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(But you know very well that those who pretend to do good, display their acts for the world to see while those who do it for the sake of truly doing good don\'t expose their good acts,) The system voiced out in his head.

Gustav thought for a few moments about this and realised it was mostly accurate.

Sometimes publicizing good acts was just a way to get praise from the masses.

It\'s more genuine when good is done secretly and not in the open just to get praises.

\'This still doesn\'t mean anything...

I\'ll make my decision after investigating him,\' Gustav decided, and the system stopped speaking after this.

After a few minutes of sprinting around, Gustav arrived at the Mug House, a c-shaped ten storey tall building.

It was a bit distant from the last street in the area and positioned right outside the small forest area.

Gustav scrutinized the entire building for a few moments before going around it.

The forest was right behind.


He ran forward into the forest, leaving afterimages around.


Thirty minutes into looking around the forest, Gustav had already gone round three times.

He was hoping there was something he had missed because he hadn\'t come across any structure he had expected so far.

Heading out of the forest on the southside led to region three.

The area there bordered on Region two and the next.

Heading out, the forest on the west side led to a riverbank.

Gustav even ran across the river\'s surface, reaching the other end and observing the entire vicinity using God Eyes, but he couldn\'t find anything.

The eastern area led to another part of the region, so everything was pointless.

Gustav was still hoping he missed something, so he still kept circling around these areas.

The Squad decided to meet back at the coffee shop in the next two hours.

All six of them moved there as quickly as they could and sat around the same table they did earlier.

Any progress Gustav asked.

All five of them shook their heads in response.

I couldn\'t find anything around that area even after extensively searching for close to three hours, Fiona voiced out.


The others voiced out as well.

Gustav held his chin, seemingly in deep thought.

I also couldn\'t find anything.No secret hideout, nothing...

This is weird, Gustav muttered.

Are there be other places on the maps that we could check Darkyl asked.

Sure, there are so many other locations within this region, but the others fall in standard compared to where a governing body would live, Gustav voiced out.

Could it be possible that Chief Voltan may be living a simple type of lifestyle Ildan stated with a contemplative expression as well.


This is only possible based on the type of character he is.

Still, we can\'t say for sure that someone who holds such an amount of power would even be allowed to live that type of lifestyle since he would have enemies that might go after him if they saw a loophole, Fiona said with a logical point of view.

He already does some humble deeds that others in positions of power don\'t, so we can\'t completely rule out the fact that he might have chosen to live a simple lifestyle, Gustav voiced out as well.

His mind was open to different points of view, which made him see things better.

What should we do, squad leader Mill asked.

Initially, Gustav was so sure of his deductions based on the other governing bodies he assassinated, but this one happened to be different and had proven him wrong.

Each of you will check different parts of the region and do an extensive search of the places you\'re meant to cover for signs of Chief Voltan, Gustav voiced out as he brought out the map area and began to share them to different parts.

Unlike before, where it\'d only take them a few to scan an area, this time, they were tasked with bigger areas since Gustav decided they should investigate every part of the region.

He was giving everyone 24hrs to check and report back to him if they found anything.

Everyone left the coffee shop once again and went their separate ways.

Just like before, it was empty since they paid for the entire day.

The shop owner was a bit bothered seeing these unknown faces having a meeting in their shop, but the money had been received, and he didn\'t regret accepting it in this period where there were barely any customers.

Gustav also began his scan across the region after picking the parts he was going to investigate.


Time moved very quickly as nightfall arrived after a few hours.

Since all six of them were in different places, they all decided to rest in the areas where they were situated.

Gustav contacted each of them, and they disclosed that they were yet to find anything he found troublesome.

Gustav wasn\'t slow like the others.

At the moment, he and Fiona had finished scanning through the areas they were supposed to.

Gustav didn\'t find anything, neither did Fiona.

Gustav was only waiting for the others to complete theirs so he would know if they had to begin searching another region.

Each of them had technological equipment in their possession which made it easier to spy on different structures within the region, but the region was pretty large.

Gustav didn\'t sleep the entire night.

He kept checking and scanning around the place.

During the day, he got reports from them once again, and each person revealed they had checked every single structure situated with the area Gustav assigned them to and didn\'t find anything.

This brought Gustav back as he started believing that Chief Voltan was probably not in this region.

On his way back to the coffee shop to meet the others, Gustav came across the mug house again and decided to pause in front of it.

If Chief Brad Voltan is truly living somewhere simple...

Maybe we didn\'t consider some factors, Gustav muttered as a thought of realization came to his mind.


He leaped across the air, scaling past the ten floors of the structure in nearly an instant as he landed on the rooftop.

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