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Chapter 435 - First Stop

Hmm Did you ask him if everything is alright over there Gustav questioned.


He said everything is fine, he's only a little tired...

But still I don't like the way he sounded, Mara responded with a slightly crestfallen look.


Don't overthink things.

Maybe he's just really stressed lately, Gustav comforted her.

Mara brightened up as she felt Gustav's hand on her hair.

Hnm, She nodded with a smile.

By the way...

How did you manage to get in touch with him We're unable to contact the outside world from here if I'm not mistaken, Gustav said with a confused expression.

Hehe, we're the Scientific Research department...

Our case is different from you cadets, She responded with a light laugh.

How unfair, Gustav sighed after exclaiming.




Within a particular part of the world, a city in ruins could be seen up ahead.

Collapsed and ruined buildings with blackened grounds that spanned for thousands of miles could be seen.

There was not a single intact building to be seen, neither was there a fresh piece of soil.

A beautiful lady clad in a purplish bodysuit sporting long ash-colored hair walked through the middle of a former street.

She kept looking around as if she was searching for something.

A man in a dark long cloak and mask that covered his entire face followed behind her.

Red shadow, She suddenly called out to him as she paused her footsteps.

Hmm He stopped beside her too and gazed in the direction she was also staring at.

I can sense the same energy coming from over there... She voiced out while staring at the piles of crumbled walls a few hundred feet away.

This pile was essentially larger than the others.

Red shadow held out his left hand.

On his left wrist was a rectangular device attached to it, Are you sure, Miss Aimee There's no reaction from the device, He said while staring at the device.

Throw that crappy thing away...

It's useless, Miss Aimee said before she resumed walking towards the pile.

Try to keep up, She added.


What am I doing working with the MBO, Red shadow muttered underneath his breath with a slightly frustrated tone before following after Miss Aimee.

This is gonna be a pain in the ass,


Just like that, almost two weeks went by, and in camp, it was almost time for Gustav and Chad battle.

Only a day more was left.

First-year cadets were seriously hyped up to see the first battle between two special class cadets.

At the moment, it was around two in the afternoon.

Gustav and many other cadets were currently training in the spacecraft simulation room with officer Mag.

Officer Mag had put them in a group of four.

Two groups were to battle each other with different roles.

One was as officers travelling through space on a mission and the others were space pirates who were to launch an assault on the group of officers within the spacecraft.

Gustav happened to fall into the group of assaulters meant to break into the spacecraft with his team.

The simulation looks so real, Gustav muttered as he flew across space while wearing an all-black protection suit armed with weapons.

He kept looking around and checking himself out as he floated through space.

Now listen up, Gustav called out to the hundred teammates with him as he had been assigned, captain.

Our objective is to take over the spacecraft, so I'll be dividing you all into five sub teams each tasked with different roles, Gustav voiced out with a commanding voice.

He proceeded to put twenty each in a team and voiced out their roles.

Attack the main control room the instant you go in...

Don't join the others in the main battle, separate yourselves from us instantly.

We'll give you cover,

Your role is to provide rear support,

Sabotage two of the engine rooms,


You lot are with me.

We'll be tanking a lot of attacks and preventing the opponents from going after the other groups,


Sharley knows how to fix and mess with mechanical equipment, so I need you to make the spacecraft cease all functions when you get my signal...

In a few minutes, Gustav was done bringing them up to speed about how the mission was going to be executed.

He put one special class cadet in the team he was going to be leading because he found her more submissive than the others who still had complaints about his plans.

After all, was said, they started flying towards the massive spacecraft that happened to be moving in the distance.

'This suit weapon system works with bloodline energy...

Quite convenient,' Gustav said as they arrived on the east side of the spacecraft.

Gustav communicated with the rest of his teammates using the suit communication system.

They separated into three as two groups moved toward the west side, and the other two moved towards the southwest side.

Only Gustav's group was left on the main side.

He stretched out his right hand along with many others.

The right arm of the suit started transforming into a mini cannon, and he sent his bloodline energy into it to power it up.


A crimson beam of energy was gathering at the tip of his mini cannon.

Others in his group also had similar occurrences with different colors.

Gustav brought out two black circular objects and threw them towards the side of the spacecraft.

Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!

The others also performed this action.

These black circular objects stuck to the side of the spacecraft and started beeping while glowing red light.

Now! Gustav voiced out in the comms.

The instant they heard the command, they shot out the beams towards that side of the spacecraft together.


A loud sound of explosion rang out as a hole was blasted through the side of the spacecraft.

Let's go! Gustav commanded while flying forward with speed.

Zwwhiiishhhh! Zwwhiiishhhh! Zwwhiiishhhh!

Everyone flew forward with full force towards the opening they had just created.


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