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I\'m here to see your father, is he in Gustav said.

Um, my father Yes, he\'s in, Angy said and walked into the apartment.

Come in Gustav, A masculine voice sounded from within the apartment.

Gustav followed Angy in after hearing that.

Angy\'s father was seated on the blue sofa located on Gustav\'s right side.

Gustav walked towards the one opposite his and sat.

This was the first time Gustav was seeing Angy\'s father during the day.

He had only seen him during night times since he always came late from work and Gustav hardly came out of his apartment.

On closer look, Gustav noticed that Angy\'s father\'s skin was whitish than normal and lines were extending from the horn in the middle of his head towards his nose and down to his lips.

\'I guess he\'s one of those pureblood Slarkovs with more physical differences to that of humans,\' Gustav noted this.

Yes, Gustav to what do I owe this visit, Angy\'s father said with a solemn face.

Angy stood at the dining area side to listen to their conversation.

She was also wondering why Gustav will come to see her father.

I\'ve decided to accept the offer for that position, Gustav replied.

Angy\'s father\'s eyes widened slightly in delight.

You mean, you will accept to do it, He asked.

Gustav nodded in affirmation.

\'Eh Do what What are Gustav and my father planning\' Angy\'s mind was full of questions.

Can we negotiate the price now or we have to put some other procedures in place first Gustav inquired.

Let me inform the others first, Angy\'s father stood up and walked towards the passageway on the left.

Angy stared at Gustav\'s face from the dining area with a suspicious look.

Gustav just kept staring forward like he was thinking about something.

There was no other expression on his face.

\'I should mind my business so I don\'t end up like the last time,\' Angy said internally after remembering the stairs incident.

She was still embarrassed about it till now.

Angy kept staring at Gustav\'s face from the side.

Her curiosity rose as the seconds passed, especially when her father still hadn\'t come back to the living room.

After some more seconds passed she walked towards Gustav.

Gustav, what are you and my father planning Angy asked while twirling her hair.

Mm Nothing special, Gustav replied with a dismissive look.

Tell me, She demanded.

Why are you interested Gustav questioned while squinting his eyes.


well... Angy kept using her fingers to twirl her hair with a look of embarrassment.

Gustav we\'re heading to Darge coffee shop, Angy\'s father\'s voice came from the other end cutting their conversation short.

Gustav stood up and turn to head towards the door.

Bye Angy, Gustav said while heading towards the door.


but... Angy stuttered as she spoke trying to tell Gustav to wait but Gustav didn\'t look back after getting to the door.

He opened the door and walked out.

Angy\'s father also followed behind him.

Angy tell your mother that I will be out for some time, Angy\'s father said as he walked out.

Angy pouted her lips in dissatisfaction and sat on the sofa.

\'What are they planning\' Angy wondered.


Inside a small coffee shop, a group of six could be seen seated around a table.

Angy\'s father and Gustav were among the six while the rest happened to be men from the neighborhood.

These men happened to live around the same neighborhood as Gustav and Angy\'s family.

Their apartments were located close to the sparse forest area behind them.

-We saw what he did the other day so we\'re very confident that he can play this role,

-It should be a simple task for him,

-The safety of the community is paramount,

The men spoke with a look of agreement.

From what I heard you\'re a Zulu ranked mixed-blood, One of the men sitting opposite Gustav asked.

Gustav nodded in response.

Being a Zulu ranked mixed-blood at such a young age, truly magnificent, Another man added.

So we all agree on Gustav being the next observer, Angy\'s father said with a solemn look.

The four men nodded in affirmation.

That settles it then.

Gustav is our community observer from henceforth, Angy\'s father said with a smile.

Can we talk about the price now Gustav inquired with an expressionless look.

The men nodded in response and another round of conversation began.


Some hours later Gustav had arrived back in his home.

He sat on the bed while planning his next move.

If this goes as planned I should be able to gather enough exp to start leveling up without having to wait for quests, Gustav muttered.

Although they don\'t appear every time I remember Angy saying they\'ve been appearing every week for a while now, which means at least another with be appearing this week, Gustav had a look of contemplation on his face as he spoke.

His mind traveled back to today\'s events.

In the dojo, Miss Aimee had given him some information on MBO and mixed breeds.

He also happened to bump into his former family.

While the best of today\'s event was getting a new job.

The other day when the neighborhood was attacked by the Bloodwolf.

Angy told Gustav that they used to have a neighborhood observer that happened to be a step four Zulu-ranked mixed-blood.

He was called Old man Daki.

His work was generally a simple one.

To patrol the neighborhood till midnight for any source of disturbance that had to do with mixed-breeds.

Mixedbreeds occasionally appeared within the neighborhood at night time but he had managed to fend off and sometimes even kill a lot of them.

He was able to protect the neighborhood from mixed-breeds below the serial rank.

There was hardly any case of mixed-breeds above level 5 appearing in the neighborhood.

Once a Mixedbreed that had surpassed level 5 appeared in the neighborhood, the MBO will immediately be alerted and swing into action with speed.

Level 1 - 5 mixed-breed could be handled by old man Daki since he was a step four Zulu ranked mixed-blood.

Unfortunately old man Daki passed away three weeks earlier at the age of a hundred and forty-nine.


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