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Chapter 480 - The Special Classes Show Their Prowess

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]

His calves bulged immensely as the ground underneath his feet cracked just before he leaped upwards with force.


His body ascended upwards like an ignited rocket shooting past a thousand feet in a manner of a few seconds.

The sound of the air being torn through as he travelled upwards with speed caused every other special class cadet in the vicinity to stare upwards towards that particular location.

After ascending up to over two thousand feet in height, Gustav grabbed a part of the mast and pulled himself upwards again.


In a few seconds, he ascended above the mast and landed on its tip.

There was barely any room for movement at the top of the mast, so Gustav stood in place and squatted while looking around.

Except for the high-rise buildings, other buildings in the vicinity looked like Lego toys to him right now.

The position of the mast wasn't accurately positioned in the middle of the two sections Gustav was assigned to, but it was very close to being in the middle.

Gustav could see every single building within the two sections from his current position.

He could even see other special class cadet sections.

Those whose sections weren't too far away from Gustav's could see him standing at the top of the mast.

Some of them who found themselves in sections that only had high-rise buildings also made their way to the top of a building.

In a few more moments, everyone was prepared for the task to begin as they all stood in their desired locations staring at the sky.

Officer Briant announced the start, and just like the previous batches, these gigantic black balls began to fall from the sky.

The size of the first black ball caused the spectators to be surprised due to the size being larger than the ones the normal cadets had to destroy and the speed at which it fell.

Gustav noticed the one headed towards the section he was supposed to protect was heading for the high-rise building towards his far-right about two hundred feet away.

However, it was falling in a diagonal format from the left, so he had decided to attack it without moving from his current spot.

Gustav waited as he activated God Eyes to stare at the massive ball falling from the sky and make his calculations properly.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

The moment the ball was close to flying over the mast, Gustav activated size Manipulation and threw his fist upwards with force.


His entire right arm extended in length, shooting upwards with force and just as it reached a particular height, the massive ball falling from the sky happened to appear above it.

Bang! Boom!

A massive sound of collision rang out, followed by an explosion as the ball exploded into bits and pieces, raining dust across the place.

Gustav's extended fist began to retract after the collision.

At this point, other special class cadets were also sending forth their attacks.

E.E opened a small vortex in front of himself and punched outwards.

His fist appeared right in the air beside the falling ball, slamming into it and crushing it in the process.

Dark Falco slashed his claws towards the sky, causing crescent-shaped dark energy to travel forward, severing the ball in two before it landed on the ground.

Other special class cadets also made use of their abilities, destroying the first wave of falling balls in a manner of seconds.

Even though the first balls that were sent downwards were relatively stronger than the first ones sent downwards for the normal cadets, the special classes had managed to destroy them with ease.

The second round came, and the special class cadets once again displayed their abilities by destroying the balls with ease.

The spectators witnessing had awe-stricken faces as they watched the performance of the special class cadets.

Thirty minutes went by, and not a single special class cadet had failed to stop any of the balls.

Each of them had displayed how spectacular they were in managing their energy and using powerful attacks.

Although this didn't mean the weaker ones weren't already running out of energy, but lasting this long was something none of the normal cadets were able to manage, even when they only had to protect just one section.

As another round of balls descended, Gustav leaped upwards from the top of the mast towards the southeast part of the sky.

He arched his arm backwards with force and threw it forward as he arrived in front of the ball.

Bang! Boom!

As the ball exploded after the collision, his body phased through the explosion travelling further forward.


This was when he noticed the second ball headed towards the eastern part of the double section he was protecting.

Landing on the top of one of the high-rise buildings, Gustav dashed forward with intense speed.


The instant he arrived at the edge, he leaped upwards.


His body travelled across the air as he leaped over the streets and landed on the top of the next building.

Gustav turned towards the right side and dashed forward before leaping upwards again.

His body travelled across the air, flying over about four tall buildings before landing in the middle of one of the residential areas.


Due to the height at which he leaped, landing on the ground caused a cloud of dust to scatter across the place.

The second ball, which was only about four hundred feet in the air at the moment, could be seen up ahead.

Gustav leaped upwards again and swung his right leg forward in mid-air.


The ball was immediately blasted to pieces as he phased through the explosion and landed on the balcony of a two-storey building in front.

This wasn't only happening in his area..

Other special class cadets were also handling the same issue where they had to deal with two balls falling towards their sections simultaneously.


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