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Miss Aimee was currently soaring through the clouds faster than the speed of sound with a GPS in her hand.

Her long coat flapped due to the wind as she checked the coordinates on the GPS before stopping in mid-air.

Got it, She muttered as a purplish glow suddenly started appearing around her.

A destructive aura spread across the vicinity as Miss Aimee suddenly soared forward.


Her body instantly blitzed forward, disappearing from view as it seemed like she went through a vacuum of space, causing her body to turn inexistent for a few seconds.


In the next instant, she appeared about several thousand miles from her previous location.

Still, she kept tearing across the sky with immense speed, causing the skies to be split.

From below, a huge rift could be seen in tearing across the sky and repairing in the next few seconds.

This caused scares all across cities and towns as half of the entire earth witnessed this same scene.

It only took Miss Aimee a few seconds to travel halfway across the earth as she appeared like a deity above the Sahara desert.


The winds howled as multiple tornadoes were formed due to her sudden stop.

Miss Aimee floated downwards in the middle of the endless yellow sands.

The moment her legs made contact with the sand, she turned around to stare in the southwest direction with a smirk on her face.



When the skies were nearly darkened completely, Gustav arrived at region thirty-two.

Region Thirty-Two was quite different from what he had expected.

This place wasn\'t riddled with destruction and warlike the rest.

Instead, it looked eye-pleasing and luxurious.

Region Thirty-Two was literally a stronghold.

It had barricades surrounding it and a massive gate that prevented entry from people who weren\'t living in that part of the city.

There were a lot of mansions and luxurious-looking buildings and households within.

Lots of people were currently lining outside.

They seemed to have been waiting for a long time but weren\'t permitted entry into the region.

The only things Gustav had seen going in and out of this place since his arrival here were luxurious-looking vehicles and convoys.

Obviously, this region was for the rich and powerful who were not affected by the war.

Gustav had no doubt that this place would remain safe till the end because he could see the number of guards stationed at different parts and patrolling the place in large numbers.

Many people had tried to force their way in or sneak in, but they were caught, beaten up, and thrown far away from the gate.

This served as an example to others who decided to stay their lane in fear of receiving the same treatment.

Some of them were okay with waiting here anyway because it was unlikely that any battle would occur here, so they felt safe even though they were standing outside.

Gustav had made his way from place to place, starting conversations with people to know about the situation of the place, and these were the things he had figured out.

He also found out that the poor people that weren\'t permitted to go in were given food every morning.

Everyone here was coming from parts of the city that had been destroyed already, which was why the whole situation happened to be like this.

Another piece of interesting information Guatav found was that this region was being controlled by two groups...

The Zalibans and the Lanzis.

Gustav orchestrated a way to get in without being spotted.

Many options came to mind as he slowly walked towards the gate.

He waited till there was a convoy of vehicles approaching and brought out a button-sized device before placing it on his forehead.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

His presence suddenly disappeared, and just as that happened, he tapped the button-like device he placed on his forehead.


He instantly turned invisible.

Nobody noticed this because he was within a crowd of people who moved towards the sides to avoid getting crushed by one of the incoming convoys of vehicles.

Gustav, whose presence had disappeared along with his body outline, walked forward under the unsuspecting gaze of everyone and passed through the gate alongside the convoys.

There were equipment that scanned everything coming in and going out of the region, which would uncover anything hidden.

Gustav avoided leaping above the region gates because that would definitely cause some kind of attraction when his body made an impact with the ground after landing.

So this happened to be the best way to get in without any suspicions.

The technology scanning couldn\'t find him due to his Cognitive Concealment Ability.

The guards couldn\'t see him due to his invisibility.

Walking through the gates, Gustav found a secluded place to go hide as he counted down.

He quickly hid beside a building as the invisibility wore out and his body regained visibility.

At this point, it was already nighttime, so Gustav could find a kind of secluded area to go change his clothes.

He looked tattered and dirty, unlike how people living in this region would look, so he had to change into a standard outfit.

He was glad he still had some of his clothes and quickly donned a red-colored jacket and black pants with fine-looking boots before getting a move on.

The streets weren\'t completely empty, but they weren\'t completely filled either.

Only a dozen of people could be seen moving around, and every single one of them looked well off compared to the people Gustav had met so far.

Gustav\'s plan right now was to find somewhere to settle so he could make his next plans from there, and that would be his hideout place where he could always come back to after finishing with one investigation or the other.

If he found himself in any form of trouble, this would also be where he\'d come back to hide out instead of running around the region like a headless chicken.

He sneakily checked for directions on the GPS he was given and picked a location in region thirty-two to move to.

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