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I feel so weak...

We must have really gone at it a lot, Lydia said with a smile while winking at Gustav.

Gustav just chuckled and moved out of the room while shutting the door behind him.


I\'m glad I still had some sedative with me.

It could have gone pretty bad,\' He said internally while moving to the bathroom.

Yesterday, Gustav had managed to stop Lydia from coming onto him in the meantime and asked her to wait till nightfall.

And by nightfall when they were entangling underneath the sheets after drinking like he suggested, she fell asleep in the middle of the process.

Gustav had drugged her drink with sedative and she had no idea neither did she suspect that this was what happened.

She thought they had sex but she couldn\'t remember because of the drinks.

Gustav had to stay by her side the whole night while being half naked so she\'d wake up to see him beside her.

All this drama was necessary to make everything believable and not attract any suspicions.

The day went on and lots of events went down as expected.

Lydia contacted her father just like she promised Gustav and they picked a date where they would meet after Gustav shared a brief conversation with him.

Gustav would have to wait for a few days and in the meantime he visited the base in region thirty two to gather some inside information on what had been happening recently.

Lydia was not well informed on the matters happening because she had been cooped in since she was told that Akeem was suspected to be dead.

She had a high ranking within the Zalibans group but due to being awol for a long time she had been replaced by someone else.

However she could get her position back whenever she wanted and no one would be able to fight her for it.

The whole situation with the disappearance of Sahil group was the most crucial piece of information being passed around at the moment and this had caused a scare across the three groups.

Their troops had been going to battle with just their abilities as of recent and the casualty numbers had gone up.

Gustav was glad to hear what was happening from within but it wasn\'t to his satisfaction just yet.

The side of the Zalibans, Lanzis and Routilias still had more man power even though most of the mixedbloods they had in their troops didn\'t have a high bloodline rank.

Gustav still planned to cripple them more before he attended the meeting where the higher ups would be gathered.

He got a communication device that he could use to contact the command center and started making plans.

While Gustav was busy with his plans, the others had gotten engaged in one battle within the last day and today.

The officials within the Vulcans and Darilia group made use of them and weren\'t dissapointed after getting the reports of their excellence in battle.

The entire battlefield was decimated due to their presence and they ended up chasing the other group off after slaughtering a lot of their comrades.

The Vulcans and Darilias couldn\'t remember the last time they got a win in any of their troops clashes against the Zalibans or Lanzis.

At most it would end in a draw but because of these new recruits the entire narrative was turned upside down this time.

The other side was brutally trampled upon and mercilessly put out of commission.


Within a weird looking run down village, Endric walked about with his eyes scanning the vicinity.

The small houses were made of woods and most of them had holes.

The roads were poorly constructed making use of wood as well and there were bunch of grasses on the sidewalks.

The place looked unnatural and the skies were completely greyed out with occasionally flickers of thunder and a ray of light similar to the size of a pillar shooting down from the north east area.

Far beyond the west area, a large dark colored mountain could be seen piercing into the skies above.

It was so wide that it covered more than seven times the area the village covered.

The houses in the vicinity were many and constructed in rows and columns leaving passageways in their midst. 

Endric found himself teleported here after he stared at his reflection in the river and he couldn\'t understand just where in the world he currently was.

A day had passed since he found himself in this deserted looking village.

The way the houses were structured, looked no different from the medieval times setting to him.

He remembered that according to history there was a time when the houses of humans looked this way.

But this wasn\'t his problem at the moment, finding his way out of here was.

He only had two days left to find the other item necessary for Angy\'s recovery so he wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

Four hundred houses in total...

I have checked every single one of them.

Or did I miss anyone Endric thought as he walked on a particular passageway that led to the outskirts of the village.

He turned around after arriving at the entrance of the village and looked forward at the houses.

I checked every single one of them, Endric muttered.

He had also tried leaving the village and heading towards the area where the pillar of light was shining down from the sky.

However no matter how much Endric walked or tried to move out of the village, he would find himself not making any steps forward even though he was making steps.

It was as if a force was keeping him from moving out of the village as if he needed a kind of requirement before he could be set free.

Endric leaped into the air while activating his telekinesis and began flying.


His body ascended several hundred feet in the air before he found himself unable to go higher than a particular point.

He paused at that point in the air and stared down at the village with his eyes squinted.


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