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Chapter 743: One Year Mission

\'Hmm It\'s starting to consume my protective energy field\' Miss Aimee sensed the purple aura-like energy surrounding her, thinning out as she found herself within the sea of fog.

At this point, she remembered information about this ashy fog when she was making her findings with Red Shadow.


For the last year, Miss Aimee and Red Shadow had been on a mission together to find out what the T-67 device Gustav and Red Shadow found beyond the border was linked to.

Government scientists had inspected it back then and revealed that it was a key to a piece of technology, and it held a lot of power.

Hence, the piece of technology was definitely nothing to be scoffed at.

Not only was it a key, but it was also a generator that was actually powering up the main piece of technology regardless of the distance between them.

They revealed that destroying it could cause disastrous consequences, so that wasn\'t an option.

They had to find the main piece of technology.

The person who had created this T-67 device was Sahil and his boss, Sharmax.

Sahil looked like a boss himself, but he was actually a lackey compared to Sharmax, who remained uncaught to date.

Sharmax was said to have escaped to another planet when he knew the MBO was onto him.

He knew he would be caught eventually, so he didn\'t want to risk staying behind.

Miss Aimee was able to round up every single person he worked with within the last year using the scattered info she gathered.

They revealed they were working on a poisonous explosive device and Sharmax assistant, Sahil, just happened to be conducting illegal activities after his boss had disappeared.

At this time, the main piece of technology had been completed and sent to a particular location.

According to them, the timer on it had been activated and when the explosive device went off, an ashy poisonous fog would consume an entire city in a manner of seconds, degrading the cells of every living creature within and rewriting them.

It was meant to be an insane test, and Sharmax was plotting to see how it would end up. 

The henchmen barely had enough information to give about this explosive device, especially its location still remained unknown and was unable to be found by satellites even after checking.

The MBO sent several agents to go after Sahil and failed to catch him so many times until Gustav intervened.

At that time, Miss Aimee was still gathering information about the main explosive device from so many other places while Gustav was catching Sahil.

After Sahil was caught, it took some time for them to get information out of him, but Miss Aimee managed to make that possible.

Unfortunately, even though Sahil had more information to give than the rest, it still wasn\'t enough, but he did manage to reveal the others involved in the experiment as well as the supposed city where the explosive device was located.

Miss Aimee and Red Shadow moved to the supposed location, which was Dharma city, the neighbouring north city, to Vehical city, while Gustav travelled to go see Boss Danzo.

They checked Dharma city and couldn\'t find any signs of the explosive device no matter how much they checked.

Even with Miss Aimee\'s level of strength and the way she could spread her perception all across the entire city, she was still unable to find anything of the sort.

They began to question whether the device was truly here, but then Sahil had revealed they might need to get information from two other people.

One of the two turned out to be completely useless, while the second one, which Miss Aimee nearly burnt to a crisp underneath the engine of a spacecraft, revealed something about the explosive device.


-He got a clearksy varnite from me at the time and told me to keep it a secret,

Speak in simple man terms, 

-The clearksy varnite helps to build a material that can cloak an object, literally putting it in another space, so it doesn\'t occupy normal space.

It\'s like this… Whatever gets cloaked is there, but at the same time, it\'s not.

It cannot be accessed, seen or sensed until the varnite is deactivated,

How do I do that

-You have to get a…

This was how Miss Aimee\'s last conversation with the other person went.

It turned out that the explosive device was built using this Varnite substance, so it couldn\'t be accessed because it was like it wasn\'t there.

The only time it would be revealed was when the timer was coming to an end.

Miss Aimee took the necessary steps as directed and was able to finally expose the explosive device in a part of the sky that she had initially checked.

This showed just how powerful the device was.

Miss Aimee had practically disarmed it but what no one mentioned was there were two of the explosive devices.

To be more accurate, none of them knew there were two of them.

Sharmax had been one hell of a calculative and scheming person that he placed two in different spots.

Both of them were revealed at the same time, but Miss Aimee found one first and only sensed the second one at the last second.


Within the ashy fog, Miss Aimee remembered that when they asked everyone about the information on the ashy fog, they revealed it had sentience and was capable of taking actions on its own.

It also got more vibrant and effective the longer it remained exposed to oxygen.

Which meant the fog would only get stronger and stronger, and no one knew the effect it would have on people.

There was also a probability that this city wouldn\'t be the only casualty after it had consumed it since it would get stronger with time.

Having sentience just made it even more dangerous.

\'Looks like I have to take off my seal,\' Miss Aimee thought.

She initially felt that wouldn\'t be necessary but seeing the state of things, she knew she had to get serious before things escalated beyond control.

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