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There will be a Three days exchange event between high schools holding in Atrihea city high school, one month from now!

Echelon Academy has been invited to participate!

Class three students will be attending this exchange event!

The principal of the school sounded this announcement in the ears of the students within the school hall.

Gustav who was seated far behind had a smile on his face as he heard the announcement.

\'Just the chance I have been waiting for to cross the border...\'


After the announcements, students from class 3 went home with faces full of excitement.

Exchange events were always exciting.

Traveling to another city and also getting to meet students from other schools.

Another reason why it was exciting was that there were always duels between schools.

Students in class 3 were prepared to show their prowess over there, especially those who had already achieved the Zulu rank.

These were the reasons why most of them were feeling excited but Gustav\'s reason was different.

He just wanted to cross the border for research purposes.

He didn\'t even plan on getting involved in the events.

He only tagged it as a sightseeing event, he wasn\'t interested in their duels.

Gustav went to miss Aimee\'s office afterward and they traveled towards the dojo.


Blam! Blam! Blam!

Inside the small dojo, sounds of collision could be heard.

Gustav and miss Aimee were sparring once again.

Blam! Blam!

Gustav\'s spun around and threw his left foot towards Miss Aimee\'s face.

Miss Aimee reacted by slapping Gustav\'s left leg towards the side causing his body to tilt in mid-air.

And now you\'re wide open again! Miss Aimee voiced out.

Gustav\'s chest was facing her at this moment while in mid-air.

Miss Aimee threw out her palm towards Gustav\'s tummy area.

Gustav who was in mid-air suddenly rotated his body anticlockwise at a very fast speed causing her palm to miss him by a centimeter

\'Huh This kid...\' Miss Aimee was astonished as her hand only phased through the air after extending it forward.

While still being in mid-air Gustav reached out his palm to grab miss Aimee\'s outstretched arm.

\'This kid\'s agility increases by the day...

how is he improving so fast,\' Miss Aimee wondered while staring at Gustav\'s hand headed for her arm.


Gustav landed on his feet in a crouched format with his right hand stretched up.

He smiled as he stood up properly.

Miss Aimee I finally touched...

Uh Gustav\'s eyes widened in surprise as he noticed something after staring at his hand.

In his grip was a prosthetic arm while he noticed that his wrist was gripped by miss Aimee.

He thought he grabbed miss Aimee but it was the other way around.

Miss Aimee no fair...

you used more strength than you were supposed to, Gustav voiced out as miss Aimee let go of his arm.

Haha, what were you expecting, the world isn\'t fair and you of all people should know that, Miss Aimee stated with a burst of light laughter.

What a shameless way of justifying cheating, Gustav muttered.

Did you say something Miss Aimee smirked at him as she asked.

Nope, I was just praising miss Aimee\'s exclusive methods, Gustav said with a smile.

Gustav understood what she meant.

On the battlefield, no one would reduce their strength to fight you just because you happened to be weaker.

Gustav stared at the prosthetic arm he was holding with a look of astonishment.

\'It seems miss Aimee can use her bloodline to create anything instantly,\' Gustav said internally.

He was very close to touching her arm earlier yet she was able to create a prosthetic arm instantly.

Her speed was enough to fool him, making him think he had grabbed her.

The prosthetic arm was exactly like hers.

Gustav had touched miss Aimee severally during their sparing sessions so he could close his eyes and still be able to recognize her arm if he touched it yet he didn\'t notice that he wasn\'t holding her arm till he saw it with his eyes.


The arm dispersed into light particles while Gustav was still holding onto it.

Gustav realized that this was the first time miss Aimee was using her bloodline ability in a spar against him.

He analyzed the difference between miss Aimee\'s bloodline and Yuhiko\'s bloodline and noted the difference.

Both were creation bloodlines but miss Aimee\'s was the type that could materialize things out of thin air.

She only needed a thought to create something.

As for Yuhiko, she could only transform one thing into another.

Yuhiko\'s Creation bloodline allowed her to turn matter into anything she willed but she still had limits.

Also, she wasn\'t able to transform an item in an instant.

If she wanted to convert the air around her into something else, it would take more time.

The bigger the object she had in hand the faster and better she could convert the item.

Miss Aimee didn\'t have that limitation but she also couldn\'t covert an item into something else.

So their bloodlines were similar but also different.

If anyone of them could read Gustav\'s mind they would find his analysis very scary because it was true.

Gustav noted everything about their bloodline abilities down to the details in his mind.

He had been analyzing Yuhiko\'s years back since she was his crush.

As for Miss Aimee, he only analyzed hers at this moment.

Now he only needed to see a person use their bloodline ability once for him to be able to analyze it.

Gustav what will you do in the exchange event Miss Aimee leaned with her back against the wall as she inquired.

Nothing, I\'m only coming along with them to sightsee, Gustav answered.

So, you won\'t be joining your classmates to form a team in the duel against schools Miss Aimee inquired with a playful smile.

Miss Aimee knows me well enough to understand that I prefer to be alone than to work with those spoilt brats, Gustav answered while seating on the floor.

Oh, wouldn\'t it be boring for you to just go there and do nothing Miss Aimee asked with a smirk because she believed Gustav could not attend this event without getting into some kind of trouble.

I\'d rather be bored than associate with stupidity! Gustav replied.

Oh, is that so Miss Aimee still had that mischievous smile on her face as she questioned.

Seeing the smile on her face, Gustav already knew that miss Aimee had something in mind.

Miss Aimee wasn\'t the smiling type, she only ever did this around Gustav.

Yes I\'m hundred percent sure that I won\'t participate in this event in any way, Gustav answered.

I doubt that, Miss Aimee answered.

Gustav stared at her with a look of seriousness.

Since you like bets so much...

Let\'s make a bet, Miss Aimee suggested.

Hmm Gustav\'s face shone confusion as he exclaimed.


Some hours later Gustav had arrived in front of his apartment building.

His mind was on today\'s announcement in school.

The exchange even was one month from now.

The only problem Gustav had now was, how would he make it work since he already started this night jo


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