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Chapter 513: The Race

“Oh…” Angy also paused her footsteps just as he did and turned to the side to face him.


Angy eyes widened as she heard that and stared into Gustavs eyes with a look of awe.

“Youre apologizing” Angy was sure she had never heard that word from Gustavs mouth except on occasions when he was messing around.

“Well it turns out you were kind of right and with the proper guidance Endric could have been a better person all those years ago.

Although, this doesnt change the fact that he committed those misdeeds and I still dont trust him,” Gustav explained.

A beaming smile appeared on Angys face as she heard Gustavs words.

“… You were right too,” Angy stated.

“I should be able to make quick decisions in life threatening situations… I need to be able to be cold and decisive at moments that matter.

I dont want to be a burden neither do I want to be weak.

I want to be strong enough to walk beside you and protect everyone I care about and the weak who cant protect themselves… So whatever comes in the future, I will face it without folding, without backing down.

I will no longer run from coming violent deeds when it is deemed necessary,” She added with a righteous and decisive tone.

Her eyes were shimmering with so much confidence that Gustav could tell that Angy had changed so much since their arrival here.

He could tell that if she kept training and growing, she would become a very powerful force to reckon with in the future.

He already knew this a long time ago.

Still, now he was even surer than before because he could see a fire burning within her eyes that werent there initially.

Also, the special class cadets battle she had been involved in showed that she wasnt holding back like she used to.

“I guess we shall find out sooner or later if you can truly do all those things you mentioned,” Gustav responded before moving forward to lean on the tree in front.

Angys smile remained big as she moved towards Gustavs position.

“Hey, remember the last time we raced Its been almost a year now… How about you race me again,” Angy proposed while leaning on the tree beside Gustav.

“What Youre interested in losing again” Gustav voiced out with a ridiculing tone.

“Such confidence for someone whos clearly slower than I am,” Angy responded with a ridiculing tone as well.

“Haha you do know that speed isnt the only element involved in winning a race,” Gustav stated with a light burst of laughter.

“Just accept, or are you scared of eating my dust” Angy responded with a provocative glance.

“Hmm alright then youre on,” Gustav said as he stopped leaning against the tree and straightened himself.

“Hold on… Just like the last time we need to have stakes,” Angy stated.

“Hmm, okay what do you propose” Gustav asked.

“If you win you get to demand anything from me,” Angy stated.

“Im pretty sure you dont have anything I need,” Gustav responded bluntly.

“Ouch… Are you sure” Angy asked with a slight look of disappointment.

“Pretty much yeah… But I might have something to demand in the future so maybe Ill just go with this,” Gustav replied.

Angy; “…” 

“So what about you, what would you want from me if you won” Gustav asked.

“Just one thing… When I win, I want you to do whatever I want you to this night,” Angy stated.

“Hmm, this night Alright then,” Gustav decided to agree to this.

“Good, well race across camp back to this spot… First person to touch the tree behind us wins,” Angy stated with an exciting look.

“Sure,” Gustav responded, and they both proceeded to walk a few steps forward before adopting racing stances.

“On three,” Angy stated while squatting a little.

Gustav nodded in response.



[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav decided to activate Sprint from the start as this would boost his normal speed by four times.

At the last second, they both of them breathed out just before…


Zwwwooosshhh! Thwwwooosshh!

They both dashed forward with immense speed generating massive wind turbulence that caused the nearby trees to bend backward as thousands of leaves blew across the place.

The other cadets in the vicinity wondered what caused the disturbance.

Both of them disappeared into the distance the moment they dashed forward.

It was safe to say no one in camp could compare to Angy and Gustav when it came to speed.

Both of them travelled in between line up of hundreds of trees in a manner of seconds blasting through the area.

Occasionally they had to do a zig-zag across the place to dodge the placement of several trees.

Still, even after crossing a distance of five thousand feet, none had outrun the other.

Even in the dark of night, Gustav could see like it was daytime, easily dodging obstacles that would be an issue.

Angy looked towards the side and could see Gustav blasting through several feet away.

She smiled teasingly at him and suddenly increased her speed.


She instantly gave Gustav a gap of about thirty feet as they arrived on a rocky path that had water flowing on it.

Due to the rocks protruding out of different ground parts, it was a bit harder to scale this area.

However, Angy still continued to gap Gustav dashing across the place in a zig-zag manner.

‘Even with Sprint activated Im struggling to catch up… Gustav was astonished internally as he tried catching up.

The officers patrolling this particular area were astonished as they spotted them both dashing past with speed causing their uniforms to flap intensely.

Zhooommm! Swwoooooosshh!

From above, the two streaks could be seen heading towards a massive waterfall in front.

The silver streak was especially eye-catching as it seemed it would be breaking through the sound barrier soon.

Gustav pushed himself further as they closed in on the waterfall.

He already knew what was coming, and it was pretty obvious also due to the sound of the gushing water and the increase in the water level as they progressed.

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