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When I win, you\'ll hand it over to me, Gustav answered while walking forward to meet back up with them.

He sounded so confident the other officers witnessing this scene from behind wondered who was actually stronger between the first and final year cadet.

Hey now are you being serious Mill voiced out with a reluctant look.

Tell me if you ain\'t interested; I\'ll leave immediately, Gustav voiced out while leaving a lingering gaze of disgust like he was looking down on Mill.

Hmph alright then.

Prepare to lose, Mill said with a confident expression as he towered above Gustav.

Although he tested Gustav\'s strength the other day with the handshake and found him to be relatively high in strength, he was still higher in bloodline rank, so he believed Gustav\'s bloodline was probably related to strength.

There were situations where a lower-ranked mixedblood would have a higher strength level than a higher-ranked mixedblood.

Strength didn\'t equate to power, and some mixedbloods had very powerful bloodlines that didn\'t make them very physically strong.

While some had bloodlines that boosted their physical strength but even with these situations, it was never a guarantee that the physically stronger mixedblood would win in a battle.

I wanted to try the Level four, so how about we head over there instead, Gustav proposed while turning around once more and walking towards the entrance.

The general and Mill followed after him and the officers who had appeared when Gustav was busy scaling the course.

Some of these officers were present at the ceremony the other day, and about two of them even received rewards as well.

They were interested in seeing how this would turn out since Gustav had become something of a celebrity since the news about him being the second youngest Argent-ranked officer spread across the base.

He was the second because Miss Aimee also rose up the ranks quite fast in her days.

However, he was still the one known as the first to complete a five-star mission on his first.

Not even Miss Aimee was able to pull that off. 

They arrived at the next level\'s entrance in a few.

Unlike level three, level four anti-gravitational force was so strong that it increased mass by sixty-four times its original.

This was more than twice the previous level, which made things extra difficult.

From the moment both of them walked through the entrance, the searing pressure of the anti-gravitational force bore heavily upon them.

Gustav\'s face barely showed any reaction as he looked up for a moment while walking forward.

He slowly adjusted himself to the change in gravitational force, which caused him to be a bit slower in moving.

Mill also didn\'t show any form of disturbance as he also walked forward and stopped in front of the blue line on the ground, which depicted the starting point.

Every one of their footsteps made loud thudding noises due to both of them pushing around nine thousand kilograms of weight with every movement.

The pressure of the anti-gravitational force would increase the more any form of movement was exerted.

Gustav arrived right in front of the blue line as well and stood on the left side.

There were other spots within the level four area of the training facility.

Still, this particular space was for the danger course alone.

It was just the two of them in this large space while the other officers stood at the entrance watching.

The space slowly began to transform and expand after the blue line.

A body of water was created right ahead that covered a span of one three hundred and fifty feet.

A few square-shaped iceboxes floated above the surface, scattered all across the place.

The body of water sizzled dangerously, which meant dropping in would result in failure, so the only way to scale through them was by jumping from icebox to icebox.

After scaling through that, there was a vast open land where black fiery orbs flew about the place.

They were to avoid the black fiery orbs.

Each one was the size of a fist, and hundreds of them flew across the air every second.

And beyond that, there were still about two more courses to pass through before arriving at the end.

Gustav\'s eyes were glowing scarlet and green all this time as the space transformed.

As he saw the end of the danger course, he closed his eye, deactivating God Eyes.

After the expansion of the space, the countdown appeared above.


They had two minutes to arrive on the other end. 

Ready Mill Kaiser asked.

Sure, Gustav responded as he prepared to move.

\'I won\'t waste time messing around.

I will make sure to defeat him in such a manner that will cause him to suffer humiliation,\' Mill said internally as he channeled his bloodline, causing weird dark energy to start circulating around him.

\'Oh...\' As Gustav sensed the energy, he turned to the side for a moment before turning to look forward again.



The instant the loud beep was heard, which signified the start of the countdown, they both leaped forward.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated Super Jump from the start causing him to leap over two hundred feet across the body of water in one go.

Originally, Super Jump would be more powerful, but his body was being strongly pushed down by the gravitational force as his body soared across the air.

Mill, on the other hand, had black shadows similar to him in body stature phase-out of him in mid-air as he leaped forward.

As his body descended, he landed on one of the black shadows and used it as a platform to leap further forward.

The officers who were watching from the side were astonished as they saw both youngsters cross two hundred feet across the air in no time.

Both of them landed on an icebox up ahead and started leaping from one to the other.

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