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Uhm, I\'m just lucky to have a lot of tricks up my sleeves... Gustav stated.

Having a lot is one thing, knowing how to properly make use of them is another, Miss Aimee stated while walking forward to stand in front of Gustav.

No matter how much power is bestowed onto a person, if they don\'t utilize it well, it ends up being a waste, Miss Aimee added.

Hnm, Gustav nodded in understanding.

How many bloodlines have you taken so far Miss Aimee asked.

Currently, I have about twenty eight bloodlines, Gustav responded.

That\'s a lot, Miss Aimee voiced out with a surprised expression.

She didn\'t expect it was this much.

She had no idea that Gustav still had beast transformations in multiples as well.

How many do you use in battle She proceeded to ask.

About four or five sometimes...

It depends on the situation, Gustav responded.

Which means over twenty of them end up staying useless...

Also if you expose too much it might turn problematic, Miss Aimee voiced out with a contemplative expression.

I\'m sure there are some you\'ve never used in a battle right Miss Aimee asked.

Yes, there are some I truly have never activated during a battle, Gustav responded affirmatively.

The problem is not really exposure since some of the battles you\'ll be undergoing on the field won\'t be monitored.

The problem is making sure they\'re aren\'t useless and making use of the right ones in the right situations, Miss Aimee stated.

Hmm... This was also something Gustav thought as well, but he refrained from using all his bloodlines on Campgrounds.

I want you to come at me using one of your bloodline at a time, Miss Aimee said while turning around.

I will teach you to make every single bloodline useful, She added.


In a flash, two more days went by, and Gustav had spent another week in the base turning two weeks in total.

Throughout the last two days, Gustav had been in deep training with Miss Aimee, and they had been testing out Gustav\'s different bloodlines and the best situations to make use of them.

Gustav relived the times he would train with miss Aimee.

He had thought he had gotten all that he could from her, but he found out he was sorely mistaken after undergoing the last two days under her tutelage.

Miss Aimee was like him, a user of more than a single bloodline, so her teaching was way more effective than it would be with any other person, especially when both of them were so close.

They shared a bond like none other between teacher and student due to life experiences and other things.

Gustav realised that he would always have something to learn from Miss Aimee regardless of how powerful he became.

It was just two days, yet he felt he had more control over his abilities than he ever did before.

Their plan to make Gustav learn to use all his abilities accordingly was cut short today as Gustav was requested to show up at a particular location with the base for the mission briefing.

At the moment, Gustav had managed to train with about sixteen of his bloodlines, understanding situations where it would be best to make use of them, but he would still have to train for longer before he could master the usage of all bloodlines accordingly.


Later, Gustav arrived in one of the tech facilities located on the east side of the base.

The internal structure of the facility was like a hall, but there was a massive floating transparent legless table in the middle.

Holographic displays could be seen on the table, which showed Leoluch city and three officers surrounding it.

Gustav arrived at the same time two other officers arrived.

There were two more officers standing by the side as well.

Welcome Officers Crimson, Felgro, and Mill, One of the officers stationed in the middle of the three officers standing around the table voiced out.

I am Colonel Oxlar.

I have been tasked with the briefing of your next mission as a squad, He voiced out.

As a squad One of the officers asked from the side.

Yes, as a squad of six.

Every officer here is below the echo rank and had been specifically picked by the grand General himself to embark on this mission, He added while gesturing at the transparent table which displayed the map of Leoluch city alongside several footages of different locations.

This is Leoluch city.

Currently, a civil war is ongoing there….

Colonel Oxlar began to narrate the situation ongoing with Leoluch city, which Gustav was already well aware of.

After bringing everybody up to speed, the officers were surprised that the MBO was actually going behind the world government to send them on this secret mission.

The major aim right now is to weaken forces from the side of the Zalibans, Lanzis and Routilia, but their chain of weapons supply must also be destroyed as well.

These locations pinpointed with red dots are places where our reports mention advance firearms being stored, Colonel Oxlar pointed at the projection of the map while speaking.

The first objective is to destroy the locations where the advanced firearms are stored.

Second objective is to reduce the strength of those three forces, so the MBO is tasking you lots to assassinate these three, He voiced out again while pointing at the projection of three men who had just appeared on the screen.

Assassination One of the officers voiced out from the side with a surprised expression.


These three hold great power within the three respective groups, the Zalibans, Lanzis and Routilias.

Their assassination will result in the weakening of their strength but this isn\'t all, Colonel Oxlar voiced out.

The third objective is to engage in two battles disguising as part of one of the other three groups, Gildan, Vulcan or Darilia..

The purpose of blending in is to decimate a part of the opposing force power and level the playing field.

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