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Chapter 736: Classified Deceased Information

Gustav didn\'t even bother meeting up with one of the medical personnel here because he already knew they would ask for identity.

He wasn\'t biologically related to Boss Danzo, so the next step he took was to scan the entire building using God Eyes.

His eyes moved from place to place as he looked for the office where records were kept.

In a few minutes, he found it and took the disguise of a medical practitioner before moving into the office.

He had quickly knocked a doctor out and kept him hidden in one of the lockers in his office.

Normal people were still no match for Mixedbloods after all, especially when it was someone like Gustav.

The doctor was knocked out before he knew what was happening.

There were about four doctors in the records room at the time when he moved in, and three of them were ladies.

They greeted Gustav thinking he was the original doctor, and asked what he was looking for.

Gustav explained, and one of them moved in to grab the record he was looking for.

In a few moments, she handed a square-shaped pinky-sized device to Gustav.

He tapped on it, and information about what he was looking for appeared in the holographic format above the device.



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