to tell and looked upwards.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His vision turned reddish as his sight phased through all physical matter above, ascending towards the surface area.

It passed through a thousand feet of physical matter and arrived above the ground.

Miss Aimee Gustav instantly spotted Miss Aimee and several other people in the vicinity.

She\'s here… Damn it, I don\'t have much time, Gustav voiced out as he also spotted the cops and the other people in the vicinity dressed in a casual wear.

Gustav had no idea what was happening but for the fact that every single one of them was close to the hole entrance he used in getting here, he knew that couldn\'t be a coincidence.

Gustav quickly placed his hand on the wall and made some changes to the small space before he began making his way out of here.

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