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He kicked forward and blasted through what was left of the door.

Walking through the room, he spotted Chief Brad Voltan still crossed-leg on the floor right in front in front of his bed.

Gustav had already caused a ruckus trying to get in, and the small room was already in disarray, but Chief Brad Voltan still remained seated on the floor with his eyes closed like nothing had happened.

Gustav walked forward and stood behind him with a slightly confused look as his arms went back to normal and the atomic blades disappeared.

This wasn\'t the reaction he was expecting.

Chief Brad was still unbothered as he sat there like he couldn\'t sense the presence of the perpetrator in the room.

Welcome, After a brief moment of silence, he spoke while opening his eyes.

Welcome I\'m here to kill you, and you\'re welcoming me Gustav voiced out with a low tone of confusion.

Hmm, I know, Chief Brad said while slowly turning around to face Gustav.

If so, why the hospitality Gustav asked.

Death comes to us all.

It\'s inescapable.

Since it\'s my time, why not embrace it instead of running from it.

It is, after all, sweet relief from the burdens of remaining alive, A warm smile appeared on Chief Brad\'s face as he voiced out.

Gustav was stunned, speechless by these words, and kept staring at Chief Brad for a few moments trying to read him.

He couldn\'t sense any form of malice or hidden motive.

It was quite easy for Gustav to tell when a person wasn\'t genuine if he came into contact with the person so he could tell that this man truly wasn\'t scared of death.

Burdens of remaining alive What burdens could a person such as yourself possibly have You have power and wealth, Gustav questioned with a slightly doubtful gaze after reasoning the words Chief Brad has spoken.

Oh, child, power and wealth doesn\'t exterminate every negative issue.

You won\'t understand, but one day you will, Chief Brad responded with a profound tone.

Why don\'t you have a seat I\'ll let you take my life if it serves a purpose.

A purposeless death wouldn\'t be fun, Chief Brad proposed to Gustav with a slight chuckle after seeing his expression.

I\'m cool with standing, Gustav regained his poker face and responded.

Are you sure I have tea brewing, do you want some It soothes the nerves, Chief Brad said while staring at the area that led to the kitchen.

I\'m here to kill you.

Stop trying to serve me tea, Gustav couldn\'t understand why but something about this whole situation annoyed him.

He had never been met with such a reaction when trying to kill someone before.

Oh, okay, okay.

But I do want to know why I\'m dying today.

Do you mind telling a doomed man the reason for his death Chief Brad asked.

It\'s confidential...

I have no choice but to end your life here, Gustav responded.

Hmm, I see, so long as it serves a purpose, I don\'t really care anyway, Chief Brad said while standing to his feet.


Gustav conjured an Atomic Blade in his right hand as he and Chief Brad stared at each other for a few moments.

The old with a smile of acceptance and the young with a poker face and a slight look of confusion.

Your eyes reflect pain.

Did you go through a traumatic experience in the past Chief Brad inquired.

Doesn\'t matter...

Will you stop talking Gustav voiced out.

Ah, I see you did.

Sorry child, the world is not a fair place, and nothing anyone can say will change what happened, Chief Brad stated.

If you would let me...

Don\'t let the hate consume you.

I can tell you were once kind.

Remember this, displaying kindness from time to time doesn\'t make you weak.

Neither is it a sin or a stain on your personality.

Still do what you wish to if you feel it\'s right, Chief Brad voiced out lengthily.

His words were slowly getting through to Gustav, and he was slowly starting to rethink his decision on whether or not to kill Chief Brad.

Oh no, don\'t hesitate to kill me.

If you don\'t, I\'ll just get killed by someone else anyway, Chief Brad noticed what was happening and voiced out.

I already know what\'s going on in the city.

I heard from my sources about the death of the other two and the reduction in battles.

The war is coming to an end.

It should never have started in the first place, and I know my death would help in putting a stop to it, so do what you have to do, Chief Brad smiled.

Gustav\'s eyes shone more unwillingness at this point.

He didn\'t confirm nor dispute Chief Brad\'s assumptions which were clearly correct.

He slowly raised his hand with the Atomic Blade still in his grasp.

What\'s going to happen to all the people here if I kill you Gustav asked while pointing the atomic blade at him.

Oh, you don\'t have to worry about that.

I\'ve poured in enough funds to last them for up to a hundred years.

In my death, if they eventually run out of funds to keep this place running, I\'m sure someone else will rise to take up the mantle.

The world never runs out of good people, Chief Brad stated with a tone of certainty.


Alright, Gustav responded with an unwilling tone.

This was the first time he felt so compelled to keep someone that was supposed to be killed alive.

Come on, there\'s no more time to waste, Chief Brad hurried him up.

Gustav raised his hand high up, with the blade in his grasp, and hacked down with force.



All five Squad members were already close to the Mug house at this point, but Fiona was still the first to arrive there even though her location was the farthest.

The sounds of flapping wings reverberated across the place as a purplish streak bolted across the sky and paused right about the ten-story structure.

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