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The fat man instantly froze with fear as chills spread across his spine.

Gustav\'s tone induced so much fear in him that he involuntarily shivered.

There didn\'t seem to be any form of hesitation in his voice.

Even though Gustav clearly looked younger, the aura of power circulating around him made the man feel he wasn\'t one to be messed it.

Ahem, yes, we can do that, The man voiced out with a wry smile as he tried composing himself.

Damien and Ciri stared at each other with a surprised expression, not understanding what was happening.

Gustav proceeded to drop the man, who turned to the person behind the counter.

Refund Mr.

Damien\'s payment immediately, He commanded.

The lady behind nodded and began making the proper transactions.

In a few moments, Damien was refunded, and the people in the vicinity were still shocked, staring at the scene as they couldn\'t understand how Gustav handled the situation.

Gustav turned to the side and began leaving.

Wait, big brother, Damien voiced out and ran across the hallway to catch up to Gustav before he could turn towards the corridor area.

Don\'t call me that, Gustav stated.

What can I call you Damien asked.

Gustav, Gustav responded with his name.


Thanks, Big brother Gustav, He said while bowing with a smile and respectful look.

Just Gustav is fine, Gustav responded with a dismissive expression and turned to the side.

Wait, big brother Gustav, Damien voiced out again.

Gustav paused his steps and turned around.

From the looks of things, you\'re new in this city, He voiced out as he brought out a card.

Do give me a call if you need help with anything here.

I would like to repay my debt to you.

I was born in this place, so I know every nook and cranny, He said while passing the card to Gustav.

Thanks once again, big brother Gustav, He voiced out and bowed quickly before turning around and running out of the premises before Gustav could respond.

Gustav stared at the small black card with contact info on it.

After a brief moment, he decided not to throw it away and kept it in his storage device.

He turned around and walked into the corridor he was headed for earlier.


Outside the building, Damien and Ciri got into a luxurious-looking hovercar that was already parked by the side waiting for them.

That pig, I will make sure I have him punished.

I\'m sorry, Ciri, He voiced out as he got into the car.

It\'s fine, Damien.

We can check in there on another date when we\'re both bigger, Ciri said with a shy look.

Damien reached out to pat her head and rubbed on her hair affectionately.

Don\'t worry, big brother has another place we can head to where we can have a good view of the city, Damien voiced out with a smile.

A look of excitement appeared on Ciri\'s face as she heard that, but then her face had a bit of confusion written on it as she recalled something.

Damien, who was that big brother that helped us She asked.

Oh, that was big brother Gustav.

He\'s such a cool dude, Damien responded.

Big brother Gustav Her eyes widened with realisation.

No wonder he looked so familiar...

Damien, that\'s Gustav Crimson, She added with a tone of amazement.

Gustav Crimson Impossible...


Oh my goodness...

He is the one, Damien\'s eyes widened as well as he realised this too.

What is he doing in this city Ciri voiced out with a tone of curiosity.


At this point, Gustav had already arrived in his room on the top floor.

It was quite the luxurious penthouse.

Gustav unloaded his things from his storage device and placed them in different parts.

After he checked around the place, he moved towards the main living room and stood in front of the massive window pane where he could see the view of the city from.

This building was one of the tallest buildings in the city, but it still didn\'t come close to being as tall as the MBO tower in Plankton city, which had its tip poking into space.

Gustav moved towards the balcony area, causing the glass-like door to shift open as it sensed his presence approaching.

The wind greeted his face, blowing his hair backward due to the high height in the sky.

He was practically in the clouds here, making the ground barely visible.

However, Gustav could still see clearly even without making use of God Eyes.

Gustav looked up and proceeded to jump a little.


He grabbed onto the ledge of the roofing area and pulled himself upwards.

He landed on the small golden eagle statue protruding from the side and, from there, leaped towards the roof of the building.


Gustav landed right atop the building where the wind first drifted across his place fiercely, causing his clothes to flap and his hair to blow backward.

Gustav had left his hair unkempt for these past ten months, so it was close to reaching his shoulder area.

This was why it was harder for people to recognize him even though he was a fast-rising sensation back then during the MBO test phases.

Gustav moved forward and leaped to the top of the massive pole spike protruding from the middle of the rooftop.

He landed on it and squatted while staring down at the city from this point.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

This height gave him the chance to check through several structures while making use of God Eyes.

Gustav\'s eyesight instantly zoomed in on the building hundreds of feet ahead, and he scanned through the floors one after the other with the image of a certain person in his mind.

This method seemed crude, but Gustav reckoned it was easier than visiting the police station in search of Boss Danzo.

There\'d be a lot of processes that would take time, and the cops may not be efficient in finding him properly.

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