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Chapter 461 - Unexpected Interruption

Author's Note: This chapter and the next have a bit of R-18 content.


During free time Gustav moved towards the location for Intergalactic warfare, and even though it wasn't time for the cadets to have their training here, Gustav was still given access since he was already an officer.

Gustav proceeded towards a secluded part of the underground structure and stationed himself there.

He activated Cognitive Concealment, which completely got rid of his presence, making it so that he wouldn't be spotted unless someone laid their eyes on him.

The simulation chamber wasn't too far from where he was situated, so his perception was able to travel towards the room, and he could already sense two figures within.

Still making use of perception, Gustav was able to make a mental outline of their body sizes and already could tell that these were Instructor Mag and Endric.

After all, in the entire camp, only one person was shorter than Gustav's initial height.

Gustav also knew Endric's current height.


Endric was in a weird position which made Gustav understand that Endric personal training with Miss Mag had begun.

Gustav suddenly got an eerie feeling as instructor Mag turned her face to look in his direction with squinted eyes.

Instructor Mag was staring as if she could see through the thick walls situated in between them from her position.

After a few moments, she looked away.

Gustav's anxiety reduced as he saw that and calmed down a little.

Gustav remembered her bloodline had nothing in common with seeing through physical objects, so he realized that she may just have sensed something momentarily due to her strength which was way higher than his.

Gustav realized that Cognitive Concealment may not be as full proof as he thought since he was still practically a weakling after all.

He initially wanted to spy on them using Endric's Life sign, but he would only be able to see things from one point of view, which was Endric's, and he also wouldn't be able to hear anything since God Eyes only gave him visuals.

On the other hand, everywhere his perception lingered upon, no matter how far, Gustav was able to hear anything going on in that location.

Since he wasn't figured out, Gustav continued to watch them for some time, trying to see if anything out of the ordinary was happening.

Time went by, and they ended their personal training when it was time for a new training session.

Gustav found his way out of there and went to attend the next training session.

In a flash, the whole day went by just like that, and Gustav still hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary happening during Endric's raining with Miss Mag.

Also, it wasn't that Endric had become completely docile.

He just seemed to be restraining himself compared to before.

Gustav noticed him lashing out at another cadet today, but a few seconds into it, Endric stopped and moved away, which was something Gustav had never witnessed before.

Whoever Endric lashed with would always end up receiving a form of physical attack with his telekinesis, then he would make it seem like he didn't do anything.

Gustav still felt this might be due to him being on punishment and decided to keep watching him till his punishment phase was over; then, he would see how Endric would behave to others.

The spying continued for a few more days, and Gustav still didn't notice anything out of the ordinary during his training with instructor Mag.

Gustav met up with Vera again on this day at their usual place within a secluded garden-like area within Camp.

How is it going with the parasitic strains Are they ready now Gustav asked her.

Not yet… In three weeks to a month's time, it should be ready.

It will remain dormant until I activate it.

Vera will not activate it without Gustav's permission, Vera responded with a submissive tone.

Hmm that's also when his punishment phase would end with instructor Mag…. Gustav realized that this was perfect timing.

He would also be able to observe Endric after this to see if he would return to his usual pompous self.

Alright keep me posted, Gustav responded with a smile before rubbing Vera's head like she was a little kid.

Good job. He added, causing a delightful smile to appear on her face.

Now we really need to make sure your abi…. Before Gustav could complete his sentence, a weird sound drifted into both of their ears.

Hmm Gustav had a slightly confused look on his face as he and Vera turned to the side to stare in the direction where the sound was coming from.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Slapping sounds reverberated across the place.

Initially, one would think a battle was going on somewhere, and maybe someone was getting slapped on the face, but the voices that came along with them discarded any thoughts of this being a battle.

Mhhmm…argh… yesss… give it to me….

Anna hmm… you're so tight down there..

yess… take it… take it you little bitchh….

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Well, in a way, it was a battle between two opposite sex, but this was a different kind of battle.

Gustav's perception and eyes traveled towards the source of the sound.

His eyes widened as he noticed what was going on behind a tall pile of the bush towards the west.

Two cadets, one male, and the other female, could be seen in compromising positions.

The female had her back arched in a crouching position.

The male was positioned behind her, pulling her hair as he thrust his hips back and forth towards her buttocks which perked out in front of him.

They were both stark naked.

This was the first time Gustav was witnessing such a scene.

W-Wh-at a-re th-ey doing He voiced out with a slightly croaky voice as blood rushed to a particular part of his body.

He knew exactly what was going on, but he just couldn't believe that he'd witness such a scene.

(Haha, Being a Virgin shouldn't make you this dumb.

Did you forget about biology As you can see, they're performing exercises needed for procreation...) The system responded in his head with a burst of laughter.


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