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Chapter 745: Appearance Of An Alpha Ranked Mixedblood

At this point, Red Shadow and the other MBO agents had managed to evacuate everyone living in this part of the city.

After Miss Aimee deactivated the purplish walls and cocoon surrounding the place, the skies were clear.

There was nothing to be seen beyond destruction behind the parts where Red Shadow and the MBO officers initially were.

The buildings, roads, and everything in sight had been completely decimated.

It made the place look like a ghost town.

Beyond the point where Miss Aimee activated, the purplish wall remained intact but behind was like a wilderness.

Miss Aimee slowly floated down from the sky and landed on the spot within the decimated part of the city.

\'The damage isn\'t as bad,\' She thought as she inspected the vicinity.

This was how Miss Aimee felt because she knew just how powerful the rifts were and the havoc they could have caused if she hadn\'t let them cancel out the force of their pull by making them surround each other.

However, if another person saw this amount of destruction, they would freak out because even the outskirts of the city were affected.

Miss Aimee looked forward and flew off from this point.

Regardless of how bad things were going to get, there was no way miss Aimee wouldn\'t have been able to handle dealing with the explosive fog.

Sharmax didn\'t expect his plan to be foiled by the most powerful female mixedblood on the planet.

It would have been a problem if she could never find it, but from the moment she did, the plan was destined to be foiled even though he unexpectedly created two of the explosive devices.

Miss Aimee would have much preferred it if they never went off, so she wouldn\'t have to resort to extreme measures, but nobody had expected what happened today.

Red Shadow and the rest of the MBO agents were still trying to get the citizens from another part of the city out even though Miss Aimee had already handled the situation.

Miss Aimee supported this action because it was a gaseous explosion, and some parts might have mixed with the oxygen in the city, which would make the air poisonous in some parts even though it was invisible.

The effect would most likely reduce a lot, but still, it would be safer to get everyone out of here and detoxify the air in the entire city.

Miss Aimee decided to request for an Alpha ranked Mixedblood currently on earth to show up in the city.

Rhilia, How fast can you get here

-I never thought you\'d ever call for help, Lil sis, hehe,

Just get over here, idiot, Miss Aimee voiced out through the call.

-I\'m already here, She heard from the other end of the call and paused her flight above a part of the city.

The moment she turned around, a beautiful lady with grey and blue colored hair was floating in mid-air right behind her.

This lady had a slim figure, clad in a red leather gown with a long slit reaching her left thigh.

Her busts were almost as massive as Miss Aimee\'s.

Albeit faint, she had facial similarities with Miss Aimee. 

The air is toxic, Miss Aimee warned.

Not toxic enough to affect me, She voiced out with a smirk.

We could have used your help earlier, Miss Aimee stated with her usual straight face.

I just arrived back on earth a few hours ago.

Give me a break, Lil sis, She responded to Miss Aimee by folding her hands and smiling.

Get everyone out of here, Miss Aimee didn\'t even try to sympathize with her and immediately went straight to the point.

Ugh, no nice to see you again.

I missed you, or anything, your straight-up commands… You\'re no fun,

Rhilia! Miss Aimee called out her name with a tone of discomfort.

Sure, sure, Rhilia responded while raising her hand and snapping her finger.


In that instant, blue glows appeared all across the city, and everyone left in the city was instantly teleported out of the city towards the border at the north.

All the MBO agents and even Red Shadow were also teleported away.

Over a hundred thousand people had been teleported away in one go, towards the same location.

Done, She responded with a dissatisfied expression.

One more request, Miss Aimee stated with mixed expressions on her face.

Rhilia was a bit surprised to see her poker face crumble.

Official Or personal She asked with a hint of suspiciousness.

I need you to teleport me to Burning Sands city, Miss Aimee requested.

Ah, so it\'s personal, hehe, Lil sis.

You\'re being sus right now, Rhilia said with a teasing expression and began slowly flying around Miss Aimee.

If you\'re not going to do it, just say so, Miss Aimee said with an undisturbed tone displaying her poker face once again.

I mean, you could just fly there.

You\'re fast enough to arrive there quickly anyway, Rhilia pointed out.

If I move too quickly, rifts will be created.

Also, I have to reactivate the seal soon, Miss Aimee explained.

Oh, you\'re still on a leash Tsk tsk, that\'s not cool, Lil sis.

What if you\'re attacked in your weak state Remember, you\'re only the strongest when you\'re at your full strength, Rhilia\'s words made it seem like she was concerned, but her tone of speaking sounded threatening.

I welcome anyone who is willing to try.

I hope they come prepared to visit the afterlife, Miss Aimee voiced out with a strong tone and intense gaze before flying away.

Where are you going, Lil sis Rhilia voiced out and flew after her.

You\'re wasting my time, Miss Aimee responded from up ahead without turning around.

Ah wait, I\'ll do it.

I was just messing around, Rhilia yelled out as she followed behind Miss Aimee.


-Burning Sands City 

It had been two days since Gustav infiltrated the medical center to get something related to his plans from Boss Danzo\'s corpse.

At the moment, Gustav was in Sir ZiL\'s lab chatting with Charisas.

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