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\'Now, it\'s time to play Dart,\' Gustav said internally as he headed towards the last floor.

Gustav moved towards the room Junior commanders Dart and Folan were residing in and brought out the keycard before accessing the room.

At this time, junior commander Folan too, had just finished having fun with the lady that was with him when Dart left the other time.

The lady was just leaving as Gustav arrived.

Junior Commander Folan displayed a huge grin on his face as he nodded at Gustav.

Gustav returned the grin as Junior Commander Dart would.

How did yours go Junior commander Folan asked from up ahead.

As you can see...

It was intense, Gustav said with a wider grin while gesturing at the holes on his shirt.

Ooou, it seems she handled you pretty well, Junior Commander Folan responded with an understanding look.

Haha she did.

I was able to do it in ways I couldn\'t do it with my wife, Gustav added while proceeding towards the sofa by the side to sit.

Cheers man, Junior commander Folan responded while handing Gustav a drink.

Gustav responded by receiving it and taking a sip before asking, What about you

This one is not quite bad too...

Both of them began to share experiences as Junior commander Folan narrated most of the time.

They ended up discussing for the next two hours.

From this, Gustav understood more about the character he was pretending to be as well as Junior commander Folan too.

Later during the day, Junior commander Folan received a call from the region base and had to leave to get some things sorted out personally.

Gustav was happy to stay behind and let him go handle what he wanted to because he planned to look around the place anyways.

After Junior commander, he moved towards the small diamond-shaped pinky object placed on the table in front.

Gustav could tell that this was a spatial storage device by sensing the energy waves coming from it.

It was similar to the button underneath his collar, which happened to be his storage device, but this one seemed to be more sophisticated and secure.

It definitely wouldn\'t open up if the owner wasn\'t the one in its possession.

Those who were professional storage devices hackers would not be able to open this one without causing the spatial store in it to collapse, damaging all the items within.

Gustav grabbed hold of it to inspect, and to his surprise, he instantly gained access to the things within as a holographic panel appeared in front of him.

Looks like Dart is the one with access to this, Gustav muttered as he checked the holographic table in front of him, which displayed everything within.


Dart was loaded, Gustav couldn\'t help but exclaim as he noticed the expensive-looking jewelry being displayed.

The storage space within this device was as big as an entire living room in a luxurious household which was three times the size of Gustav\'s.

Gustav\'s storage device was nearly filled up due to the things he always brought along with him, but it wasn\'t even close to all the things kept within this one.

Diamond-shaped objects, gold bars, and some other mineral resources stacked together would rival even the most secure storage vaults of banks where their most valuable items were stored.

No officer is supposed to be this rich... Gustav was dumbfounded,d but after piecing things together, he wasn\'t so shocked.

The whole civil war started with these groups in power disagreeing over the authority of the world government.

The misuse of resources and the economical state of the city wasn\'t so good as well since the world government started to increase its authority in the city.

These groups on the side of the world government were trying to push the other groups out of power, which was what started the civil war.

A whole lot of natives from the city were on the side of the other groups who were trying to stop the world government authority from expanding within the city, but this was proving difficult due to the groups on their side.

It just so happened that the Zalibans were amongst those supporting the world government and now seeing what Dart had in his storage device gave Gustav a stronger grasp of the situation.

Hmm, what\'s that Gustav wondered out loud as he noticed a part of the storage device where a document was kept.

Seeing as this slot only contained this document as well as a small shiny mineral placed beside it, Gustav\'s curiosity was piqued.

He proceeded to pull this one out of the storage device.


A flash of blue light appeared, and within it was the documents and the weird-looking stone.

Gustav decided to check out the documents first, and his face lit up with a look of interest as he read through the contents.

So this is what they plan to offer Sahil...

Hmm, Gustav muttered as he scanned through them.

Isn\'t this a bit too much Maybe they\'re planning to backstab him later in the future after this whole thing has blown over, Gustav kept speaking as he flipped through the pages.

Oh according to this they can\'t...

Looks like this is legit, Gustav mumbled after arriving at the last page and dropped the documents.

He proceeded to grab hold of the stone, This stone happens to be among the items offered, He muttered while inspecting it.

Gustav couldn\'t find anything out of the ordinary with the weird greyish-colored stone but decided to make use of God Eyes to see through it.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His pupils turned green and crimson with gold on the outer covering as the world around him also transformed, becoming see-through.

Hmm Gustav had a look of confusion as he stared at the stone.

He couldn\'t see through it.

He strengthened his gaze and stared at it even more intensely than before.

However, besides a weird foggy-looking green smoke oozing from it, he couldn\'t see anything else.

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