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Gustav ran across the body of the serpentine mixed-breed with hands coated in white light.

The serpentine mixed-breed swung its tail upwards trying to throw Gustav of balance.

Instead of losing his balance Gustav used the force to propel himself forward.

He leaped more than five meters across the air.

His body descended with his glowing white fist outstretched.


Gustav\'s fist landed on the head of the serpentine mixed-breed.

The large creature\'s head shook slightly.

Unlike before Gustav was only thrown back a little by the force because the white light annihilated most of the force that was supposed to be sent back to him.

Gustav landed back on his feet after making a low grunt.

The atomic disintegration was only powerful enough to disintegrate part of the force which meant he would still receive damage from any successful attack against the serpentine mixed-blood.

The serpentine mixed-breed only received ten percent damage.

In fact, it hardly received any damage at all because apart from sending back physical force, it still had hard scales that would protect it normally.

Gustav dashed towards the side again and punched towards the left eye of the serpentine mixed-breed.

Gustav was almost twice as fast as the creature so it didn\'t notice the fist until it was about ten inches away from its eyes.

The serpentine mixed-breed opened its mouth wide.

As Gustav\'s fist was about to make contact with its eyes, he suddenly felt danger.


He immediately leaped upwards as a pillar of purplish light shot out of the serpentine mixed-breed\'s mouth.

It missed Gustav\'s feet by an inch.

The creature didn\'t wait for Gustav to descend from the air before raising its head to face upwards and fired the beam again.

Gustav looked down while being in mid-air and noticed the beam headed for him.

He twisted his body towards the leftdodging the beam as he controlled his body to descend faster.

The beam passed by his side but the intense amount of heat it carried slightly burnt a hole in his cloth around Gustav\'s left rib area.

The creature noticed it missed Gustav and shot out the beam again severally.

Thwii! Thwii! Thwii! Thwii!

It looked as if Gustav could fly with the way he kept twisting his body in mid-air to dodge the beams as he descended.

He dodged every single one of them.

[Sprint has been deactivated]

[Dash has been activated]


He landed on the ground and dashed towards the left again dodging the purplish beam.

Although his speed wasn\'t as great as before when using dash, it was still a bit faster than the attacks of the serpentine mixed-breed.

Thwii! Thwii! Swhii! Swhii!

It shot out beams while also sending its tail towards Gustav.

Gustav was able to dodge every single beam and its tail sweep but he couldn\'t find a way to attack the creature.

He could only attack its body if the tail swept towards him but it was useless since ninety percent of the attack would be redirected back towards him.

From Gustav\'s observation, the places that could be attacked on the creature\'s body were its eyes but Gustav couldn\'t get close to its face.

Gustav thought about the best way to deal with the creature without having to harm himself while dodging the attacks.

After dodging for a few more seconds his eyes widened as he realized something.

\'Don\'t I just need to penetrate it,\' Immediately this thought came to his mind, Gustav turned around and distanced himself from the creature.

[Dash has been deactivated]

Gustav was now more than five hundred feet away from the creature.

His body reduced in size as he transformed back into human form.

The serpentine mixed-breed slithered towards him violently.

[Mutated Bloodwolf Transformation has been activated]

Gustav\'s body transformed rapidly.

Brown furs grew out of his body as his eyes turned dark red, glowing with viciousness.

He grew to over two meters tall with a robust figure similar to that of a bear.

Four sharp claws about nine inches long protruded from both of his paws.


Gustav didn\'t know where it was coming from but he suddenly felt the will to shred the serpentine mixed-breed to pieces.

His eyes were fierce and he felt a wave of bloodlust trying to take over his sense of reasoning.

This time his sweatshirt couldn\'t take his buff build and started tearing apart.

Only his pants were left in a better state.

The serpentine creature headed for him earlier paused and stared at him for a while.

It was just like when Gustav was transformed into the mutated bull when fighting the bloodwolf.

The serpentine mixed-breed also had a look of confusion, wondering why the human would be able to transform not just once but twice.

Gustav calmed his raging bloodlust as he recalled what needed to be done.

Grrhhhhhrrrr! He raised his right paw before dashing out.

His speed was still generally the same when using bull transformation but he was more flexible in this state.

[Dash has been activated]

Gustav activated dash again boosting his current speed by a lot.

Thwii! Thwii! Thwii!

The serpentine mixed-breed started shooting out those purplish beams again.

The danger he felt from it was just as much as before so he still dodged.

He was already running out of energy after activating dash and sprint severally so he quickly headed for the body of the snake since he couldn\'t move towards its head.


The serpentine mixed-breed swung its tail out towards Gustav again.

This time Gustav didn\'t even try to dodge the long tail headed for him.

[Atomic disintegration has been activated]

Gustav raised his right paw up as the tail headed for him.

His four claws were coated in whitish light.

He gathered power into his right arm before swinging it down, towards the incoming tail.

The intensity at which his claws descended upon the tail of the serpentine mixed-breed causing a ripping sound to echo across the place.


His claws made contact with the tail and smoothly severed it from the body of the serpentine mixed-breed.


The tail fell to the ground and dark purplish blood jetted out it.


The serpentine mixed-breed made a loud and painful noise that was similar to both hissing and screeching.

[Host has learned the skill; slash!]

Gustav noticed the notification but he didn\'t focus on it.

While the serpentine mixed-breed was thrashing around in pain, Gustav dashed towards it again.

It noticed Gustav and shot out another beam but now it was slower than before which gave him the chance to dodge easily while closing in on it.


Gustav arrived before the huge face of the serpentine mixed-breed whose mouth was still wide open.

Before it could shoot out another beam Gustav\'s claws were already swinging upwards towards its face from below.

[Slash has been activated]


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