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Chapter 413 - Ria\'s Frustration

Elevora touched her headtie, 'No that would be an overkill,' She said to herself before smoothly swerving to the side to dodge Ria's first attack.


The rock-like fist passed by Elevora's side as she moved away.

Ria gritted his teeth as he retracted his fist and threw out another one as quickly as he could.

Elevora slowly descended and shifted to the side, causing the fist to pass over her head.

Swweeii! Sweeii! Sweeii!

Elevora kept moving back and forth, left and right across the place dodging every of Ria's attacks.

Her movement was both fluid and fast.

It was almost like she was dancing as she dodged with ease.

Ria was starting to get frustrated after throwing fists and kicks for the last two minutes without managing to land one.

He was getting even more frustrated at the fact that Elevora didn't even retort in any manner.


Ria screamed out as he suddenly stomped his feet on the ground again, causing the battle ring to tremble.

Ggrrruuuurrruuu! Fwwii! Fwwii! Fwwii!

The ground surrounding Elevora's feet suddenly caved in, and her legs were instantly covered up by rocks and held in place.


Ria suddenly dashed forward after Elevora's feet had been trapped by the solid ground.


He leaped up and threw a flying kick towards her belly region.


Elevora suddenly bent backwards with speed, causing her back to nearly touch the ground as she dodged Ria's kick.

Ria's eyes widened slightly as he leaped over her and landed on the ground behind her after missing.

He suddenly turned around with speed, swinging out his leg towards her body that was still bent backwards.

Elevora straightened herself like a pole at that moment with speed.

Once again, Ria missed and threw out a fist towards Elevora again in compensation.

Even while being trapped by the ground, she twisted to the side dodging his fists once again.

The cadets spectating had shocked looks on their faces.

Even after trapping her, Ria could not land a hit.

He threw fists at her several times, but her flexibility allowed her to dodge in ways that seemed impossible.

Ria descended at that moment and swung out his rocky leg towards hers.

It was at this moment that Elevora pulled her left leg forcefully from the rocky entrapment on the ground.


As Ria's massive right leg swept forward, Elevora's left leg had already been raised up.

The instant it swept underneath her raised left leg, Elevora suddenly brought her leg down with force.


A loud sound reverberated across the place as Elevora's left foot stomped on Ria's right leg forcefully, holding it in place.

Hnnngggh! Ria groaned as he felt the pain from his legs even though they were covered by rocks.

The instant she stomped on his leg, Ria's body, was trapped in place on the ground, and Elevora proceeded to pull out her second leg from the entrapment before swinging it forward with speed.


Her right leg crashed into Ria's chest, sending him flying into the distance.

The rocks around that part of his body crumbled to pieces as he flew across the air, spitting out blood.

Ria slammed into the barrier on the other side and fell to the ground afterwards.

The crowd was not surprised at the current outcome, but they were still wowed by her strength.

Ria's line of sight turned blurry as he raised his head up and stared at Elevora's moving figure in the distance.

Stand down.

Don't embarrass yourself any further, She said with a kind but dominant voice as she walked forward.

Hng! Ria groaned and spat out blood to the side before pushing himself up.

He cleaned his mouth and nose of the blood leaking out.

Who do you think you are to tell me that Secluded princess, Ria voiced out after standing up with an angry smile.

Elevora's facial expression changed slightly as she heard that, Don't call me that, She voiced out.

I will call you whatever the hell I damn want, Ria said before stomping his feet on the ground again to reinforce his rocky suit.

Ria swiped his arms forward, causing the ground on both sides of Elevora to suddenly pull out and form walls.


He slapped his palms together, causing the walls to close up with force, with Elevora within.

Ria smiled after the successful sneak attack, but in the next second, his smile froze.


Both walls were suddenly smashed apart as Elevora appeared from within the dust created unscathed.

You'll have to do better than that to cause me harm, She said provocatively as she kept walking forward.

Ria gritted his teeth and dashed forward while stretching out his right hand.

Crrryhhhkk! Crrryhhhkk!

The ground below once again began to crack open, and rock fragments floated into the air as if being pulled by something.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The rocks slammed into each other and merged, forming a gigantic boulder full of cracks that kept increasing in size as Ria dashed forward.

The rocks fragments and broken parts of the battle ring were still being pulled upwards.

In a manner of a few seconds, it had become as massive as a building.

Ria suddenly leaped up with speed and spun in the air before landing a very heavy kick on the massive building-like boulder.


The massive boulder traveled forward with intense speed and velocity towards Elevora, who was a few thousand feet ahead.


As Ria landed on the ground, he squatted slightly and put both his arms on his right.

His face squeezed up with intensity as he pushed his hands forward with force.

The rock suddenly transformed into black color as its speed suddenly multiplied by two.

The entire vicinity turned hot the instant this happened.

Elevora was surprised at the sudden acceleration of the rock, which was only about fifty feet away, when it transformed, and its speed suddenly doubled.

It arrived in front of her in an instant, causing the temperature of her vicinity to increase with intensity as her uniform started peeling off.


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