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But I saw him put up a defense before the explosion went off, Rahim, the one who had fired the attack, spoke.

There is no way he\'ll survive that, only the boss will still be in one piece because of the protective device, The driver said while staring at the massive embodiment of flames that covered the road up ahead.

About three hundred feet behind them, a figure stood atop a fifty feet tall building and stared in the direction of the blast.

Looks like he got taken care of, The 7\'9 male wearing a black tank top muttered as he prepared to turn around.

Just as he was about to do that, he noticed a very tiny figure moving out of the flames up ahead.

He survived He mumbled as he saw the figure dart through the flames ahead, disappearing into the distance.

The man looked down the road at the only hovercar that could be seen positioned hundreds of feet behind the flames.

Those fools, He muttered before leaping forward.

As the red jackets within the hovercar moved out of the vehicle, they heard a loud whooshing sound from above.

A dark shadow was cutting through the air with immense speed headed for their location, and by the time they noticed...


The figure had landed in front of them.

Zergeref They exclaimed at the same time after noticing this 7\'9 buff man.

You didn\'t hit him and now he\'s getting away, The man said with a loud tone.

What You must be mistaken.

Ha ha.

there\'s no way he\'s alive right now, The group voiced out.

Zergeref raised one eyebrow up and turned around to start walking towards the flames.

His foot made stomping sounds on the ground as he arrived before the flames and raised one of his legs up.

Bringing it down with force, a wave of wind spread across the surroundings that cleared out the fire instantly.


The group below had looks of awe as their red jackets blew backward due to the fierce wind.

Their eyes widened in the next instant as they stared at the damaged road.

A massive crater had appeared in the middle, but no one could be seen within it.

Zergeref turned around to stare at them, I doubt you even managed to harm him in the slightest, He voiced out.

All four of them were dazed and kept their mouths open in disbelief, not knowing what to say for a while.


How is this even possible He even made use of multiple abilities, One of them voiced out with a tone of confusion.

Zergeref scoffed after hearing that and turned around to start walking forward once again.

Gather everyone up and come take the boss back after I have destroyed the culprit, He voiced out before stomping his right foot on the ground once again.


His figure lifted into the air with immense speed and disappeared from their line of sight.

He\'s truly finished now that Zergeref is involved, The red jacket who was driving earlier voiced out.

Let\'s gather the rest and meet up with him like he said, Rahim voiced out as they got back into the hovercar.

They were still finding it hard to believe what they had gone through, and more than anything, they wanted to find out the identity of Gustav.

As they drove back, they could see other figures leaping across the air, headed for the same direction as Zergeref.


Ten minutes away, Gustav muttered as he bolted across the road at speed close to sound.

He had already started closing in on the outskirts of region six.

Even though Region six was at the edge of the city, he would still have to get back to region seven before he would be able to leave here.

If he tried leaving the city from region six instead of going back, he would be going in the wrong direction, and it would even take more work to leave.

As Gustav dashed across the street, he could hear a loud whooshing sound behind him coming from the air.

This caused him to turn alert as he wondered what would be moving at such speed.

The instant Gustav turned his head to the side to stare at the sky behind, he spotted a black object headed for him from above.

As it entered his range of perception Gustav\'s eyes widened slightly, and he proceeded to jump to the side.


A loud sound of collision rang out as this black object landed in the middle of the road where Gustav was standing earlier.

And it just happened to be a person, not a black object.

Gustav paused kept sliding back by several feet even after coming to a stop due to the force which he made use of when swerving right.

So it was you, Zergeref voiced out with a deep tone before chuckling.

Gustav instantly recognized this man to be the same person who told him to leave when he approached their street earlier.

So what if it was me I don\'t have the time to mess around, so I\'ll have to get a serious now, Gustav stated while slowly transforming into the combination of the bloodwolf and mutated bull again.

Not only was Gustav trying to preserve energy by not combining more, but he was also trying to keep his mask on while he was transformed, so his head had to remain in its usual human shape.

Oh, I see.

I can sense that your energy just increased but it is nothing compared to someone with true experience, Zergeref voiced out as he stomped on the ground.


Waves of silver-like streaks burst forth the instant he did that.

Gustav moved towards the side, trying to dodge but was still hit by some weird metallic sounds.

\'What is that\' He wondered in his mind as he shook off and dashed forward towards Zergeref.

Gustav threw his fist forward, which Zergeref dodged with ease, and proceeded to send a palm strike forward.


Gustav moved to the side to dodge, but a circular wave shot out of the palm, which slammed into the building by the side, creating a massive boulder-sized hole within.


This time Gustav staggered backward as a loud metallic sound rang profusely in his ears.


Zergeref fist slammed into Gustav\'s gut the next moment, sending him flying towards the building on the left.

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