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Chapter 744: Miss Aimee Deactivates Seal Once More

From below, Red Shadow could see the sky above already covered by ashy fog, which was extending at an insane speed.

He gritted his teeth and burned his bloodline energy, creating a massive red star up front which was as large as a sky scrapper.

Everyone quickly! He shouted to the people in the vicinity with his hand stretched out as his entire body glowed with dark red light.

Some MBO agents picked up multiple people and threw them into the red star up ahead.

Multiple people could enter this one at once, unlike the others, where they could only enter at a time.

Usually, Red Shadow never creates a portal this large due to the way it sapped a lot of energy, but seeing the way they were about to be consumed by the fog soon, he decided to do this.

Red Shadow pulled his hand back and pushed it forward with force.


The massive red star drove forward with speed, swallowing up everything in the vicinity as it moved, vehicles and people included.

Just with this action alone, he had already managed to send over three hundred people away in a manner of seconds.

We need more time! He shouted out as he saw the fog drawing nearer and nearer with intensity.

They had managed to evacuate eighty percent of the population of people living around here in twenty minutes.

More and more MBO officers were arriving on the scene, and none of them even tried to take on the fog after hearing that the Demon Queen was already dealing with it.

They focused on helping the citizens out of this area since they felt if she couldn\'t handle it, then none of them could.

Seeing the buildings and everything behind them getting consumed by the ashy fog, dark shadow prepared to unleash another massive teleportation star.

All of a sudden, a massive spike of energy blasted forth from within the ashy fog.

The ashy fog was thick, and the moment it flew past a particular area, anything that was visible in that area before would no longer be visible, but everyone could see a figure within the ashy fog, this time covered in purplish energy that blasted across the place.

The ground began to quake from the outburst of energy coming from this being and the ashy-colored fog initially headed in their direction suddenly got dispersed as a purplish wave consumed it.

They initially thought they would be affected, but the purplish wave suddenly stopped and created a massive wall behind them.

The whole place instantly became calm.

They couldn\'t see what was going on beyond the purplish wall, but Red Shadow could sense the outburst of energy and felt Miss Aimee had gone all out right now.

If they weren\'t being protected by the purplish wall, they would most likely be affected.

Beyond the wall, Miss Aimee was flying at an insane speed around the wave of ashy fog, sealing it from spreading with her purplish energy.

No matter how much more powerful the fog had become in the last twenty minutes, even with its sentience, it couldn\'t contend with Miss Aimee in this state.

Fwwhwii~ Fwwhii~ Fwwhiiii~

Miss Aimee circulated around the fog at speed way faster than light, using his purplish energy to tear lines in space.


A dimensional rift suddenly appeared on the east, cackling with destructive energy and blueish and purplish light.

An immense suction force came from it, and it began pulling the fog into it.

In the next moment, another rift had appeared on the west.


And in the next on the north, south, northwest, southwest…

In a manner of seconds, seven rifts had been created, and they were each in a position that surrounded the ashy fog from every direction.

Some were so high in the sky while some were placed just a few feet above the ground, but they were still in a position where they had encircled the ashy fog.

Each rift carried an intense amount of suction force that was powerful enough to wipe an entire city off the map, but since they surrounded each other, they cancelled out the force that would spread out to the surroundings.

Instead, the ashy fog in the middle was being sucked from every direction into the dimensional rifts, leaving it no chance to escape.

Miss Aimee stayed in the middle.

Her grey-colored hair floated in the air as her eyes remained glowed the same purplish color with the powerful energy surrounding her.

Even with the intense suction force coming from every direction that would rip a person to shreds in an instant, she remained unaffected.

A shriek was heard as a part of the Ashy fog formed a massive cone-shaped head with two dark eyes.

It flew towards Miss Aimee and slammed into the protective purplish energy surrounding her.

To its disappointment, it was unable to break through no matter how much it tried.

It couldn\'t even get closer than twenty feet to her.

Miss Aimee waved her hand once with a nonchalant expression.


A massive claw made from purplish energy appeared in mid-air and swiped at the massive cone-shaped head formed by the ashy fog.

Even before the collision was made, the immense force from the claw dispersed the fog instantly, causing even more winds to be generated across the place.

This made the fog clear out even faster, as that part got pushed into the rift on the west.

In a few more minutes, the entire place had become clear as every remainder of ash-colored fog in the area completely cleared out.

The rifts in the vicinity were slowly shrinking as well.

This was normal since space always repaired itself when torn but depending on the size of the rift, the duration would either be shorter or longer.

Miss Aimee stood in place high up in the sky, waiting for the rifts to completely disappear before she deactivated the cocoon of the purplish wave she surrounded the place with.

At this point, Red Shadow and the other MBO agents had managed to evacuate everyone living in this part of the city.

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