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Chapter 732: Unexpected Increase

Even making use of shapeshifting might be seen through with the number of forces that were in place.

Still, Gustav would not risk anything when he couldn\'t even channel his bloodlines properly yet.

Fortunately, during the last three days, he had healed up quite well.

He was able to channel his bloodline abilities to a certain extent, but he felt it would still take a few days more before he could get back to his initial state.

Sir ZiL was able to find Charisas and Marshall after some time.

He sent Marshall back to his family and brought Charisas to the lab.

Charisas was so joyful when she saw that Gustav was okay.

She embraced and cried in his arms when they reunited.

Gustav was glad that she was okay, but Charisas was sure Gustav wasn\'t okay remembering what happened to Boss Danzo.

Even though she was fifteen years of age, she could understand how much of a loss it would have been since Boss Danzo was like a father to Gustav.

She also admired him a lot due to his personality and since he saved her on multiple occasions.

Gustav had admitted that he could only find Charisas the other day due to Boss Danzo since he only had boss Danzo\'s Life Sign at the time.

I want to get his corpse and give him a proper burial, but I\'ll need to get his granddaughter to be in attendance too, so maybe not right now, Gustav voiced out one of his thoughts after Charisas asked him what next.

Oh, I remember he did say he had a granddaughter, Charisas said with a thoughtful gaze.

She was still surprised that Boss Danzo, who looked he was not a day over forty-five, had a granddaughter who was agemates with Gustav.

Thinking about it now, she stared at the renowned scientist Sir ZiL and realized that it was a similar situation with him.

Sir ZiL looked like he was no older than thirty years, yet he had multiple grandkids.

He could honestly pretend to be a young dude and go out to get chicks due to his handsome looks.

In just a few days, I would have recuperated completely.

Then I will put my plans into motion, Gustav stated.

What are your plans It would be almost impossible to escape from the city, and everywhere you go, you would be wanted, Sir ZiL stated.

Don\'t worry, I\'m not escaping yet… I still need to get the third and fourth quarter of your research from The Bureau Of Cities Research Center.

Visiting there as a fugitive would make things harder… It would be easier if I still had my original identity as an MBO officer, Gustav stated.

Sir ZiL and Charisas squinted their eyes as they heard that.

It looked like Gustav was up to something crazy, and from what he had said so far, it seemed like he wanted a clear name.

This would be difficult to achieve but knowing Gustav, they felt he could do the impossible based on his feats so far.

Charisas, you will be coming with me when I leave this city, but till I\'m done dealing with my issues, stay with Scientist ZiL and Damien, Gustav instructed.

Charisas nodded in response and later left with Sir Zil.

Gustav sat by himself in the lab again dressed in green pajamas that he had been wearing since he woke up three days back.

System Interface, He called out.


[Host Attributes] [Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop] [Alien Lifeforms]


\'It\'s back…\' Gustav thought before voicing out.

Host Attributes,


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 59

-Class: (Under evaluation)

-Exp: 7,637,800/14,360,000

-Hp: 52,000/52,000 

-Energy: 27,500/27,500


»Strength: 209

»Perception: 206

»Mental Fortitude: 207

»Agility: 210

»Speed: 208

»Bravery: 208

»Intelligence: 209

»Charm: 96

»Defence: 207

»Vitality: 208

»Endurance: 209

{Attributes points: 56}


Gustav stared at his current attributes with a look of awe. 

\'I leveled up ten times\' Gustav was a bit shocked.

But thinking about how many people died at his hands, he felt this was plausible.

Another confusion that he had was seeing what was written in front of his class.

\'Why is it under evaluation\' He wondered.

He recalled that during his battle with the three opponents who caused Boss Danzo\'s death, he never tried to use Cosmic Superiority because he knew his Yarki wouldn\'t affect them.

All three of them were Kilo-ranked Mixedbloods.

During his training with Miss Aimee, he had tried using it on her before when she reduced her strength to the lowest of Kilo rank level, yet she was unaffected.

At first, Gustav felt her being her it wouldn\'t work no matter how much she reduced her strength, so they tried using another Kilo ranked Mixedblood in the second base, and the results were still the same.

His Yarki was not powerful enough to affect beyond Echo ranked mixedbloods at the time.

The system had later explained to him that he would have to train his Yarki to get more powerful or increase his Cosmic Superiority stage before he could affect anyone beyond the Echo rank level.

Knowing this, he didn\'t try to use it during the fight, but now he recalled when Decimation was activated, he made use of Yarki, and it covered the entire city.

His mind was like an entity looming over the city at that time, and he could sense everyone falling to their knees just like he wanted, including the Kilo-ranked Mixedbloods.

Did it have that much effect because of Decimation… Gustav felt Decimation gave his Yarki a boost.

Now that he was checking his stats and seeing the words \'Under evaluation,\' he felt a bit suspicious, hoping this wouldn\'t negatively affect his Cosmic Superiority.

(You sure went off without caring about the consequences, eh) The voice of the system suddenly resounded in his mind.

Tch, so you\'re back… Why were you silent for so long Gustav asked.

(Whose fault is it that I had to hide away and shut down the system for a week) It responded in his head.

Whose fault is it Gustav asked while feigning a clueless look.

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