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Miss Aimee didn\'t bring Gustav up to speed yet on what they were working on, but he knew she would eventually, so he didn\'t ask.

As days passed, Gustav would be the only one left in the abode, while Miss Aimee and Red Shadow would leave in the morning and get back in the evening every day.

He was still a bit intrigued by what they were working on, but he also had his mind on what he wanted to deal with, which was still back in Leoluch city.

When he was bored, Gustav would walk around the base checking different locations out, their training centers included.

During this time, Gustav broke through to the Falcon rank.

He felt his strength increase a lot.

If he had faced Zergeref in this state, he would have been able to handle it better. 

However, the fight between him and Zergeref was quite tricky since it wasn\'t just strength-related.

Zergeref bloodline was quite the unique one, and he would definitely be able to deal with people stronger than him with the abilities granted by his bloodline.

If not for the system making Gustav get deaf during the fight, he would have lost big time.

Gustav recalled Zergeref saying that if he was at full strength, Gustav would already be dead.

As Gustav remembered this statement, it had him wondering.

\'Did Sahil find a way to bring people more powerful than the supposed threshold into the city\' Gustav remembered that anyone beyond Falcon level that tried to get into the city would trigger an alarm which would cause the groups in the city to act against them.

Zergeref saying that wasn\'t his original strength had Gustav thinking Sahil found a way to reduce their bloodline level either permanently or temporarily so they wouldn\'t be sensed during Infiltration and within the city.

This seemed to make sense to Gustav, but he couldn\'t understand how Sahil would find a way when even the MBO was unable to do something like that.

\'Wasted bloodline...

It could have been so useful,\' Gustav felt disappointed about the fact that he was unable to acquire Zergeref\'s bloodline due to the interruption and encirclement of Sahil\'s henchmen.

At least I got this one... Gustav raised his right hand, which was glowing with profound fluorescent light.

Back when Gustav killed the twenty-one people from the group of Zalibans, he constructed a barricade where he placed a bomb to destroy the bodies along with any evidence they may hold of what transpired in that place.

However, before he did that...


Gustav was rushing to pile the bodies together and destroy them after taking all of Luicuis\'s clothes and items, but then he recalled something.

\'It might end up being useful...

There\'s no time but if it\'s compatible, acquisition shouldn\'t take too long,\' Gustav thought as he quickly moved towards Luicuis\'s headless body at the top of the pile.

Stabbing his fingers into the neck area, notifications appeared in his line of sight.

[Requirement for Bloodline acquisition has been met]

[Analysing Host compatibility with \'Starlight Transformation Bloodline\']

[Compatibility level: 92%]

[Does host wish to acquire this bloodline: YES/NO]

\'It\'s been too long...\' A smirk appeared on Gustav\'s face after seeing these notifications.


Gustav had acquired Lucuis\'s bloodline since that time but never made use of it in the battles he fought earlier.

He was being cautious, so it wouldn\'t be recognized, and he had no reason to use it when he was pretending to be Lucius because there was no suspicion from commander Fabian.

This was the only bloodline he took among the twenty-one group of Zalibans since there was no time to waste.

The glow of light disappeared from Gustav\'s hand after a few moments.

He had already checked out the abilities related to the light bloodline, and he wasn\'t disappointed at all.

He still felt like Lucuis was holding back when battling him back then because the bloodline was quite powerful.

He was glad that even if he didn\'t get the sound bloodline, he still managed to acquire this one.

The next step was training it.

Just like that, a few more days went by, and it had already been a week since Gustav arrived here with Miss Aimee.

By the end of the day, Miss Aimee arrived with news about the grand General.

He will be arriving tomorrow, so at most in two days time the reward ceremony will be holding.

There you can present the issue of Leoluch city, Miss Aimee stated while sitting on the couch in the living room across from Gustav\'s position.

Finally! This has already taken too long, Gustav responded with a sigh of relief.

He was already tired of sitting around in the base doing nothing.

Don\'t worry, go all out...

I have your back, Miss Aimee voiced out with a smile.

Oh yes, I will... Gustav responded with a nod as well.

Miss Aimee... Gustav called out to her after a few seconds of silence.

Yeah What is it She responded after seeing the expression of contemplation on his face.

I think someone\'s after me.

Rather, I know someone trying to get rid of me, Gustav voiced out.

Oh about that, yeah I know, Miss Aimee replied.

You already knew Gustav asked.

The aircraft sent after you was investigated and it was found out that a group of mixedblood terrorists were given information on your leaving whereabouts from camp.

Information which they used in carrying out plans to eradicate you, Miss Aimee explained.

Ah, I see...

Seems like too much trouble when I\'m not even a threat to them, Gustav muttered.


You\'re not yet a threat to them doesn\'t mean you won\'t be, Miss Aimee voiced out with a tone of correction.

But how did they know my whereabouts Gustav asked.

That\'s the problem now...

Even to them the source of information was anonymous, Miss Aimee stated.

Now that\'s not suspicious at all, Gustav said with a hint of sarcasm.

I just know that whoever this person is, they\'re definitely from the MBO because it\'s impossible for confidential information like that to just get leaked, Miss Aimee voiced out.


I think this same person also managed to track me to Leoluch city,

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